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Comment by Punk Nine at 19:24 on 07 Dec 2016

Is this a quick 1000

Comment by Cloud2787 at 22:06 on 07 Dec 2016

Game is terrible. You can realistically get all 1000 in about 20-30 minutes if you really wanted to

Comment by Punk Nine at 23:00 on 07 Dec 2016

I played NK17 THE Prelude for points. I'm sure this can't be THAT bad.

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                  Status change by Pynnokyr at 13:05 on 06 Dec 2016Pynnokyr status: hopiko has decided for me that i cannot complete it. maybe one day they will patch the freezing between levels but as it is right now it is unplayable
Comment by Pynnokyr at 22:21 on 06 Dec 2016

Yep pretty much

Pynnokyr won 6 Achievements in Hue for 375 points
PynnokyrHuePynnokyr started the game Hue

                  Status change by DeceptiveTen at 12:22 on 06 Dec 2016DeceptiveTen status: Gears of war 3 Looking for someone who can help with "FORCE MULTIPLIER" need 38 more
Comment by Alchemist xPTKx at 18:30 on 06 Dec 2016

I'll give it a go, just let me know when your up for it

Comment by WillJoj17 at 20:07 on 06 Dec 2016

I did it solo with those stupid Blimp things in Chapter 2.7. Never got the Chapter 3.1 horde like thing to work.

DeceptiveTenDeceptiveTen has reached a new milestone: 150 Completed Games
Comment by Unholy Angst at 06:43 on 06 Dec 2016

Awesome job!

Comment by M0NTE FUEG0 at 06:44 on 06 Dec 2016

You beat me to 150.. gggrrr

...there are 2 other comments

                  Status change by DeceptiveTen at 04:38 on 06 Dec 2016DeceptiveTen status: Gears of war 3 Looking for someone who can help with "AFICIONADO Medal" I need 38 more
Comment by Alchemist xPTKx at 04:41 on 06 Dec 2016

Which medal is that

Comment by DeceptiveTen at 06:06 on 06 Dec 2016

I meant "FORCE MULTIPLIER" Maintain max multiplier in (10/30/60/100) chapters of Arcade.

...there are 2 other comments

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Comment by Punk Nine at 08:27 on 07 Dec 2016

That's the number of games I've played let alone complete.

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                  Status change by Diesel Foley at 04:20 on 05 Dec 2016Diesel Foley status: been away from my xbox for a month or so...coming back soon...loads of gaming to catch up on
Comment by PliantBoat33 at 04:31 on 05 Dec 2016

Took a break or busy with stuff? What games and mp/coop?

Comment by Diesel Foley at 04:32 on 05 Dec 2016

yeah bit of both..finishing off bf3 with jayd then gonna hit up ghosts on the 360...

Comment by PliantBoat33 at 04:50 on 05 Dec 2016

Have much luck with Bullseye?

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Comment by Alchemist xPTKx at 00:24 on 05 Dec 2016


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