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The 2021 Hitlist #49 - The Late Edition
I may have remembered that I hadn't written this close to midnight. Depending on how long this takes me to write, either happy Monday or happy Tuesday blog day.

I partially blame the 12 Days of Christmas as that took some work to figure out quick games for the co-op, as well as Gems of War for the usual campaign day along with the Kingdom pass.

I put time into Resident Evil 2, finishing up Claire's first run, followed by the S-Rank for Leon, no healing and 14000 steps. It is looking on track to be finished in time currently, which will be a small victory as it would be the first Xbox list to be finished, not including the bonus target of course.

Time also went into Story of Seasons, which has an annoying achievement for confessing to everyone before getting married. This means 12 characters, male and female, one of which is only available during Summer, and one can't be progressed until Autumn. Thankfully, the confession side of it is now done, so it is just waiting on the house upgrade now. The main reason I find it annoying is because it feels out of place to confess to everyone on games like this, it also eats up a hell of a lot more time. Time which could be put into farming, mining etc. Aside that, the game is great, per normal Harvest Moon experiences.

The plan this week will be to keep working on the above titles, as well as finish up the 12 Days event. This will mean playing different games, most of which will be going back and forth between the internal and external hard drives due to space issues.

Xbox One
1. Resident Evil 2 Achievements - 34/42 Increase of 7 achievements

Bonus Xbox Target
1. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition Complete Achievements - 18/28

Playstation 4
1. Days Gone - 6/46
2. Final Fantasy VII Remake - 27/44
3. The Last of Us Part II - 6/26
4. The Order: 1886 - 0/22

Bonus PS4 Target
1. Death Stranding - 14/63

Eliminated Targets

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