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as much as I love competing in gtasc I can't wait to start playing big games again

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Gtasc update and power rankings.
Well the GTASC is certainly in full swing now. After the period that just passed we are inside the top 40 for the team and top 100 for solo. It's kinda crazy to think of just how quickly we cut the field down. I think two years ago you had to make it to the end of November to be top 40. Anyway the new format has made things much tougher, stressful, and more enjoyable. On the one hand it's sucked having to shelve games like mass effect and prey in order to
Put up points but with badges now actually carrying some weight it has made the weeks a little more fun then just worrying about the cutoff,especially in earlier weeks. Or at least for me it has maybe my teammates disagree and hate me for all the badge talk lol.

Also as of this writing we passed over 600k as a team which is pretty impressive I think. We will easily be up over a million before the finals (assuming we get there). Anyway now for the reason most people will probably read this which seems to be the big buzz word on most people's feeds and forums....power rankings. These are just the teams I think have the best shot and if your not on the list, no disrespect and I hope you can prove me wrong in the end.

1. Gankers Preloaded
A lot of people probably wouldn't put them here based on recent,unfortunate events but as the 2x defending champs until they are beat you gotta give them the respect of the #1 seed. Also doesn't hurt that they still have the most bonuses in the comp.

2. Is This Team Uhh?
Top 5 scoring team in the comp, second highest amount of bonuses. They seem to be the best at planning a strategy out and executing it week in and week out

3. Vicious and Delicious
Probably helps that this is my team so I know what we're capable of. Also third highest team for bonuses.

4. Killers of Unicorn Killers
This team can score with the best of them as they have been proving a lot lately. They are quickly piling up the badges as well. My only concern with them is are they scoring too much too early? My guess is probably not but time will tell.

5. The Godz Reborn
There were a few teams I probably could have put here but I'm gonna put these guys here because they have been the most consistent out of the other teams I'd consider for this spot.

The rest of the top 10...

6. Megaladongs Assemble
7. Multiple Scorgasms
8. Saber One This Is Sable Actual
9. Way Too Old For This
10. The Big Willie 4.0

This is all just my opinion and if you think otherwise I'd love to hear about it down in the comments, always up for some respectful talk about gaming and gtasc
Posted by Danno Omen on 24 July 17 at 21:15 | Last edited on 24 July 17 at 22:00 | There are 17 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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LitaOsirisAgents of MayhemLitaOsiris has rated the game Agents of Mayhem 4 out of 5
Comment by Danno Omen at 21:16 on 24 Sep 2017

i really wanna get into this

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redraider104Gears of War 4September Updateredraider104 started the September Update DLC for Gears of War 4
Comment by redraider104 at 18:40 on 24 Sep 2017

Comeback season

BloodGodAlucardDiablo IIIBloodGodAlucard started the game Diablo III
Comment by Sighris at 18:09 on 24 Sep 2017

About time

Comment by BloodGodAlucard at 19:21 on 24 Sep 2017

Yeah it's been a long time coming. lol

SnipedByAGir1BADLAND: Game of the Year EditionSnipedByAGir1 started the game BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition
Comment by JakeJones04 at 17:18 on 24 Sep 2017

How is this? I keep passing on it every time it goes on sale.

Comment by SnipedByAGir1 at 20:51 on 24 Sep 2017

I have no idea why I started it ... I can see what it's worth 12K. Levels were pretty easy, but getting clones is a B**CH!

                  Status change by xSTAGGERxLEEx at 17:01 on 24 Sep 2017xSTAGGERxLEEx status: forum is some funny shit this morning... that lucky guy LOL
Comment by SloppyJoe811 at 17:53 on 24 Sep 2017

Win graciously, lose graciously. Some people just can't do both.

Comment by xSTAGGERxLEEx at 17:56 on 24 Sep 2017

I don't have enough popcorn today

LitaOsirisMarvel Avengers: Battle for EarthLegend achievementLitaOsiris won the Legend achievement in Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth for 727 points
Comment by LitaOsiris at 17:15 on 24 Sep 2017

Also: 13/14 Trials done today. Only Trial #20 left. It's definitely going to be a challenge.

JatluvaMadden NFL 18Jatluva started the game Madden NFL 18
JimbotUKTrackmania TurboLeap FrogJimbotUK won the Valley Black clear achievement in Trackmania Turbo for 282 points in Leap Frog
Comment by JimbotUK at 15:09 on 24 Sep 2017

The first achievement I preloaded. (December 2016) <3

Comment by SprinkyDink at 16:54 on 24 Sep 2017

I cry every time.

                  Status change by Stevano61 PB2A at 14:36 on 24 Sep 2017Stevano61 PB2A status: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSM3w1v-A_Y
Comment by Stevano61 PB2A at 15:18 on 24 Sep 2017

I won't apologise for not burning any preloads though like some other teams did today laugh

Comment by xSTAGGERxLEEx at 15:26 on 24 Sep 2017

Nah just talk about what they " burned " instead.

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                  Status change by SnipedByAGir1 at 14:01 on 24 Sep 2017SnipedByAGir1 status: headspin
Comment by oxy71 at 14:02 on 24 Sep 2017

Nail bitter, good job team

Comment by SnipedByAGir1 at 14:11 on 24 Sep 2017

I need a drink!

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Stevano61 PB2ANHL 18Master! achievementStevano61 PB2A won the Master! achievement in NHL 18 for 1984 points
Comment by Stevano61 PB2A at 13:58 on 24 Sep 2017


                  Status change by Stevano61 PB2A at 13:56 on 24 Sep 2017Stevano61 PB2A status: It's not enough UHH laugh
Comment by JimbotUK at 13:59 on 24 Sep 2017

Yeah gg. :)

Comment by SnipedByAGir1 at 14:02 on 24 Sep 2017

Good try guys

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Comment by Stevano61 PB2A at 13:59 on 24 Sep 2017

nice work smile

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