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I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this blog but I wanted to post something that has been on my mind for quite some time now about the series I fell in love with. And I want to start with the Positive comments first before moving on to the comments that will undoubtedly make some mad or make people dislike me. I am not here to cause drama or pick a fight but I will state for all to see and read and these comments I make now is based on my Opinion (ONLY). So without further delay here is my feelings on the series.

I started playing resident evil when it first came out and have been a huge fan of the series ever since. I truly enjoyed the game upon its release date and have logged many hours on the game series to date. I have spent a lot of time learning a lot of things about the series and learned what works best with what enemy and how to make use of what is given to me. I have even devised speed runs through the games to see how fast I could beat such a game. And even though the series has had a major number of sequels, I still enjoy playing the game series. But what I Do not like will be posted below shortly.

All in all the series was great back in the day when they first came out, meaning the first 3 games. That is back when they was all about surviving the horror. They had LOTS of jump scares and was very eerie. They gave off the sense of impending doom and death. One couldn't help but think "when will I get killed? how will I get killed? Will it be quick or will it be a slow death" These are the questions that filled my mind when I played the first 3 games. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis was by far the best of the series BECAUSE the Nemesis followed you from screen to screen. You couldn't simply just run away and hide. It always found you. It was a threat to the player and it was hard to put down (pay in mind I mean when your playing the game for the first time). The biggest thing with me that made me love the series was that it was scary, it had lots of places to explore, items to grab, death traps to avoid and monsters who jumped out at you when you felt safe. But sadly those days are gone. The series has taken a turn for the worse. And this hardcore RE Fan has hung up my shoes for the series. It has been a great run but its time to move on. BECAUSE of several Factors.

RESIDENT EVIL SERIES HAS lost many things that made it great, Among these things is that it NO longer has the scariness, impending doom / death / jump scares/ deadly traps anymore. And to be bluntly honest RESIDENT EVIL 4 took all that away. The ONLY thing about RE4 that can be considered remotely scary is in the early part of the game when the chainsaw dude (Dr Salvador) busted down the door in the pueblo village in order to kill you. Other than that the series has lost a great deal. RE4 is NOT scary other than the part mentioned above. And I truly believe that the series went down hill since RE4 came out. Since then other RE titles have emerged and all of them has been one disappointment after the next. Plus the AI that your teamed up with is more of a pain than a benefit. Lets look at the series since RE3.

AI Team Mates are a huge problem. They don't come to your aid when you need them and they have a VERY HUGE tendency to waste valuable resources. Lets look at Ashley Graham. She was caught time and time again and always had that annoying cry "LEON HELP!!!!!" She was and still is a huge waste of time. She is a weak character and a poor companion. She doesn't offer any value at all. All she does is get the player in trouble time and time again.

Sheva is by far the worst of AI companions for this series. Yes she is very sexy and a pleasure to look at but underneath is something that is very troubling. She doesn't really come to your aid, she loves to waste resources such as healing items and ammunition. She will hoard them and waste the items at the drop of a hat. She is a poor companion. She reminds me of the bots from L4D2. They often leave you for dead. Anyways before closing out this blog I want to state that I will be adding more to this blog at a later time and will provide in depth specifics than the rambling above. Anyways thanks for reading the start of my blog.

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