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So I only made it six weeks into the individual side of the GTASC. Sad but with spring starting up I now have a million projects going on. Hopefully by the middle of next month our yard is completely set up and all I will have to do is the light stuff from their on out.

Since my goal of doing well in the individual section is now out of the picture, I am going to try and finish a game every week. I have already finished Castle Invasion: Throne out (mediocre game but not the worst cheap game I've ever bought) so I will probably work on the next Skylanders a lot this week to finish it up next week. Other than that I will probably work on Borderlands.

On a final not I am going to start playing around with my Twitch channel more often starting next month. Have a ton of horror games that I want to start playing on there.

All right, have a good week everyone!
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So this week I finished Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Great game, easy completion but definitely worth playing through to the ending (you get all the achievements before the last two chapters).

That makes 8 games completed in the 7th week of this year. My team is doing surprisingly well considering most of us are not really competing very hard... I think this has become more of a challenge for Jeff to catch up to my gamerscore laugh.

My biggest goal is to see how far I can get in the individual rankings. I know for about $20 I can buy 3 games from a local shop that are 1-2 hour completions, along with some games I had built up from our win a few years back. (In case you are wondering me and another team mate changed our tags when we got x1's ~ we were previously devil in cain and demonic death).

Looking forward to the rest of the contest to see where we go and hopefully I can dive in and complete my backlog before the next game I really want comes out. Not sure when that will be though since Scalebound was cancelled and who knows how many years before they actually finish the new South Park ( I had the first one preordered for over a year and a half before it came out).

Alright, enough from me. Have a great week everyone!
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Managed to make my 3000 gamerscore for last week... pretty awesome, did not have to start that many new games which is good.

This week I'm going to focus on finishing Skylander's Giants and trying to blast through I, Zombie. Giants might leave me with one more achievement at the end that I will have to clean up next week but that is not that bad.

I finally got 50% done on my bean dive which is rather sad to me, I was off to a great start last year and then just slowed down a great deal. I'm going to see what I can do about getting it completely finished up.

Having a good time so far and I hope all my friends that are in this are having a great time competing also! Have a great week, I think I'm going to spend it getting over a cold!
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We are hanging in there even though the scoring is way crazier this year than last. I got two of the three games I wanted to 100% last week out of the way which is nice.

The individual goal for this week is 3k gamerscore unlocked over the week and I think I am going to try and achieve that. That means more destruction of my completion percentage as I will be playing tons of new games.

I want to 100% Skylanders giants this week so we will see what happens... most of my games this week are probably going to be on the 360 (no backwards compatible ones though). I have a lot of arcade ones I can easily get 75% of the achievements done within an hour or two.

I also decided I was in love with Dante's Inferno, fun game, curious to see if they can come up with a game for his Divine comedy (that's a joke but if they made one I would be one board to play it).

Have a good week and if we make it to the next one I will be back with my plans for the following week.
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Coming off a decent first week in which I got 100% in Skylanders and finished up Gems of War.

This week I will be finishing Mafia 2 (I keep saying that but this time I have it... only three achievements left and two of them I will finish today for sure), The Bunker (Pay attention to my Twitch channel as I will be having fun with it later in the week) and Skylanders Giants (Hopefully).

Other than that I'm going to be working on the grind that is Dragon Ball Xenoverse. I just have one more master to finish and then a few dozen moves to grind out.

I may work on some Killer instinct also since season 2 will be free and I am excited about the addition of ultimates back into the game.

Finishing up 3 games in one week would be awesome for me since I am slacking in completion department and really want to finish up my previous Bean Dive before the next one starts up.

Have a great week everyone! I'm going to try and update this weekly until my team is eliminated!
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