“We file them down so as not to scare the men, ain’t that right Reap?” “Oh yeah, for sure!” *not really listening* Tis the fun we have


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Hitman DarknessLuminiHitman Darkness completed the game Lumini and is the 70th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Hitman Darkness at 00:32 on 24 Sep 2020

70th wow! Why is there not more, such a relaxing enjoyable game!

Hitman DarknessLuminiHitman Darkness won 2 Achievements in Lumini for 297 points
Hitman DarknessLuminiSurvivor achievementHitman Darkness won the Survivor achievement in Lumini for 155 points
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nuttywrayHardCubenuttywray won 5 Achievements in HardCube for 348 points
nuttywrayHardCubenuttywray started the game HardCube
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OnsidicSpiritfarerOnsidic won 4 Achievements in Spiritfarer for 242 points
Hitman DarknessLuminiHitman Darkness won 11 Achievements in Lumini for 1038 points
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Hitman DarknessLuminiMutation achievementHitman Darkness won the Mutation achievement in Lumini for 157 points
Hitman DarknessLuminiHoarder achievementHitman Darkness won the Hoarder achievement in Lumini for 54 points
Hitman DarknessLuminiHappy achievementHitman Darkness won the Happy achievement in Lumini for 134 points
Hitman DarknessLuminiPacifist achievementHitman Darkness won the Pacifist achievement in Lumini for 105 points
Hitman DarknessLuminiLeave achievementHitman Darkness won the Leave achievement in Lumini for 57 points
CRZYSPZTwin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols AdventureCRZYSPZ won 16 Achievements in Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure for 390 points
Hitman DarknessLuminiHitman Darkness started the game Lumini
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