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Repetitive Dialogue
I don't know about anyone else but repetitive dialogue gets old real fast. State of Decay 2 is loaded with it. I have heard them so much I generally will respond like the game can hear me. Here are some examples.

Survivor "Hey, we need to get cracking on these plague hearts."
Me "I just destroyed five of them STFU!"

Survivor "I think we have stretch the limits of this base."
Me "This is the biggest base on the map numb nuts!"

Survivor "You know all of this noise is gonna wake the dead."
Me "I wish you could kill your own survivors yourself."

Survivor "This is the biggest base I have ever seen."
Me "That's what she said."

Survivor "What's the status of that thing we discussed, the important top priority thing?"
Me "Oh that important top priority thing I never agree to do."

Survivor "Would it kill you to be a little more helpful, whatever! It doesn't matter now we are leaving."
Me "Bye."

Survivor "I'm about to pass out."
Me"Suck it up you whiny bitch."

Survivor "Where am I suppose to put?"
Me "I'll shove it up your ass if you don't quit bitching!"

Survivor "I'm sick I need a doctor."
Me "Well if you didn't suck so much you wouldn't be sick!"

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