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Hello my fellow TA'ers. Even though this whole isolation/lockdown situation is kind of what we do anyway, I hope everyone is still well and healthy!

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2020 To-Do Lists [UPDATE - May 29th]
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I'll keep this up-to-date throughout the year and repost it after a different blog post if necessary. Unofficial stickying if you will.

Change: Completed FFXV Ep. Ardyn

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Comment by SaidaiKanpeki at 11:34 on 31 May 2020

Even though it took you over a year to reach an extra 10k GamerScore, it's good to see that you made some progress

Comment by BloodGodAlucard at 11:50 on 31 May 2020

Nice job. :)

Comment by Im Single Again at 12:17 on 31 May 2020

Even tho it took you 5 minutes to get rid of Oriion, it's good that you didn't had the nerves to join the 100% Leaderboard

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Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 11:14 on 31 May 2020


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AVARAT The Shadows Rushed Me Club Request 95 173 54.91
Apocalypse Kane Ten Thousand Club Public 91 101 90.10
LAFTA Gamers with 10+ Ratio Achievement(Kinect excluded) Request 41 69 59.42
Ashen Seraph Battlefield Veterans Public 10 64 15.63
Dat Boi Treezy LOVEFiLM Public 14 37 37.84
XI AlphaMale IX achieve360points.com Public 13 34 38.24
Nonfaith People Who Read My Blogs and Still Like Me Public 5 25 20.00
punkyliar TA Newshounds Private 4 17 23.53
Dat Boi Treezy Preston, UK Public 2 9 22.22
TrueAchievement The Team With No Name Request 1 5 20.00
Dat Boi Treezy Payday2 Rollers! Public 2 3 66.67

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