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Morning/afternoon/evening my wonderful TA Blog readers! It's been another not-so-exciting week (surprise, surprise) but despite how shit my week's often are, I actually manage to find a way to "polish a turd" thanks to my blogs! laugh

This week, I've been chipping away at the backlog as usual but not the way I should be. I finally made it to the end of my ten night stint at work and managed to actually stay awake all the way through my two nights off! Don't get me wrong, I've been knackered throughout both of them but I was so determined to not waste the family-free time this week and managed to somehow do a 24 hour stint from Friday into Saturday, and a smaller stint last night after getting a decent 7-8 hours sleep yesterday. I'm back to work tonight and then off on Tuesday night and Friday night.


Ahh, good old Peggle. This Popcap puzzle title is an outstanding Xbox LIVE Arcade game and I'm glad I gave it a go after being a bit hesitant to play it. However, I've more than had enough now and the Peggle Nights DLC is starting to get the better of me. I've completed the base game but the Tenured achievement for completing all 60 challenges in the DLC is really killing me at the minute and I'm stuck on one of the earlier challenges too. Off the top of my head, I think it may be level 2-5 but I do remember that the challenge is to score 275K points or more with just seven balls to use. There's no videos to help and any guides I've looked at don't help at all as they don't specifically talk about each of the earlier levels but rather scoop maybe the first three sets of level into one or two paragraphs worth of hints and tips. This makes me feel like I shouldn't even be struggling with it really, especially after I nailed all of the tough stuff from the base game.

The struggles have continued all week as I've just put an hour or so into the game when I could and then sacked it off after wasting said time. Ideally, I need to give it more time than this but with it being the "whenever game" I didn't want to waste any of my "undisturbed gaming time" giving it a go over the likes of HITMAN and The Surge. When it comes to playing HITMAN, I don't mind other people being around while I'm playing if I've already watched the relevant cut scenes for a mission and it isn't my first time playing it. I've done roughly half of what needs to be done in Episode Six: Hokkaido for HITMAN so I may swap out HITMAN for Peggle on my first night off and try and get past the challenge level I'm currently stuck on. We'll see how it goes later on in the week.

From Monday to Friday, I had to use a streak-keeper each day sadly but the new record streak is still going strong and is now at 179 days! I've still got plenty in the stash to use and even more after the Xbox One Sale Roundup this week as there was plenty of easy ID@Xbox titles for sale. I treated myself to Cel Damage HD, Laserlife, and Active Soccer 2 DX, all pretty much for the sake of keeping the streak alive should I need to use them.

Besides not gaming much through the week, I caught up on my two nights off with a good few hours on HITMAN last night, and more notably The Surge on Friday night. This was my second time diving into the game after getting to grips with it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. On Friday, I managed to get to sleep from about 8am till 2:30pm as I was on the afternoon school run. This is a worst case scenario going into a night off as nine times out of ten, I end up being shattered when it comes to night and usually end up falling asleep and cocking up my sleep pattern. I thought that if I played The Surge, with it being a fresh and new experience it would help to keep me awake, especially if I streamed it too. Thankfully, my plan worked!

I decided to fire up Twitch rather than Mixer as I usually do as Mixer still doesn't have the option to transfer streams directly to YouTube once the live stream is over. Although I may as well have used Mixer as the stream ended up being just under five hours long, way too long for a YouTube video! Thankfully, I wasn't alone like I normally am when it comes to streaming as ApexAssassinMix hosted the stream for me and DaveKinetic stopped by for pretty much the whole stream to watch me struggle over an over again in some pretty miserable attempts. It was still a lot of fun though and I'm really enjoying the game. The only thing I'm struggling with (which maybe I shouldn't be?) is actually making progression and reaching the next checkpoint/med bay! I can live with dying and being sent back to a checkpoint and then having to kill all of the enemies in my way again, but combined with no mini-map, radar, or big map of any sort, this can be just a little bit annoying at times. Unless I'm just not very skilled at the game, the punishment of partially losing all of your progress after getting lost, taking a wrong turn or just going round in a complete circle seems a bit harsh. Or maybe it's just me? It's been taking me a while to explore everywhere trying to find the right way to go and when I finally feel like I may be getting somewhere, dying at that point is just so devastating!

You can check out the VOD on my Twitch channel if you want but be warned, it is like five hours long. If you'd like to catch up with me playing the game again later this week, then either subscribe to my Twitch channel and change the setting to be notified as and when I go live, or just keep an eye on my Twitch or TrueAchievements page for when I start streaming in the early hours of next Saturday morning.


Last week, I went into the Preston Bus Depot to do three mock tests related to earning a PCV license. I came out feeling pretty confident after passing the Theory and Hazard Perception tests. I went in again earlier this week but didn't do so well this time.

I knew what I needed to focus on mainly after the practice tests but overall I knew that I needed to have a good look at everything really, especially for the Case Study style module. Have I been studying none stop since the last practice tests? Have I f*** angry. This is my major problem in life. Not that my high school exam results/grades or work history would really show it, but I'd actually consider myself somewhat of an intelligent person, especially with the type of people I either live around or work with. I can talk the talk, plan for life, events, things, etc, drop serious wisdom on people, and really just make things in general happen if I put my mind to it. The only issue then, is actually executing the plan! Outside of work, I've always been very lazy. I'm not interested in washing up, cleaning the house, doing clothes washing, etc unless I really have to. All I want to do... is chill. Since working nights, I've gone twice as lazy as I'm just forever tired. Understandably to a degree, even though I've made a few attempts at "revising" and have actually spent a few hours reading through the various books and using the DVD's the Depot let me borrow, I just can't bring myself to really sit down and revise properly.

Ideally, I should be hammering the DVD's, doing practise test runs, making notes from the books, summarising the most important parts, and all of the other kind of things that come with revising. I really don't want to work for the company I currently work for and haven't wanted to pretty much since a few months after starting there and realising what I god awful place it is to work. If I'm to actually make my escape, then I've got to put in the effort and smash these tests! The three actual tests I need to pass are in two days time and I'm sat here typing up this goddamn blog. Shame on me if I mess this opportunity up but at the same time, it will only be my own fault. warning

I need to pass all three tests ideally but if I do fail any of them it won't be the end of the world as I will be able to try again at a later date and actually do some real revising before then. However, this just lengthens the waiting game and extends on my time at the shit hole I'm at now. Rather than having a split way of thinking, I really wish I could actually do what I know I should be doing. I'm not going to kid myself though, this is me and it's just the way I am.


First We Feast is a fantastic YouTube channel dedicated to food and pop culture. They first caught my eye with "Hot Ones", a series of videos where the channel's main man Sean Evans interviews different people while eating hot chicken wings covered in sauces that gradually get hotter. Sean has sat down and ate with the likes of Charlamagne Tha God, N.O.R.E, Kevin Hart, and many more.

One of the videos that caught my eye recently was from their "Food Grails" series hosted by Miss Info where the well-known journalists takes to the streets of various cities to see how their food define's their city's flavour. I still need to find and catchup on the first episode but in episode two, Miss Info takes a bite of the Jamaican Beef Patty in New York City and speaks with DJ Clark Kent, Upscale Vandal, and more to get their feelings on the delicious looking flaky meat turnover:

Have you had the chance to try a Jamaican Beef Patty?


Just one new clip this week but it's actually been captured to use in my walkthrough which is still in progress for ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG 2. In Mission Two, I got caught by the deadly purple smoke of an enemy mummy and became mummified!

I thought I may as well capture the transformation so I can use it as an example of what happens when hit by the smoke for my walkthrough. Hopefully, I should have the walkthrough ready for proofing in the next couple of weeks.


I've not touched Final Fantasy XV since completing the "Episode Gladiolus" DLC. It's a fantastic game all together and I really enjoyed my time with it. A new trailer was released earlier this week showcasing gameplay from the upcoming "Episode Prompto" and I have to admit, it gave me a weird kind of Metal Gear Solid vibe for some reason:

Check out the full story covered by Luc1d, a/k/a Luc1d Dreaming and catch me streaming the DLC in the early hours of this Wednesday morning. I might not dedicate the full night to Peggle after all. warning


To save a bit of money, I tend to take my missus' Honda Jazz to work rather than my super unleaded fuel guzzling Subaru Impreza. It also doesn't help that my car's always blocked in by hers as her car has two child seats in so it's always used to pick the kids up. I don't mind driving her car more than mine but the CD player is SO ANNOYING! Sure, I've had some of my CD's for as long as I've been driving now but my CD players seems to handle slightly damaged CD's much better than hers. If the CD is too damaged to play part of a song, then obviously it will begin to skip. My car plays CD's fine and only tends to skip at the parts that are obviously scratched too much. Her car however, just seems to skip CD's when it feels and it really gets on my nerves.

With this in mind, I tend to end up listening to the same rotation of four or five CD's when in her car so I end up even having to listen to the radio now and again so I don't over-play my stuff. In my car, the radio never goes on as I can't be doing with most of the shit that comes on. Even though I've listened to this song many times, I've found it difficult to get bored of. "By The Bar" from Jadakiss' Consignment mixtape is the perfect song for blasting at ridiculous volumes while driving. Featuring Meek Mill and Yung Joc (who also produced the track), it's the beat and the bass that make the song and just sound insane at high volume. Turn up your bass and you'll see exactly what I mean:

Download the mixtape for free on DatPiff if you're not one of the 1,874,242 listeners who has already done so.


Taken from "Episode Six" in HITMAN in the mountains of Hokkaido at a very luxurious and high-tech hospital which could easily be mistaken for a holiday resort, I was stood on the helipad of the hospital trying to capture the gorgeous and clear sky above, as well as the beautiful mountains in the distance, the life below and the rivers too.

I spent about ten minutes trying to get the best angle :'(I spent about ten minutes trying to get the best angle :'(

I love how IO also has the Japanese balloon things floating in the sky too if you look closely enough. One thing I've enjoyed about the game throughout almost all of the episodes has been how gorgeous each location is. At the beginning of this episode, you start out as a VIP patient in one of the patient rooms. With it being a high-tech and obviously expensive hospital, the patient's rooms are of supreme quality and could rival that of a decent quality hotel. You can then head outside of the room onto the large balcony and at this point, I honestly had to take in the view for a few minutes which was similar to the screen above minus the helipad's safety net and the building itself.


As mentioned earlier, I was rocking The Surge on my night off on Friday. I did sneak on it earlier on in the week however as I had a few hours to myself on Sunday. Check out the first 90 minutes or so of the game as I got to grips with the controls, fighting, and enemies:

Thanks for reading and let's hope I return next weekend with some good news! wink

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Welcome back my dedicated blog readers! It's been another usual week of work but as always, there's still plenty to type and talk about. E3 took place earlier on this week/weekend but I've already spoke plenty about the different conferences already which you can check out with the following links: Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Bethesda, and Ubisoft. Plenty of news came from the event and the usual suspects on the TrueAchievements Podcast spoke about it as well so make sure you give that a listen if you haven't already.

As per usual, work has been the ever-lasting dominant force of the week and to make matters worse than usual, I'm currently halfway through a ten-night stint! cry I knew it was likely to happen as I had last Sunday and Monday off. My "default" nights off are Friday and Saturday and if none of the management can be "bothered" to edit my hours, I end up with those two nights off. It doesn't bother me a massive amount as it's just part of the swings and roundabouts of getting random nights off each week. Although obviously I can't help but think about how shattered I'll be by the time my nights off come around!


It's been a bit of a slow week this week understandably. My two nights off where spent watching E3 stuff, falling asleep, and chipping away at HITMAN so my nights off weren't as productive as they could've been. I've rattled off Episode Three: Marrakesh for HITMAN and Episode Four: Bangkok for HITMAN and made a start on the Peggle Nights for Peggle. The main highlight of the week on the gaming front for me was beating my now-second-best achievement streak (Dat Boi Treezy Win Streak - 168 days from 17 Nov 15) a couple of days ago! I managed to set a new record with One Night in Bangkok in HITMAN in which I also streamed my successful attempt too. Seeing as I have so many easy-achievements in the bag (streak-keepers), I've decided to keep the streak going and see how far I can get.

The only other game I played this week was Shuffle Party (WP) which I've played a few times on different breaks at work. I currently just need to complete all of the challenge levels, earn three stars on each one, and also purchase all of the items from the pro shop. I also had to use a streak keeper from the app NFL on Xbox One on Wednesday for reasons we will get into next. Next week, I'm just going to keep chipping away at HITMAN, the Peggle DLC challenge levels, and maybe even The Surge if I get it as a gift for Father's Day. wink


The Bus Station itself is like Marmite - You'll either hate it or love itThe Bus Station itself is like Marmite - You'll either hate it or love it

I spoke with one of the Training Managers at Preston Bus last week and had arranged to come into the Depot on Wednesday to talk and practice the upcoming tests I'll be taking as part of the Category D license process. I got there at about 8:30am after finishing work, quickly using a streak keeper, getting the three kids ready and then dropping them off at school and nursery. I thought I'd only be in their for half-hour to an hour but didn't end up getting out until 11:30am! I guess I can't complain though if I want to get a job with them!

Being completely honest, I've revised for the license once so far for about three hours and this was on the same day I received the various books and two DVDs. Without knowing when I'd be taking the real tests, I just couldn't be bothered revising without a time in place. With such a shit amount of revising done so far, I wasn't feeling to confident about the three mock tests the manager had in place for me. However, yours truly didn't do too bad at all! For the Mock Theory Test, I managed 89% with the pass rate being 85%. Still a bit closer to the pass than I would've liked but a great start never-the-less. The second test was Hazard Perception which was the reason I failed my Car Theory Test all those years ago! I passed my practical first time with just three minors but only passed my theory on the second attempt due to getting a poor score on the Hazard Perception part.

I was allowed to have several practice runs at it first which actually helped give me a better understanding of what to do. Basically, treat anything that could be a hazard with a yellow circle round it. For example, when a car's making its way to a junction connecting to your road or a pedestrian is approaching a crossing, picture a yellow circle around them. Then, if they pull out dangerously, it's a hazard and I should click as soon as possible!

The fastest the click, the better the scoreThe fastest the click, the better the score

The problem I have with this style of tests is that I think too much. In my opinion and probably over-confidence with this sort of thing is that I feel like I'm ahead of the system. Then, wherever you go wrong in the actual tests, it doesn't tell you which really doesn't help for potential future attempts at all. Also, the Mock Test clips I had were so easy and annoying. It was like basically playing a game of spot the prick who can't drive. laugh To my surprise however, I managed to pass first time! Although it was uncomfortably close to the pass rate of 68% as I scored 35/50 to give me 70%. This will definitely be something I need to practice more at and become more comfortable with. My real-life hazard perception is off the charts. I'm highly aware of my surroundings, very naturally use my mirrors all the time and know what and who to be on the look out for. I guess I just need to treat it more like real-life and just relax and calmly click when the time is right.

The last test didn't go too well though as it was a pretty chunky set of case studying. I failed the first time round and passed on the second attempt. My weakness was exposed here as I didn't have a clue about time regulations and things of this nature when it comes to drivers. All in all though, it was a good session and it gave me a great idea on what to expect when the real day comes!


Any fellow gamers who can still find decent time to game and also hold down a full time job and be a daddy, I salute you! toast It's not easy being a gamer and a dad at the same time! Even though gaming is our main interest and hobby, unless you do your gaming outside of the house, you know that you'll always be looped into the usual cycles of the house. Whether it be clothes washing, washing up, hoovering, and all that other shitty must-do's around the house, gaming goes straight to the bottom of the list, especially if your other half has anything to say about it!

Gaming with my headset on? I must've had time to play something multiplayer!Gaming with my headset on? I must've had time to play something multiplayer!

As mentioned already, I'd been hinting at my missus and kids buying me a copy of The Surge. However, GAME wants £45 for it and that's just outrageous, especially when the last time I looked at the game on Amazon, they only wanted something like £38. Either way, it's a pretty dear-do for a Father's Day gift so I just asked for £10-20 of Xbox LIVE credit and maybe a pack of Lamber & Butler Silver as well. I'm not going to be doing much, if anything, for Father's Day anyway as I was working last night and I'll be working tonight. The highlight of the day will be going to sleep. sleep


A new one for this week as I gave a target way more than he bargained for as he inspects this old-school Tuk Tuk he intends on using as a Golf Cart:


Claudio Barata, also know as Chob was putting the work in this week with the barrage of headlines that needed doing from E3. Well, almost all of the news team was but the particular story that caught my eye and had the most excited was the reveal of the Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Coming to the Xbox One.

Crimson Skies Cover

After containing my initial excitement from the announcement, I had a quick search for some of the more-popular titles that released for the original Xbox. To be honest, I wasn't that impressed with what I found. The Xbox 360 was the first Xbox console I had I never checked out any titles from the OG Xbox. The likes of the two confirmed for OG BC haven't interested me at all and the likes of Ninja Gaiden, Halo and some of the other popular games don't interest me either. Before the 360, I played on the PlayStation 2 and before that it was the PS1. Almost all of my friends were the same as they also rocked PS consoles or maybe Dreamcasts and N64's. I was hoping there would be more titles that were released on PS1 and Xbox at the same time but there wasn't much, if any that I'd found.

I'll obviously keep an eye on the OGBC to what comes of it but without any achievements to unlock, I'm not going to bother with it at all. Sure, there could be some classics to play but if I'm going to be playing older games, I've still got a fair share of 360 titles to play from my backlog as well as popular games that I also don't own!


Rick Ross shines again for me this week with another song from his latest album Rather You Than Me. The whole album is hard as hell and one of the more notable songs from the LP is Idols Become Rivals were Rozay goes in on Birdman who old school hip-hop fans will also know as "Baby". Ricky Ross released an official video for the song just a few days ago where he shows off his highly luxurious lifestyle while exposing Cash Money Records' co-founder Bryan Williams:

Despite the slaughtering of Baby, will it actually bring us any closer to seeing The Carter V from Lil' Wayne? Or does that nasty piece of work Martin Shkreli really have his dirty, fraud-filled hands on the album?


I forgot to take a new screen again this week! angry I've got to step my game up with this. I tend to remember to cap a clip as this is easier to do but I'm just not used to saving a screen! Please enjoy another flashback of my beastiness in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition as I cause pain and misery for the Locust in a match of the awful Blitz mode on the classic Clocktower map:

I think I'd hit the cap for points in this match!I think I'd hit the cap for points in this match!


Last but not least, I managed to stream this week! I worked on the Drop the Bass in HITMAN while I had the house to myself. Check it out as I popped the achievement as well as a few others and yapped away as I like to do:

Thanks for reading as always guys and please comment on what you'd like to see from future blogs or if you're happy just checking out these weekly recap posts!

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Permalink2017 To-Do Lists [UPDATE #169 - June 28th]
I'll keep this up-to-date throughout the year and re-post it after a different blog post if necessary. Unofficial stickying if you will.
2017 edit notes
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

2016 edit notes
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

2015 edit notes
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Blog originally posted on January 1st, 2015

Hey there fellow TA'ers! wave

As many of you will have seen, I've created 'Complete Game' goals to put a bit of pressure on myself to actually get most of my backlog cleared this year. I would like to try and do them in order of my lists but obviously I'm not too fussed about finishing some games earlier than planned. I just don't want to start any new RETAIL titles until I've at least nailed my completion percentage goal as starting a fresh would set me back more than I'd like. Not too fussed about starting XBLA/Win 8 titles.

Here's the to do list:


*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

2016 Finished games

2015 Finished games

XBOX 360

2016 Finished games

2015 Finished games


2015 Finished games


2016 Finished games

2015 Finished games


2016 Finished games

2015 Finished games


*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

If anyone wants to co-op/boost/play anything whenever then let me know on here or XBL.
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PermalinkMy Thoughts On E3 2017 - Microsoft, Betheda, and Ubisoft
As promised, I streamed a short video after each E3 Conference besides EA's which I laid out my thoughts and feelings for on my last Weekly Recap Blog Post. I've used HITMAN and Peggle Nights for Peggle to stream over for each of the videos. As detailed and as informative as I've tried to be, I have to be honest that E3 as a whole wasn't really for me this year. It was a decent enough showing from everyone, not amazing, but a lot of the games and the details on the Xbox One X just didn't really sell it for me.

Check out what I thought of the conferences in each of the videos below:




Thanks for watching guys and be sure to check out what's in store in my Weekly Recap Blog this Sunday! wave
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Hey guys! wave Welcome to your usual hefty serving of blog-posting, weekly-recapping goodness from yours truly. This week has been full-on with pretty much nothing but work work and more work, no stream and no new clips. However, I still have a new screen, new music I've been listening to and most importantly, the first main highlight of this year's E3 event has been and gone as Electronic Arts did their best to wow viewers with their showing last night.


As per usual, Peggle has been the main game of the week. I only played HITMAN briefly on Monday I think but with this week's nights off connecting to last weeks three nights off for my cousin's wedding party and my girlfriend's birthday on Tuesday, I've not had a "normal" night off in about two weeks where I'd normally dedicate one of those nights to HITMAN.

I worked Tuesday through to last night but as my missus' niece wasn't in school this week, which is literally next door to my son's school, our go-to school-runner didn't want to do the usual run for us. This meant that rather sleeping at my preferred time of roughly 12-2pm to 9pm, I had to fit sleep in between 7:30am-2:30pm, get up and do the school run, cram a few hours of gaming in before the nursery run at 6pm, then help sort tea, clean up and put the kids to bed before going to work at 10pm.

External image

Despite the style of week not being how I would've liked it to be, I still managed to make rapid progress in Peggle and smash off every peg in every level for the Doctor of the Peggle Arts achievement and a completion of the base game! Now, I'm currently about half way through the Adventure Mode in the Peggle Dlc.

Besides Peggle, I managed to finally polish off Rabbids Big Bang (WP) during my break at work. The last few levels weren't as bad as I thought I'd be but one the particular levels that required me to hit three ducks within about 10 seconds was so annoying! Even the use of the black hole didn't help much as it would constantly cause my Rabbit to get stuck on the planet and not actually bounce off the duck. Never-the-less, I managed to eventually do it without the use of the black hole and then went on to smash the rest of the levels. I played a bit of Shuffle Party (WP) as well on my break last night and popped an achievement to keep the current achievement streak alive.

Speaking of my achievement streak, I abused some of the achievements eventually in the ABC News app to keep it alive. I'm currently three days away from beating my record of 168 days but I've built up so many achievements I can use to keep the streak alive. I use the to-do list to keep track of my "streak-keepers" so you can take a look at the full list if you're interested or see what game's I will be using to keep the streak going:

Earthworm Jim HD - As much as I eventually want to check this out properly, I can't even remember why I started it and only played it briefly when I did! I think I've used a couple of the achievements for streak-keeping purposes before but these two locked ones will be fairly quick and easy to obtain should I need them:

Earthworm Jim HDSpace CollectorThe Space Collector achievement in Earthworm Jim HD worth 22 pointsCollect more than 100 Blue Orbs (without exiting the game)

Earthworm Jim HDBanker WhipperThe Banker Whipper achievement in Earthworm Jim HD worth 7 pointsWhip the banker twice in What The Heck?

Rayman Fiesta Run (Win 8), Rayman Fiesta Run (WP), Cut the Rope: Experiments (WP), and Cut The Rope (WP) are all games I've had in the stash ready to start in case of an emergency.

A couple of achievements from the base game of HITMAN have been purposely left locked for the sake of the streak if needed:

HITMANContract AssassinThe Contract Assassin achievement in HITMAN worth 35 pointsComplete 10 Contracts.

HITMANA New ProfileThe A New Profile achievement in HITMAN worth 39 pointsComplete a Featured Contract.

I started ACA NEOGEO METAL SLUG 2 so I could claim the TrueAchievements walkthrough for it wink. Now I'm going to save the rest of the achievements for the streak too.

BulletAsylum (WP), Shuffle Party, Shoot 1UP (WP) and NFL on Xbox One were all started to help with my conquering of the Alphabet Challenge last week. Now I can keep hold of the rest of the achievements for my streak.

There's an easy achievement in Rabbids Big Bang (Win 8) for simply crashing 50 times:

Rabbids Big Bang (Win 8)Serial crasherThe Serial crasher achievement in Rabbids Big Bang (Win 8) worth 8 pointsCrash 50 times

Yet another update made its way to both Minecraft (Win 10) and Minecraft (Android) and apparently, the latest list of achievements are super-easy to unlock. As eager as I am to re-complete these two games again, I'm going to hold off and keep these achievements for my streak.


Getting there! Slowly, but surely!Getting there! Slowly, but surely!

My license finally arrived... but, it didn't look any different to what I'd sent to the DVLA? shock My pink driving license simply looked like a more up-to-date version of what I'd sent off to them but after speaking to one of the managers at the Bu Depot, she informed me that they will have updated my driving license online.

With that said, she went ahead and booked me in for my Theory Test which will be happening at the on Tuesday June 27th! smile It's going to be a long morning though as there's three tests to do and the first starts at 8am and the third and final one begins at 10:45am! I seriously need to hit the books and watch the two DVD's the Bus Depot let me borrow. Ever since they loaned out their gear to me, I've only read some of the info once on the same day I went to pick them up redface.

Where I work now, is utter shit and even though I've heard people from my current workplace and former places I've worked go on about how they're looking for other work and never seeming to actually fund any, the race seems to actually be on more than ever to get out while we can with a lot of talk going on about job-hunting and what-not. I've been with the company for about 22 months now and I'm still the newest member of staff to join the night department. The two night managers who RE-joined the team after I came along have both since left, three regular staff members have left, one has been transferred to another department, and NOT ONE of them has been replaced. I wish my fellow workers looking for work elsewhere nothing but the best but on the sly, I really hope they don't manage to make the escape before I do! We're halfway through 2017 now and I've still not found a different job yet. It's been tough, but hopefully if all goes well, I'll be out of there by the middle/end of August.

To help make sure I don't fail the upcoming tests, one of the new training managers has been in contact with me a few times to see when I could pop into the Bus Depot to have a go at a practice theory test. We spoke again at the start of this week and if I manage to nail the Theory Tests on my first attempt, I should be able to give the practical stuff a shot at the beginning of August. The sooner the better!


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CZARFACE have done nothing but impress me with their three albums released over the past few years. Now I like a good mix of Hip-Hop and I'm open to all of it besides most of the mumble rap. I like the shit talk about money, bitches, drugs, cars, cribs, jewellery and all that jazz but nothing beats Hip-Hop that really gets your mind open. I'm open to all topics but it's the creativity that really grabs me when it comes to the likes of RZA, Ghostface, Raekwon, Outkast, Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris for example Redman.

Now you all know I'm a passionate fan of the Wu-Tang and my most favourite members would easily be Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Raekwon, and RZA. Inspectah Deck would probably be the fifth. Obviously, the Rebel INS can spit. When it comes to the bars, he's a beast and always has been. Sadly though, his solo work has never really grabbed me at all and I've only every actually bought one of his albums - The Resident Patient. Since I discovered CZARFACE, the supergroup he is a part of alongside 7L & Esoteric, I've been super-pleased with the hip-hop they've brought to my ears.

I'd not heard of 7L & Esoteric before CZAR. 7L is the producer of the duo with Eso being the spitter and man, if you thought Deck could spit, listen to this fly white guy do his thing! The man is incredible! I don't really know who to compare him to really but I guess I could say he's a bit like Royce Da 5'9 with his quick delivery and absolutely content-rammed bars. When rapping side by side with Rollie Fingers, Eso definitely has the quicker and choppier wordplay. In Wu-Tang martial arts terms, Eso would be the one to hit you hard with quick and precise jabs or slice and dice you with a couple of small daggers where as Deck would hit you hard with slower punches or cut you up with a long sword. laugh

The group work really well together and 7L has produced some really amazing boom-bap style beats. His work is incredible and really gives me the old-school Wu feel again with cartoon/comic like samples and beats used throughout most of the songs. All together, there's no gimmicks with this Hip-Hop. The team are just having fun with lyrics and rhyming their asses off. I finally got roun to checkout the group's third album - A Fistful Of Peril, which even though it doesn't come with a couple of big features, is still another brilliant piece of work:

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After finishing work on Sunday morning and already having an achievement in the bag to keep my achievement streak alive for the day, I fired up a recording of the EA Press Conference courtesy of Polygon seeing as they had the most popular version with no extra voice overs or editing. I had the video running on half of my laptop screen while typing up my thoughts and feelings in the other half of the screen right here in this blog.

Madden 18

Not much to say about this title. I've never took any interest in Madden games or the sport. The addition of the story mode of some form looked pretty interesting. Very hood-like with the black dude as he seemingly makes his way from rags-to-riches. The drummer band before the video did a great job dance.

Battlefield 1

It's great to see the Only In Battlefield moments but most of the reactions from the streamers and recorders annoys me as they come across to over-exaggerated and overly-energetic. Sure there's plenty of exciting moments we all have a buzz about but come on, keep it authentic.

I've slacked mightily with Battlefield 1, so much that I've not even started it! However, my good buddy Dazzla doesn't think too highly of the game and he's one of the most dedicated and skilled Battlefield players I know. I know his opinion isn't the be all and end all but still.

The content looked pretty sweet however but they didn't display as much as I thought they would. When I will actually even get round to starting the game is yet to be confirmed.

Competitive Gaming

Not really my cup of tea but I guess it's great for those who are into it. This type of gaming in my eyes requires relentless hours of training, practice, and perfection and of course, you'd need to be pretty much playing the same game, or type of game for most of your gaming years. Not something I intent to do when I'm forever trying to reduce the size of my backlog but if you've got the skills, then why not put them to the test and potentially pay the bills! toast

FIFA 18 - No interest from me at all.

Need for Speed Payback

I like the idea of being able to customise old-school cars. Could be plenty of beauties to come from this feature. The gameplay was pretty decent. The cars sounded great, the destruction looked good and the switch to the other character who stole the car from the truck looked like another potentially sweet feature of the game.

Again though I've been slacking with Need for Speed titles with the last one I played or at least unlocked an achievement in being Need for Speed: Carbon (if you don't count Need for Speed: Undercover (WP)). I can't say I'd be in a rush to buy Payback to be honest but it could be a decent birthday or christmas present to get me back into the racing side of gaming.

A Way Out

The cut scene looked good. Gave me a Mafia III vibe at first. The creator of the game was super-confident but the whole couch co-op approach he was talking about didn't win me over at first. I don't have many (if any) real-life friends to play couch co-op with so this doesn't really sell well with me. The gameplay he showcases afterwards was pretty impressive though. I liked the way the developers have tried to take a unique approach with split screen co-op and this could make for some interesting and enjoyable gameplay.


I didn't know what to make of this to be completely honest. I thought of maybe a survival kind of title with what I'm guessing would be a small town or colony of some sort behind "the wall". Then maybe you'd need to build and maintain your home behind this wall and then venture out into the dangers of the wild to find and recover resources and items to help survive? Looked alright anyway.


Pretty shit first-look at this and just made me think "meh". Maybe I'm being harsh because I'm tired. After this first look, the gameplay and features showcased looked much more impressive with the story offering mixing the streets with the league. This could be a sweet mix of street, college, and professional balling!

Sorry to be slightly negative again but I supported NBA LIVE over NBA 2K for many years and then after NBA LIVE 10, the series just died and then came back looking like shit. I've never touched another NBA LIVE since and haven't really been given much eagerness to do so. I'll wait to see what others think of the latest instalment in the series before possibly trying my hand with the game.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Janina Gavankar was a force not to be messed with and man was she looking pretty hot in a dominant kind of way. Obviously, the news of the story mode being included in the game is GREAT news! As I start to shy away more from multiplayer in games, due to time and my gaming setup, game's really need a strong single player offering to suck me in.

The gameplay reveal looked awesome. All three eras of Star Wars in one game, massive multiplayer, Yoda, Darth Maul, and so much more! Sweet, sweet, sweet! The additional content making its way to the game post-launch for free is obviously another sweet deal, so long as it's actually additional content on not stuff that's just locked until a late date.

The new classes, weapons, and vehicles are all sweet editions seen in the match we got to see. The outside gameplay looked good. The map looked gorgeous and the different variety of fighting going on looked pretty intense. The fight inside during phase two was pretty decent besides the constant peeping-through-the-doorway type action that was going on. The heroes looked like a lot of fun to control again, especially Darth Maul.

I don't know if I will bother with the game just yet though. I've made crap progress with Star Wars Battlefront and I'm not massively interested in returning back to the multiplayer. I did enjoy my time with the game but if it's going to be more of the same, but just that little bit better, there's not much point checking it out too early and paying full wack on the price to do so. However, if more content, gameplay or/and screens are revealed for the single player side of the game which manage to wow me, I may pick up the game sooner than later. The multiplayer isn't going to be the selling point for me to be honest. Even though there's plenty of new additions and what not, I don't reckon the replayability is going to be that good. I dunno, I'm a bit undecided about the game as a whole really.

All-in-all, the EA Conference was OK but there was nothing majorly exciting announced. None of the content revealed got me excited or made me react much really. I didn't have high expectations personally anyway from EA as there's nothing that they are working on that I've been actively following so I'm neither pleased or disappointed by the content revealed. Plus, they'll be revealing more during the Microsoft and Sony conferences so we'll see what else they have in store once the times come.


No new clips this week I'm afraid but you can still enjoy this sweet flashback to when I caught a dream in Final Fantasy XV.

Despite how joyful this moment was, it really annoyed me that their was no splash effect from the water when each character jumped in! facepalm


Well, besides the obvious warm-up to E3 content, Grand Theft Auto V caught my eye with the GTA Online: Gunrruning update trailer.

"GTA Online" is a lot of fun to play. If I wasn't such a sucker for completions, percentage, and what-not, I'd probably spend a regular chunk of time perhaps on a weekly basis playing in the online world of GTA V. This update looks pretty sweet though and it's making me tempted to give the online another go again... if I ever get time.


On Tuesday and Wednesday night, I only managed to have a 15 minute dinner. Thursday, Friday and last night I managed to get my full hour but was slowly trying to watch N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN have fun with The Lox on the Drink Champs podcast. I've only watched a couple of other videos including this short, sweet, and tasty looking treat from First We Feast:

One day, ONE DAY, I will visit America!


It's only right I go with a song I've found hard not to constantly play over and over from CZARFACE's latest album. "Revenge On Lizard City" has such an addictive and catchy beat that really had me feeling like I wanted to try and rap again! laugh Check it out as Inspectah Deck and Esoteric work their magic on a fantastic production from 7L:

Go and check out all of their albums so far. Trust me!


I actually captured a new screen this week! Taken from HITMAN, I'm observing the busy scenery below me in my handyman disguise as the markets of Marrakesh are thriving with civilians.

Marrakesh Markets from Episode Two in <i>HITMAN</i>Marrakesh Markets from "Episode Two" in HITMAN

This is another fantastic Episode from the game and I'm still thoroughly enjoying playing through the game. I should be able to get into the next Episode probably next week at some point.


I didn't manage to fit a stream in this week as I was on school runs all week. That meant sleeping as soon as I got in, looking after the kids for the evening, and then working all night. However, rather than posting another blog or two midway through the week, which I probably won't have the time for anyway due to the amount of news that will need covering, I'm going to give you my thoughts and feelings on the rest of the Conferences over a few different games. I've not got the team to put random clips together or a fancy montage of some sort so I'll probably kill two birds with one stone and work on the backlog while I natter away. I'm thinking HITMAN, Peggle and maybe either Gears of War 4 or Battlefront. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for these videos on my YouTube channel which I will include in next weekend's recap post or maybe as a couple of mini blog posts this week!

Thanks as always for reading and hopefully I'll see your reading eyes again at some point during next week or weekend! wave

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