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The Xbox One Elite Controller....Save Up Your Money My Friends
Well...if you like to play games more than you like watching T.V....and you enjoy destroying every achievement in your path or want more precise gameplay while executing a head shot...the Xbox One Elite Controller might be what your looking for. Yes....the price is STEEP, but what you're embarking on is a whole new experience in the palm of your hands!!

About 2 weeks ago I picked up the Elite Controller at the Best Buy. It was the last one on the rack and I was JACKED to finally have it. Even when you finally get your hands on one...the Box is something to see. I thought it would be in the typical packaging you see for one of the One's regular controllers....oh no...It's a sleek looking Box....with dark colors that kind of make you feel like you're crossing over to the DarkSide of Gaming!! It's pretty much been the only thing I've been excited for in awhile as far as accessories go. I have too many games to speak it seemed like the Elite would be on my wish list....and I was elated to finally get my hands on one.

First things took me a bit to find the app on the One. Maybe it was because I was ready to start playing with the controller...maybe it was the excitement of wanting to program all my games with some fancy the took about 20 minutes of getting online and reading the manual....and I'm cool with that....just adds to the excitement!!

There are many buttons (contraptions) making up the Elite. They are all magnetized and are easily replaceable. There are 3 sets of thumbsticks that offer their own feel for different games. You have the Standard thumbsticks, which could be considered the old reliable...what you're used to thumbsticks. The higher designed thumbsticks are great for 1st person shooters (Bedlam) and the smooth thumbsticks I have found to be fantastic for puzzle games (Sparkle Unleashed) and some faster moving action games (Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor). The paddles on the back are replaced with ease. I have yet to use these paddles...however, I'm pretty sure they would work well with a game like Forza. I'm currently working on a scheme for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor where I will assign x, y, and b to the paddles so I don't have to move my thumbs off the thumbsticks. The controller is a bit heavier than your regular controller. This makes for a more durable controller...and it should're paying $150.00 dollars for this BEAST!!!

I think one of the best features has to be the crosspad change out option to the disc. The disc is great for fighting games. I fired up Mortal Kombat X the other night and it pretty much opened up a whole new world of the game for me. It just felt like the game ran smoother.....I'm not an ass kicker when it comes to this game by no means....but it just felt more enjoyable to play. I have used the crosspad for Shovel Knight....and it's helped me get to the final boss. The whole controller just feels more durable as a whole.

I think the only problem with the controller is that it doesn't come with a charge pack. Instead you need to buy one separately, which means more money out of pocket. Batteries are included, however, I feel like it's a slap to the face!!! Give us the complete experience!!!....We are Elite!!!...Elites have charge packs DAMMIT!!!. Getting back on topic...there are pre-programmed configurations for certain popular games. Halo and GOW to name a few. What I'm finding out is I'm going to have to play numerous games and think of different ways of changing out the button configurations. It's not going to be something I set right of the bat....there will be numerous trial and error attempts to find the perfect fit for each game.

I've almost had the controller for a month and I've yet to make a dent in all it's capabilities. Is it worth the money???....I say YES!! The lack of a charge pack blows...but the batteries have been lasting for quite some time. You will enjoy all the fancy gadgets at your disposal and you will feel a sense of joy that with this controller you've made gaming easier on yourself. Just don't throw it threw the wall or slam it on the ground....that would be bad!!

I will be working on some configs for Madden...if anyone has any ideas..let me know. Thanks for the read....and have a good one.

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