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                Status change by IrishWarrior022 at 17:18 on 04 Dec 2021IrishWarrior022 status: Sorry I couldn’t stream last night! I had a Christmas party to go too with the family and was scrambling around all day! Just forgot to tweet out 😔
Cos7uHCos7uH has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 61%
Cos7uHFIFA 21 (Xbox One)Cos7uH won 3 Achievements in FIFA 21 (Xbox One) for 168 points
True MarvellousMy Friend Peppa PigTrue Marvellous completed the game My Friend Peppa Pig and is the 236th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by True Marvellous at 17:10 on 04 Dec 2021


Totally KrispixTotally Krispix has reached a new milestone: 1,950,000 GamerScore
Stealth DavidSubaraCityStealth David started the game SubaraCity
CognitiveCaveat6SoulsCognitiveCaveat won 2 Achievements in 6Souls for 132 points
Stealth DavidTownscaperStealth David completed the game Townscaper and is the 5,400th gamer on the site to complete it
NicoleRenee00Destiny 2NicoleRenee00 won 2 Achievements in Destiny 2 for 148 points
Stealth DavidTownscaperStealth David started the game Townscaper
ImEliteGlitchesThe Procession to CalvaryImEliteGlitches completed the game The Procession to Calvary and is the 5,786th gamer on the site to complete it
ImEliteGlitchesMinecraftImEliteGlitches won 4 Achievements in Minecraft for 1265 points
ImEliteGlitchesThe Procession to CalvaryImEliteGlitches won 21 Achievements in The Procession to Calvary for 1405 points
BiLLzuMaNaTiStick Fight: The GameBiLLzuMaNaTi won 25 Achievements in Stick Fight: The Game for 1355 points
BiLLzuMaNaTiWin StreakBiLLzuMaNaTi is currently on a 1000 achievement win streak
Comment by CatDad#6128 at 15:09 on 04 Dec 2021

Nicely done

BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi has reached a new milestone: 1,890,000 GamerScore
Comment by CatDad#6128 at 15:10 on 04 Dec 2021


BiLLzuMaNaTiAsterix & Obelix: Slap Them All!BiLLzuMaNaTi started the game Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All!
Comment by MrWolfw00d at 08:16 on 04 Dec 2021

Hey BiLLz - How is this? The art for it looked really nice.

Comment by BiLLzuMaNaTi at 15:31 on 04 Dec 2021

It’s decent. It’s a side scrolling beat em up

QuiCkz NinjaQuiCkz Ninja has reached a new milestone: 1,650 Games Played
Hoff 07CupheadHoff 07 won 3 Achievements in Cuphead for 243 points
Hoff 07CupheadCasino Night achievementHoff 07 won the Casino Night achievement in Cuphead for 140 points
Hoff 07Cuphead
            Secret AchievementHoff 07 won the Secret Achievement in Cuphead for 0 points
Hoff 07CupheadA Trip Downtown achievementHoff 07 won the A Trip Downtown achievement in Cuphead for 103 points
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