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PermalinkMy year 3 of owning XBOX ONE
I have earned 46,650 points worth of gamescore(2-16-2016-2-15-2017). I earned 20 challenges in that time period. That is 4 more then my first year of owning XBOX ONE. And all my year of owned XBOX ONE. I earned 109,628 points worth of gamerscore. And earned 40 challenges in that three years. I can see myself get half way mark to 200,000 points worth of XBOX ONE gamerscore. But it a big if.
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PermalinkMy 2016 achievement status.
I have earned 2,244 achievements in 2016. That is 202 achievements less then what I ended in 2015. But I have unlocked in 170 games in 2016. compared to 169 games in 2015. Even thought the 2015 status says 170. One of them was only counted to my 2015status due to a challenge that I have unlocked on. And speaking of challenge. I have unlocked 19 of them. More then last two years. Where a XBOX ONE was in played in my achievement hunting career. And as for the Gamerscore goes. I have earned 57,530 points. That is 6,810 more points then 2015(50,720). I think I will earned between 40,000 to 50,000 points for 2017. But things could changed. either I end up more then I think I will get. Or I get less then I think I get. But then it be what I said it will be.  So the only one know will happen. Is the achievement gods in the sky. So you all have nice 2017 achievement hunting season. And I hope you had a grate 2016 season too. Because you need a year to look back on your achievement history. And say that my grate year. So good luck. And let the achievement god bless you in 2017 and beyond.
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