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2022 status updated
2022 STATS
This year in one way is a good year. And another is not a good year. Depend what part of the stat you are talking about. You are talking about Gamerscore and TrueAchievement Score is higher than last year. But total achievement is lower than last year. But it does not beat total games that go a achievement in. And if I get another 150,000 points again. I be over one million Gamerscore. And I be a new member of the one million point club. And that be cool to see that to happen. And if I do. Then I tried to get to two million points. So now get to the numbers. As well as first achievement and last achievement of 2022. Let start with first achievement and last achievement of 2022. The first achievement is Sushi in the Trees from Kamiko. And the last achievement is Dual Pit Experiment from Portal 2. From that datil. I started 2022 by getting an achievement on an XBOX ONE title. But end it with an XBOX 360 title. My total Gamerscore for 2022 is 159,025 points. Compared to last year. It was 132,720 points. So, I beat it by 26,305 points. My total Trueachievement point at time of post is 224,098 points for the year 2022. Compared to 2021 it was 191,203 points. At post time. I beat it by 32,895 points. I earned 2,762 achievements in 2022. In 2021 I earned 3,138. in compared. I am behind by 376 achievements. And I got an achievement in 223 games in 2022. In compared to 2021. I got an achievement in 218 games. I got an achievement five more games than 2021. But now let get lifetime my best year now. For Gamerscore is 2022 at 159.025 points. For TrueAchievement points is 2022 at 224,098 points at post time. Most achievement earned in a year was 2020 with 3,211 achievements. Most year of getting an achievement in a game was 2020 with 255 games I got an achievement from. And as a for challenges. A dead achievement features. The most I got in a year was 2018 with 161 challenges. So now that the stats are now done and put in the book until next year. I tell you what I think how much Gamerscore I get this year. And the answer is depending on if MS can buy ABK. And how many more games will be on Gamepass. And more time it takes to finished by day to day achievements game backlog. And if I low balled it. I say like 75,000 to 85,000 points for 2023. But last time I said it. And it was the last end the year status post. I blow it out the water by a lot. And I just say I might do the same in 2023. And I hope you also had good 2022 when comes to achievement hunting. And I hope you have to good 2023 achievement hunting season too. Because there at less eight games coming from XBOX GAME STUDIOS. If you inclued rumor titles. And if that is true as well the ones already been told is coming to 2023. Then At less we get 8,0000 points from MS alone plus whatever other devs bring out. And now have have done what I am going say to you. I now leave you in hunting achievements in 2023. So until next time. Have a happy 2023 achievements hunting season.
My take on the anti LGBT article.
Hi my name is Karla Boerger aka Dakrkplayer2. I always feel as a women. But the time I mainly I grow up. I have be a slave with the dick I was born. And you think once become 18 you can have that choice. I also mental disabled. And when I become 18. I was not giving that choice when I lived my parents. And even not giving a choice to get kind of job I want have. To make video games. Because I was mental disabled. In some regards. Those two are related. And because I am mental disabled. They think I can't make the right choice. Even at the age of forty. And I can tell you all a personal question. When you know you are boy, girl or neither one them. Did you decided it yourself. Or you where told that what you are. If you decided that yourself. Then more power to you. But you are told that what you are. And believe that. Then you not a free person at all. A true free person would make that decision on their owned. Don't kid yourself a kid can't make that decision on their owned. They are not stupid people. Mater of fact I see grow ass people do more stupid things then some kid down the streets. And now what also made decided that you like boy,girls, both or neither. Did you figured that on your owned. Or you where told that you have like that sex. And make out with that sex. If you figure that part your owned. Then that good for you. But you did not. But was told and believe what they said. Then you not a free person at all. A real free person can any kind sexual relationship between two grow upside and two teens. Depend age you are. I finally on road transition to become a women. But one thing I have no choice to do. When comes disability relationship. Is to get married. SSI in United States prohibited me to get married. And it would matter I came into this life as a straight cis man. Be ause I wouldn't be allowed to get married as well. That if I still mental disabled. And because how people treated me because I was mental disabled. I wasted most my life listed to people I can't do it. Due to my mental disability. And I wish I didn't. And wish yhe world I grow up had let mental disabled people do thing they want. And mot make choices for them because of it. Now take that. And put it on transgender kid. You will see down the road the kid will end up in deep depression. Due to they can't be who they are. And because of you. They wasted most of their life doing what you want them to do. And not do what would make them happy. Happiness is not made by you. Butcmade by the person. And if you not that said person. It not your choice to decided what good for their life. You only make choice for your life. And not someone else life. Because only person out the two be happy is you. Because it what you wanted in the person. And the said person in question will never be happy. They might even take their owned life over it. It just now be question. You want them alive or six feet under. Not all do it. But almost half do. And you should learn live and let lived. I should end this blog post now. Because it going way to long. I put a link to said article on the bottom..

Microsoft, EA, and Gearbox back call for US to "abandon anti-LGBTQ+ efforts"
2021 stats
It that time year again. How will I do last year in Gamerscore. And I for one does not think I reach over 100K in gamerscore in one year again. Just like I did in 2020. Unlike the 2020 case. This was due to MICROSOFT buying Zenimax and bring a lot of their games on gamepass as well as easy complete that had like 3000 or 4000 Gamerscore with all the updates. And also, to played FORZA HORIZION 5 and HALO INFINITIE. And many of gamepass game that was easy but time waster to get one hundred percent complete of all achievements. But I can say about 2022. I will not get that much I did in the last two years. Unless gamepass once again have something to say about it. And dump me a lot game to reach 100K for third year in the row. But now let get into you are here for. And read up my 2021 XBOX achievement stats. I have earned 3,138 achievements. Closest of beating last year's total but not closest enough. But it tied with 2018 total of achievements. I have earned 132,730 points. beating 2020 total of 101,755. That being very closest of beating it by 31,000. So, I am beating my 2020 total Gamerscore. And my total Trueachievement score was 193,689 trueachievements points. Beating my 2020 total of 155,199. Only think will not be counter any more are challenges. Since it been discontinued for years. And next is the number games I got achievements from. I got achievements from 218 games. In 2020 I got a achievement in 255. In one way. I got more Gamerscore in less games. But in another I do not beat my record of how many games I got achievement from. It a take it or leave it thing. My first achievement of 2021 was Highly Sprung worth 50 points from Little Nightmares. My last achievement of 2021 was The Sunken Relics for 20 points from Kamiko. My most hard achievement of 2021 might have to be Skyhook shot In HALO INFINITIE for 25 points. And the easy is every easy complete game I played in 2021. My best five years in Gamerscore are 2021,2020,2018,2019 and 2016. My best year for achievements is 2020, 2021/2018,2015,2016 and 2017. Best year for TrueAchievment score is 2021,2020,2018,2018 and 2016. And to add from this. Little bite before the new year's. I have kidney stone. Lucky it was small enough pass it owns. And it was painful bitch I ever I gone through my life beside the gallstones. But that another story to tell another day. And If I have to guess what I going to earned in Gamerscore this year. I say between 67,000 to 75,000 points. And I might get another 100K year if Gamepass was as good as 2021 was. And one games I am looking for 2022 is Starfield. And it will take most of my last part of 2022 to finished. And I will see if I can beat all these past stats in years to come. So, I hope anyone had a good year too. I was not thinking I get this much Gamerscore in one year. Let along hitting two Gamerscore milestone (600K and 700K). And I believe I hit a million Trueachievments this year too. But for a million Gamerscore. I do not think I will reach it at less 2025. So, I hope every will have good 2022 in Gamerscore. Because there a lot of games coming out in 2022 that it might break everyone records. So have nice 2022. And don't get in trouble.
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Comment by ijiekmotors at 04:33 on 08 Jun 2023

i played this game a lot when i was younger but never completed it. it scared me too much XD

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Happy TAnniversary! :)

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Looking forward to a possible guide from you!

Comment by Maka91 at 02:37 on 08 Jun 2023

I'm planning it :)

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That's wacky!

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