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Xbox One and New Star Wars Games????
I think we can all agree that compared with the abundance of cool video games Lucas Arts produced for the original Xbox, Playstation2, and GameCube when the Prequels were being produced, that the Xbox 360 has left much wanting for the Star Wars fan and enjoyable game experiences. Except for the first Force Unleashed game, the few Star Wars experiences for the 360 have been very unimaginative and lacking in "replayability" (i.e. Star Wars Clone Wars game, Force Unleashed 2, Lego Clone Wars, and Star Wars Kinect).

I have hopes that with the new Xbox One and with the rebirth of the SW series in movies that we might get some new original creative material similar to what was given in the early 2000s on the Xbox 360. The top 5 series that I would love to see a reboot of....?

Honorable Mention: Star Wars Battlefront... I spent more hours of gameplay not looking for achievements on this than I spent on any other game.

5. Starfighter and Jedi Starfighter
4. Jedi Outcast/Academy.... The chronicles of Kyle Katarn were a blast as he roamed the galaxy blaster in hand and slowly developed his skill as a Jedi.
3. Bounty Hunter.... For this PS2 game, it was awesome to run/fly around as Jango Fett hunting bounties on Malastare, Tatooine, Coruscant, the moon of Boz Pity, and especially the prison break-in and break out.
2. Rogue Squadron - Ok... this was a N64 game, but it probably was one of the original ground setters in exploring the Star Wars Universe in parts of the galaxy we had not seen... the battles of Kessel, Chandrila, Mon Calamari.... very exciting game.
1. Star Wars Republic Commando - To me, it was the Halo version of Star Wars. I had so much fun as the commando in the squad fighting on Geonosis, the Ghost Ship, and Kashyyyk. It was left begging for a sequel game and all we got in return was some unreadable Star Wars novels.
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Mr GranstaffGame Room - Pitfall! (WP)Mr Granstaff completed the game Game Room - Pitfall! (WP) and is the 589th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Mr Granstaff at 17:58 on 22 Jan 2018

All on the phone! Mostly because I don't own Game Room.

Comment by JamP0und32 at 18:03 on 22 Jan 2018

Medals don't sync anymore anyway.

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Mr GranstaffTextTwist 2 (WP)Mr Granstaff started the game TextTwist 2 (WP)
Comment by Mr Granstaff at 17:03 on 22 Jan 2018

Starting this for the solo bonus. Hopefully I don't mess this up, lol.

Comment by dlCHIEF58 at 17:50 on 22 Jan 2018

I used a 3 pointer in Mad Max to get me that odd amount. Only 500 to go now, should be pretty easy.

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St Tony22St Tony22 is celebrating their birthday today!
Comment by Vermin360 at 00:39 on 22 Jan 2018

Happy birthday Tony. (A few hours early anyways)

Comment by YODA12320 at 00:59 on 22 Jan 2018

happy bday!

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Mr GranstaffMr Granstaff has reached a new milestone: 23,000 Achievements Won

                  Status change by Mr Granstaff at 17:52 on 21 Jan 2018Mr Granstaff status: The language in Riddick is so creative and colorful, lol.
Comment by Mr Granstaff at 21:47 on 21 Jan 2018

Reminds me of the dialogue from Bulletstorm.

Comment by NightHawk673 at 22:46 on 21 Jan 2018

Lel. Bulletstorm was a masterpiece

Comment by IgnoringFosters at 23:05 on 21 Jan 2018

rogue warrior has the best dialogue

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