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Probably a stupid question but...
Hey, for all of you who play Street Fighter III Online Edition, aren't some challenges seemingly impossible?

Like the patch changed the timings and combos drop for no good reason, or just the input timing change makes some impossible unles you have lightning reflexes and a 200$ arcade stick with extreme sensitivity?

I can't complete Yang's trial #4 because the game drops the combo during the fall, a point at which I can't enter any motions at all, Dudley's #3 as well seems to not always let me enter the EX Upper in time and it always comes out wrong.

Just curious if it's because I suck at fighting games and my Hori stick is not good enough (it's the one that came with Tekken 6), or if Capcom effectively broke stuff while addressing online issues (as it seems to happen often these days -patches breaking stuff that work and half-assedly cobbling stuff that was kinda broken).

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