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            Secret AchievementTiarny won the Secret Achievement in Wreckfest for 53 points
TiarnyWreckfestTiarny started the game Wreckfest
TiarnyResident Evil VillageTiarny won 2 Achievements in Resident Evil Village for 39 points
TiarnyResident Evil VillageTiarny started the game Resident Evil Village
The SilvatungResident Evil 2The Silvatung won 2 Achievements in Resident Evil 2 for 107 points
MUFC9899Control (Xbox One)MUFC9899 won 2 Achievements in Control (Xbox One) for 37 points
YearlyBoar64YearlyBoar64 has reached a new milestone: 30,000 TrueAchievement Score
SergeusDarksiders II
            Secret AchievementSergeus won the Secret Achievement in Darksiders II for 28 points
MUFC9899DayZMUFC9899 completed the game DayZ and is the 2,071st gamer on the site to complete it
MUFC9899DayZMUFC9899 won 12 Achievements in DayZ for 3374 points
MUFC9899DayZBabyface achievementMUFC9899 won the Babyface achievement in DayZ for 126 points
MUFC9899DayZLobotomy achievementMUFC9899 won the Lobotomy achievement in DayZ for 411 points
MUFC9899DayZClose and personal achievementMUFC9899 won the Close and personal achievement in DayZ for 516 points
MUFC9899DayZHeal the world achievementMUFC9899 won the Heal the world achievement in DayZ for 161 points
MUFC9899DayZGeared achievementMUFC9899 won the Geared achievement in DayZ for 147 points
MUFC9899DayZAct of mercy achievementMUFC9899 won the Act of mercy achievement in DayZ for 20 points
MUFC9899DayZPacify achievementMUFC9899 won the Pacify achievement in DayZ for 94 points
MUFC9899DayZNatural instincts achievementMUFC9899 won the Natural instincts achievement in DayZ for 544 points
MUFC9899DayZMarksman achievementMUFC9899 won the Marksman achievement in DayZ for 706 points
MUFC9899DayZField cook achievementMUFC9899 won the Field cook achievement in DayZ for 302 points
fishman550Mirror's Edge Catalystfishman550 completed the game Mirror's Edge Catalyst and is the 2,406th gamer on the site to complete it
MUFC9899DayZBodily needs achievementMUFC9899 won the Bodily needs achievement in DayZ for 25 points
MUFC9899DayZMUFC9899 started the game DayZ
MUFC9899Before I ForgetMUFC9899 completed the game Before I Forget and is the 176th gamer on the site to complete it
MUFC9899Before I ForgetMUFC9899 started the game Before I Forget
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philcsf Game Developers Public 3 5 60.00

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