Want any Chinese X1 stack? I can get it for you! No Chinese X1 required!


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Looking for some games to buy and sell!
Need a Japanese console or games? I can also get almost any Chinese X1 game! It'll be a digital copy, not physical. No Chinese Xbox One required! That includes Halo MCC, Dying Reborn, Your Toy, etc! Also Naughty Kitties. Let me know!

Games For Sale (On hand games):
Catherine JP $10
Wrestle Kingdom JP $20
Magna Carta 2 JP $10
Metro 2033 JP $35
Metro Last Light JP $40
Saints Row JP $8
Memories Off 6 T-Wave JP $21
Bioshock JP $8
Kane and Lynch JP $10

If you are selling a copy of any of these games or willing to let me borrow let me know!

Apple TV with Minecraft on it
Sakura Flamingos Archives
Game Center Love. ~Plus Pengo!~
Far East of Eden Ziria (Tengai Makyo Ziria: Haruka naru Jipang)
Ginga Force
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