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KILLING5PR33Another DawnKILLING5PR33 won 6 Achievements in Another Dawn for 744 points
KILLING5PR33Another DawnKILLING5PR33 started the game Another Dawn
KILLING5PR33Angels with Scaly WingsKILLING5PR33 completed the game Angels with Scaly Wings and is the 153rd gamer on the site to complete it
KILLING5PR33Angels with Scaly WingsKILLING5PR33 won 62 Achievements in Angels with Scaly Wings for 1113 points
Boost17JudgmentBoost17 won 2 Achievements in Judgment for 126 points
KILLING5PR33 has started broadcasting Kholat on their twitch channel at 12:23 on 10 May 2021twitchKholatKILLING5PR33 has started broadcasting Kholat on their twitch channel
KILLING5PR33InfestorKILLING5PR33 completed the game Infestor and is the 320th gamer on the site to complete it
KILLING5PR33InfestorKILLING5PR33 won 12 Achievements in Infestor for 1056 points
KILLING5PR33InfestorLevel 50 achievementKILLING5PR33 won the Level 50 achievement in Infestor for 100 points
KILLING5PR33InfestorLevel 40 achievementKILLING5PR33 won the Level 40 achievement in Infestor for 99 points
KILLING5PR33InfestorLevel 30 achievementKILLING5PR33 won the Level 30 achievement in Infestor for 97 points
KILLING5PR33InfestorOverseer achievementKILLING5PR33 won the Overseer achievement in Infestor for 96 points
KILLING5PR33InfestorLevel 20 achievementKILLING5PR33 won the Level 20 achievement in Infestor for 94 points
KILLING5PR33InfestorDroid achievementKILLING5PR33 won the Droid achievement in Infestor for 94 points
KILLING5PR33InfestorTurret achievementKILLING5PR33 won the Turret achievement in Infestor for 93 points
KILLING5PR33InfestorGuard achievementKILLING5PR33 won the Guard achievement in Infestor for 92 points
KILLING5PR33InfestorLevel 10 achievementKILLING5PR33 won the Level 10 achievement in Infestor for 91 points
KILLING5PR33InfestorWorker achievementKILLING5PR33 won the Worker achievement in Infestor for 70 points
KILLING5PR33InfestorColonist achievementKILLING5PR33 won the Colonist achievement in Infestor for 30 points
KILLING5PR33InfestorKILLING5PR33 started the game Infestor
KILLING5PR33KILLING5PR33 has reached a new milestone: 885 Completed Games
KILLING5PR33KholatKILLING5PR33 completed the game Kholat and is the 223rd gamer on the site to complete it
            Secret AchievementKILLING5PR33 won the Secret Achievement in Kholat for 346 points
Kbeau73Castle CrashersKbeau73 completed the game Castle Crashers and is the 7,982nd gamer on the site to complete it
ReRevivedFiber5ReRevivedFiber5 has reached a new milestone: 2,500 Achievements Won
ShadowsofSatanFallout 76ShadowsofSatan won 2 Achievements in Fallout 76 for 132 points
Lord AzureLord Azure has reached a new milestone: 1,150 Games Played
FreakyROKill It With FireFreakyRO won 3 Achievements in Kill It With Fire for 158 points
Lord AzureCrypto by POWGILord Azure started the game Crypto by POWGI
FreakyROKill It With FireFreakyRO started the game Kill It With Fire
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Achievements Completion %age in All Games Maine 1 View history chart 242 0.41
Completed Games in All Games Maine 8 View history chart 242 3.31
GamerScore in All Games Maine 12 View history chart 242 4.96

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