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A conclusion to achievement hunting.
Forza 6, Master Chief Collection, and Rare Replay are the final games that I will aim for 100% completion in. After these, I'll work through my backlog free from the mindset that I need to complete every achievement. There will be some games that I will still be partial to still completing 100%, but these will be few and far between.

Once my 360 backlog is finally cleared, I can retire my 360 and solely purchase the exclusives that I'm interested in for both Xbone and PS4. Multiplatform titles will be on PC.

One of the reasons why I've made this decision is due entirely to The Coalition/Black Tusk Studios. I realised that among others, I wanted all my Halo and Gears titles to be 100% completed, and it was one of the things that kept me going for the full completions just in general.

But with the discontinued achievement in Gears Judgment (which has no hope of ever being continued in the future), I figure there's no point in continuing with Seriously 1.0 either, since I will only ever be at 99% completion regardless. It's a shame but I'm hardly surprised. I fully expect 343 Industries to pull something like this in the future too, although on their part through sheer incompetence as opposed to laziness/money grubbing.

So that's it. After a final grind on Forza, a final bit of TA boosting on MCC, and a final bit of challenge on Rare Replay, I will be unofficially retired from achievement hunting.

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Great job!

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