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Hello chaps! laughwave It was a dog-rough week for me last week after suffering with a body-aching, head-banging, throat-destroying cold, but thankfully things picked up over the weekend with a touch of chilled gaming, news coverage, and most importantly, a couple of child-free trips to this year's Play Blackpool event!



I've been spending more time then planned with Warframe as I've really been enjoying it so far. I've still got a lot to learn and take in as there's so much to the game. Warframes, companions, void missions, weapons, are just a few things to soak in. I've been keeping it basic at the minute and working on missions as and when they become available. I've stuck with my initial set of weapons and equipment so far including my first Bow and Arrow, Pistol, Sword and first Warframe, and just upgraded these slowly but surely with different mods. I've also fused (upgraded) some of the mods too to make the my gear better as I work towards the various level 30 proficiency achievements before switching them out for different ones.

The game has been pretty sweet so far although I've mainly played solo due to the small-ish chunks of time I've played. None of the missions have been overly difficult although I did fail one for the first time the other day as I needed to defend a generator of some sort but also find fuel for it as well. The generator was getting swarmed and I just didn't have powerful enough attacks or weapons to defend it by myself so it was soon destroyed.

I've been streaming most of my journey with the game via my Twitch so far so make sure to check out the most recent videos right here. I'll link the first one so you can see a bit of what's been going on if you haven't already:

I booked off Friday through to Tuesday night off so I didn't game like I normally do on my nights off. I'll still put some time into Warframe this week but probably more towards the back-end.

If anyone's currently working on the game then let me know on here or Xbox LIVE and we can hook up and play sometime!


I've wrapped up the achievements tied to The Icon mission but still have the other two missions to complete fully yet in the Bonus Episode DLC. I'm going to work on this and possibly finish this game up today or Tuesday.

Shuffle Party (WP)

I originally started this just for the 'X' in the X Marks The Spot achievement as part of the Alphabet Challenge. It took me a while to mop up the other achievements as I was only playing the game in bits during my breaks at work. I finally popped the Shop-o-holic achievement, which was the last one I needed, on Thursday night to keep my achievement streak alive which at the time of writing is at 200 days with 909 achievements won.

It was a fun little game and easy enough to complete. Some of the challenge levels were a bit of a pain though but with enough patience and persistence they can be conquered.

Rabbids Big Bang (Win 8)

After completing Rabbids Big Bang (WP), I'd more than had enough of hitting Rabbids around space. I started both versions of the game to help complete a challenge for the team in this year's Great TrueAchievement Score Challenge but now I just need to complete the Windows version. Oddly, the frame rate or gameplay seems a touch slower than the WP version and surprisingly, I actually found the WP version easier.

This is supposed to be my main game of focus at the minute so besides the times I'll be distracted with Warframe, I'll be primarily working on this.


Peggle is finally no more! clap I had planned on attempting to finish up the DLC challenges towards the back end of the week but managed to put some major time into it on Monday and Tuesday. It still took me at least 3-4 hours to pass the last challenge which was to clear ten random levels in a row. Typically, I kept making mistakes here and there and then I would obviously have to start again but I got their eventually.

It's a fantastic game overall but after the amount of time I sank into it, I was readdy to play something else. I was pretty quick to uninstall it once the final achievement popped!

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition & The Surge

Sadly I neglected both of these games last week. I did set up a co-op session for PayDay on Friday but after a couple of days of consecutively shit sleeps, I knew I wasn't going to be able to stay awake all day on Friday as planned. Hell, I was barely staying awake at work and even had a 45 minute powernap on my break. Of course, I felt even worse after this.

This week may not be promising either as my nights off will be at the start of the week to connect together with last week's nights off. I may try and set something up for Tuesday night as I'll need to stay awake as long as possible to get back into night mode ready for my return to the shithole on Wednesday.


Play Expo Blackpool was back in full-force again at Norbreck Castle in Blackpool and of course, I was in attendance! I don't know what happened to Enigma jinx, who was supposed to be coming with me! I rolled out by myself to the event to check out old, now and upcoming games as well as the Cosplay, tournaments, and more.

There was one little disappointment this year as my guy Sami Cetin wasn't in attendance! He's the main man behind the Super Mario Kart (SNES) time trials website and is a world record holder of multiple time trial records for the game. Without him there, this meant that there was no SMK tournament to take part in. I did reach out to Sami via Twitter though and he did say that he should be in attendance at Play Expo Manchester. Hopefully I'll see him there and possibly bring home another medal!

Without Sami there, I felt a little out of sync to be honest. Normally, I'd go in and check out the traders section, scope out the whole building to see what games were on offer, find Sami, set a time in Time Trial mode, and then if successful, return in about two or three hours. Then the top eight times would compete in the tournament that would take an hour or so. Then that would leave another hour or so to do some more mooching around. Now, I pretty much had the whole day to mooch but I did have a few other "jobs" to while I was there.

Our long time News Manager punkyliar wasn't in attendance this year. With both of us being part of the news team, we can gain free entry with Press Passes. In return for the free access, we do need to actually do something press related. Punky normally handles something for the front page and I can just whip up a blog post and everyone's happy. Without Punky in attendance, it was now my duty to put together a few game previews from the likes of Bloody Zombies, Hyper Sentinel, and the VR version of Super Lucky's Tale. The first two mentioned titles went well and we have special treat for the community here at TrueAchievements in regards to Hyper. Super Lucky wasn't anywhere to be seen. Either that or I'm blind. facepalm Keep an eye on the front page of TA for more to come. wink

I had a good look around the Traders Hall but shockingly didn't buy anything this year. I always scope out SNES games that I may have played all those years ago but no longer have in my stash but there wasn't much that caught my eye. There was the usual sweet display of games from all generations, posters, canvas', pins, badges, patches, teddies & toys, and plenty more.

In between regular smoke breaks and a trip to the New Norbreck Chippy, I pretty much just spent all day playing a variety of different games and watching a bit of the Cosplay competition. I had a go at a really old-school version of Frogger with a joystick which I think was on an Atari. As expected, it was pretty tough to pass the levels on but I still did alright. I never realise that you couldn't move backwards in the game though, unless that's just a part of the old-school version.

One of my all-time favourite arcade titles 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker was part of the heavy original arcade collection fully equipped with a truck-like steering wheel, a gas and a brake pedal, and gear stick. The game is pretty short as there's only roughly five or six levels but its spot on for arcades. I failed miserably on my first attempt as I ran out of time in the second level. I used a continue to carry on and managed to go on to finish the game again. toast

The arcade version of Crazy Taxi was suitably set up right next to 18 Wheeler and also came with a steering wheel and gear stick. Crazy Taxi is always a blast to check out and play again but I much preferred playing the Dreamcast version that was also available to check out at the event. The reason being is because it's impossible to get the crazy boost going on the arcade version where you shift to reverse, then back to drive and hit the accelerator just afterwards. It's either super-hard to do on the arcade version or it just doesn't simply work. Without the ability to do this, you're just left driving round in a pretty basic and slow-manner, wasting valuable time without being able to pick up any significant speed.

One of my favourite games of all time was in the house via the PlayStation 2 - Metal Slug 3! smile Being the proud completionist of the XBLA version, I thought I'd take a shot at trying to complete the game again without using a continue. Of course, this didn't happen and I burned through eight continues although I didn't realise the difficulty was on Medium. I completed the game partially so I could play the "Storming the UFO Mothership" mode, where I could use one of Morden's soldiers instead of the game's usual characters. I only had one life when playing as a soldier of Mordens but I could choose from a grenadier, bazooka soldier, or a shield soldier.

The bazooka was the best way to go as the grenadier lacked range and the shield soldier's pistol was too weak for my liking. The bazooka had range and power but could only fire one shot at a time. I managed to complete this mode for the first time but it only took place through about half of the final mission's area. It was still fun and offered a different twist to the usual gameplay of Metal Slug 3.

I had a quick go of Portal Knights although to be honest, it wasn't for me at all. I tried to get to grips with it but after discovering options to craft this and destroy that, I put the game down. The whole Minecraft vibe just ain't for me.

I spent a lot of time playing Donkey Kong Country on the SNES, so much in fact that I managed to complete the game. smile DKC is a classic but DKC 2 took the series to the next level! I was really tempted to go and buy a copy of the second instalment and use the SNES to play it. I may actually have to whip out my SNES to give the game another whirl again!

I took Ken through the Arcade Mode of the classic Street Fighter II and smashed all of my opponents on the way. It was only on zero-star difficulty though laugh I had fun pulling off fireballs and dragon uppercuts but I forgot how slow-paced the original SFII was!

Besides Metal Slug 3 and DKC, I actually spent most of my time playing on the different Pinball tables. I tried my hand at Tron, The Addams Family, Family Guy, and another one that I can't remember the name of. I had fun but was reminded of how shit I am at Pinball. I just don't get it. Is it more down to luck than anything or is there an actual skill to it? I try to aim for specific targets and obviously rack up as much score as possible but it's very rare that I could actually get a good run going without losing the ball.

I did try and stream a recap video after each day but the first one lasted about ten minutes as my missus and kids arrived home shortly after I did, and the second one went into more detail but I was a bit distracted by the tough gameplay in The Surge:


Nicole Natalie Marrow Austin, also know as Coco, is incredible. Like most of what I love about the USA, she's full on, gorgeous, and obviously doesn't do things in halves. Check out the promo video for her Cocolicious Lingerie:

I'll have to show my missus and see if she likes any of the lovely looking lingerie. wink Not that she'd be able wear it anywhere near to the level Coco does laugh


No new clips this week so instead we flash back to the Upload Studio variant of my Clip Cap series with the 43rd instalment. Check me out rocking Star Wars Battlefront:


Understandably seeing as I've finally got more into Warframe, I've been on the lookout for news tied to the title. This particular story from one of the new batch of hounds, Stephanie Caldwell (SkydivingFalcon), caught my eye and included new screens, videos, and the big news of an open world making its way to the game.

It looks so damn cool! I've noticed already that the game can be quite strict with where you can actually go. There's not much to do aboard your ship and the missions have restricted areas too so it looks like there's always been the potential there for more open space. I thought more about this after checking out some sort of Trader's post after an alert came up telling to visit a certain relay or spaceship of some sort. Different players were walking and running around this trading area, selling, buying and trading different items to each other. I didn't stick around long as it was all a bit overwhelming but being able to expand on this experience with maybe bigger trading areas and more.


I somehow had the time to sit down and check out DJ Khaled's recently released album "Grateful". I've only listened to the whole thing once but my first impression was that it was alright. Three songs were instantly lined up to be on my next CD and on my phone and another four will be added to my phone. Here's one of my top three songs I enjoyed from my time with the album - 'On Everything' featuring Rick Ross, Travis Scott and Big Sean:


No new screens this week and I don't have anything left in the stash to flashback to. I need to step my game up with actually trying to cap screens!


I finally attempted my first Elusive Target in HITMAN which happened to be the last one for the game's first season. See how it went in the video below:

Thanks as always for reading guys and don't forget to keep an eye on the front page for the two game previews from my time at Play Blackpool 2017!

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I'll keep this up-to-date throughout the year and re-post it after a different blog post if necessary. Unofficial stickying if you will.
U#178: Completed FFXV's DLC


*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

XBOX 360





*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

If anyone wants to co-op/boost/play anything whenever then let me know on here or XBL.
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PermalinkPayday Rollers, TA Podcast Again, Inspiration, Hot Leaderboard News, and more! - Weekly Recap #11
Ugly mugs from left to right: WebChimp UK, DaveKinetic, Dat Boi Treezy, and BruceWayne1008Ugly mugs from left to right: WebChimp UK, DaveKinetic, Dat Boi Treezy, and BruceWayne1008

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Hello again guys and as always, welcome back for another weekly recap! Just the usual to talk about this week - games, life, music, news, and more. It's still been a decent week but very similar to last week's on the gaming side of things. I did however, wipe the digital dust off a game I hadn't fired up in a while as you've probably already guessed from the header used in this week's recap post.


The Surge

Still making steady progress with this although the progression took somewhat of an interesting turn. I'd made it to the third new area of the game where as expected, I'd ran into trouble in the form of spider-like robots that were fast, hard to hit, and dealt heavy damage. After practice paid off and I figured out how to survive against these things, I made more progress through the third area in which by the end of my exploring, turned out to be one big circle! shock I basically started out in a safe area after arriving on the train, went through a bit of underground to eventually get to an elevator that took me to ground level, headed back downstairs to the outside, through a hole in the ground, and then through a weird facility to eventually come back out of a door near to where I first came outside that had been locked from outside.

After there didn't seem to be another path to take in this area, I remembered that some of the doors I'd passed in the second area, which were much larger than this area's map, were locked and only accessible if my drone had the ability to overcharge the door's lock. I took the train back to the previous area and found that new enemies were in the area and different areas were now accessible. I checked out some of the new areas, found new goodies and eventually took on a huge boss for this area. The boss was pretty crazy and difficult to beat as it had three separate stages to fight through. The boss itself was like an entire platform built into the building itself but was situated roughly 40 or 50 feet above where I came back into this area. It had two mechanical claws, eight kind of mini flamethrowers, and a spider like head that could fire a long range, burning laser. I could use a lift to get access to a walkway that gave me an opening to drop down onto the boss's platform.

I had to figure out what I could damage and when I could do so while also figuring out how to evade its attacks too. I won the battle after numerous attempts and the destruction of the boss opened up a new path. I continued on into the fourth area of the game and was making fantastic progress until I became overwhelmed by four enemies and lost roughly 67,000 scrap! angry I'd got so far away from the last med station that it was near-impossible to get my scrap back before the timer expired but lord knows I tried! After too many attempts, I eventually accepted the loss and just gave up. I didn't stream the entire nights playthrough as I'd continued on up until dinner time but you can check out about 97 minutes worth below:

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

The Xbox One Ultimate Game Sale was indeed ultimate and came with a whopping list of deals on plenty of Xbox One games. Nothing really interested me besides the PAYDAY 2 - CRIMEWAVE EDITION - THE BIG SCORE Game Bundle which was on offer for £13.20 instead of the full price of £39.99. This included eight DLC packs but after my poor double checking, I didn't realise that three were missing! shock

The bundle included:

• A digital copy of the game
The Point Break Heists - Normally £5.59
Butcher's Mod Pack - Normally £3.99
The Gage Ninja Pack - Normally £3.99
The Alesso Heist - Normally £5.59
The Gage Chivalry Pack - Normally £3.99
The Butchers Western Pack - Normally £3.99
The Butchers BBQ Pack - Normally £3.99
The Golden Grin Casino Heist - Normally £5.59

It didn't include:

The Biker Heist - £5.59
The Wolf Pack - £5.59
GOAT Simulator Heists - £5.59

All together, the DLC that was included came to a price of £36.72, so only paying £13.20 was pretty good going. However, the new PayDay 2 team of BruceWayne1008, DaveKinetic, and WebChimp UK, who I talked into buying the bundle, weren't impressed by the fact that I thought all of the DLC was included in the bundle. Dave mentioned that buying the DLC via the Xbox Game Pass would've worked out better but I'm sure only getting 25% off of each DLC pack, plus the monthly cost of the Xbox Game Pass doesn't work out better. All three of the guys gave me plenty of grief for the oversight but still, I've saved you all money! This is currently the best bundle you can buy for the PayDay 2 DLC!

We bagged a few achievements from the "Alesso Heist" the other night but unfortunately the Sound of Silence achievement didn't pop for us for some reason. Hopefully the guys will forgive me for my "mistake" when we bag a decent number of achievements from the game overall. It's going to be a tough and long ass ride but so long as we can team up at least once a week, we should be all good.

We're obviously not going to be able to get together as a full four-man group everytime we try. I work nights, DK and Jack work office hours and Will, who's professional work I don't actually know yet, is in a different time zone! If anyone one else would like to help us out at any point, then give one of us a shout either in this blog or via PM and we'll get you added to our Payday 2 Rollers WhatsApp group! laugh Or more sensibly, I might be tempted to set up a leaderboard actually to attract more attention. At the minute, I'm thinking of setting up a co-op session for next Friday, July 14th at roughly 12:30pm-1.00pm for an hour or so.

The gameplan is just to chip away at anything we can really. I'd like to focus on stuff that's tougher and would require a four man team. I want to go through each heists on hard difficulty too at some point but this can be done with randoms and isn't overly-essential to have a full four-man squad I don't reckon. Hit me up and let me know!


Only the "Bonus Episode" DLC remains! I've done some of the achievements already during one of my nights off earlier this week. Hopefully, I can bag the rest of the achievements next week or the week after.


I'm still slowly but surely working on the "Peggle Nights" DLC pack. I'm up to the 9th bunch of challenges now that involve scoring a certain amount of three different stages. I think I'm at the one that needs 900,000 points. It's pretty tough going to be honest. It must've took me about 3-4 hours to complete the 850,000 challenge as you've really got to have pretty much flawless and obviously big-point runs in each of the three stages.

Peggle is the main game I should be playing but I haven't really put as much time into it as I should've been besides Friday morning. I'm going to put more effort into next week so hopefully I should be towards the end of all the challenges towards the back end of the week. It's a great title all-in-all and I've definitely got my money's worth but I have to admit, I've had more than enough of my fair share of Peggle!


Yours truly was part of the latest TrueAchievements Podcast again along side regulars DaveKinetic and WebChimp UK as well BruceWayne who also made another guest appearance. Check out the story here and then make sure to listen it!


I remember hip-hop fans being pretty hyped up for west-coast rapper Nipsey Hussle's mixtape "Crenshaw". I'd only heard of Nipsey vaguely before and hadn't listened to any of his music but then I read a story about Jay-Z buying 100 copies of the mixtape for $100 a piece, totalling $10,000! This is pretty heavy support coming from Jigga who's the type of hip-hop artist that could make or break your career with just a few words.

I naturally had to check out the mixtape, for free via DatPiff, and even though it didn't massively grab me at first, I eventually started to really enjoy the mixtape. I also checked out Slauson Boy 2 which came with that similar gangster, fresh-out-of-the-hood, west coast sound but what really impressed me most was just the passion, energy and raw authenticity in Nipsey's voice and lyrics. Sure, he doesn't come with the delivery or picture painting that I know and love with the likes of Ghostface and Raekwon for example but he still gets the job done in his own way.

My love for Nipsey grew even more after finally catching up on the following video that had been in my Watch Later list via YouTube for a while. Nipsey takes us through the long and tough road to eventually opening up his own clothing store in a small shopping centre on Slauson Avenue in Los Angeles. I finally got to see a big part in what makes Nipsey and his team as authentic and focused as they are and the video itself was a great watch:

For some reason, I still haven't check out Nipsey's other official mixtape releases via DatPiff, most notably The Marathon and The Marathon Continues. I will try to give them both a listen at some point this week!


No new clips this week I'm afraid. Instead, let's flashback to a sweet kill I bagged on Battlefield 4 as I made my way out of the original spawn in a tank and decided to pop a few shots off at an enemy helicopter in the distance:


Dave Kinetic had us covered with some pretty sweet stats and details on smrnov taking over Stallion83 for #1 in the world for Gamerscore.

We spoke about it on the recent TA Podcast so you can hear my thoughts about it via that wink. As expected though, Stallion has took the crown back at the time of writing as he has a gamerscore of 1,598,479, compared to smrnov's 1,597,652. According to smrnov's most recent blog post, he did manage to become the leader again for a short amount of time.

Massive congratulations to smrnov though. I know his record was only for something like a week but who else can say they've been the king of gamerscore besides Stallion and now smrnov? No one! It was also nice to see smrnov getting a lot of love from the community via his blog and the above news story too.



Tim Westwood is a legend to me and back in the day, he was the UK's main man for everything hip-hop related. He's obviously sitting on some absolute diamonds with the recordings he probably has stashed from his radio sessions and this following video happens to be one of them.

Fabolous, one of my top ten rappers, goes in over Ludacris' Stand Up beat and then Youngbloodz Damn beat. Paul Cain, who's pretty much just as much of a beast when it comes to spitting, also gets in on the action as the duo go back to back over two classic instrumentals:


No new screen this week so instead, we have another flashback with my frustration in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition's multiplayer. King of the Hill was so frickin' hard to win when playing with randoms and if one of them quit, it got that even more difficult. As you can see though, I still did my thing in this particular match despite the loss.

Goddamn quitters!Goddamn quitters!


Yes! I actually dusted off my Mixer channel and did a stream! shock

I decided to play a bit of HITMAN while I had the morning to myself but it turned out to be a much better stream than expected. DaveK and Dwaggienite stopped by to chat as well as other viewers as well and I even managed to hit ten viewers at one point which is massively over my average! laugh Cheers for stopping by guys and the views and conversation are much appreciated!

Also Dwaggie, I'm jacking your gamercard strip style I've just spotted on your backlog blog post. I like it! Hope you don't mind smile

Thanks for reading as always and catch me next weekend where I'll hopefully have made noticeable progress with the backlog. I should have some good stuff to share from my trip to Play Blackpool on that weekend too but I may not have time to fit it into the weekend post so it may come during the following week. See ya next weekend! wave

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Permalink2017 To-Do Lists [UPDATE #174 - July 11th]
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I'll keep this up-to-date throughout the year and re-post it after a different blog post if necessary. Unofficial stickying if you will.
U#174: Completed Peggle + DLC


*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

XBOX 360





*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

If anyone wants to co-op/boost/play anything whenever then let me know on here or XBL.
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PermalinkBean Diving, The Struggle of The Surge, TA Podcast, Bus Driving Success, and more - Weekly Recap #10

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What's going on TA Blog readers and how are we? Welcome back for the tenth instalment of my weekly recap series where I yap on about the happenings of my week in and out of the gaming world. This week, despite having my two nights off split up, it's been a decent week on both fronts.

I've taken part in this year's Bean Dive, made progress in The Surge, featured in this week's TA Podcast, have some great news to share regarding my potential bus driving career, and more this week.



Peggle Nights for Peggle is still a slow work in progress. I only need the Tenured achievement but all together there's 60 challenge levels to clear! I finally made it past the one I was stuck on which I think was 3-5 that required me to score 275,000 points with seven balls. Progress as been much better since then and I think I'm in the fives or sixes now. Hopefully I should be done in the next couple of weeks.


I dedicated a bit of time to this on Friday night and a bit during the week. I've only got a couple of achievements left in Episode Six: Hokkaido. One for the level mastery in which I'm at level 16/20 and the other for the level five escalation contract. I should have these done on one of my nights off next week and then that just leaves the Bonus Episode. All in all, the game has been absolutely brilliant and I wish I'd got into it earlier. I'm looking forward to seeing what the "Bonus Episode" has to offer and hopefully it will be the sweet icing on the cake of a pretty much perfect game. I'm a little bit surprised to see that more DLC has not been added since. There's plenty more they can do in terms of locations, targets, disguises etc although I really should check out the Elusive Target's at some point too. I've not really bothered just yet as there's no achievements tied to them.

Final Fantasy XV

The game became incomplete again for me this week as the Episode Prompto DLC released on Tuesday. The story of the DLC is focused solely on Prompto and sees him going back to the mysterious place where he was "born". Aranea, from the main campaign joins Prompto to help him out as they battle evil Magitek soldiers who come with various weapons of their own and fighting styles. Prompto is the weakest of the four-man group so without his team mates to rely on, he takes advantage of his shooting skills mainly with the likes of a revolver andd also SMGs, Sniper Rifles and Rocket Launchers. The story takes place in snowy mountains where a snowmobile comes in handy to traverse the cold and bumpy terrain.

The DLC was ok but the story part itself was very short and easy. Even though Aranea is part of your squad, for some reason, she doesn't have a health bar. This makes her literally invincible to everything so in any parts that cold be a challenge, all I had to do was just play the role of support and let Aranea do the bulk of the work. The only slightly difficult parts of the DLC completion was the Time Trials an the Intensive Training. The Time Trials consisted of three different courses to race through with the snowmobile. The aim of the game was to set the best possible time on each and earn three gold stars. Sadly, the snowmobile handling and physics were pretty shit. If I hit a rock or landed incorrectly, the snowmobile would lose control stupidly. The three star times required a near-perfect run in each of the courses so stupid errors that were made either by myself or due to the shitty development of the game mode were highly frustrating. Then to add insult to injury, each time I reloaded, I had to sit through an annoying loading screen! angry The Intensive Training wasn't as shit but made for an interesting and different kind of one on one fight against Aranea. She fought with a huge sword and an aggressive fighting style which included a variety of aerial attacks, all of which made short work of Prompto should he receive a small number of hits. I had to be pretty much evasive throughout the entire fight and time it right to counter against her with SMG and Pistol attacks. It took a few tries to get through but of course, I got their in the end.

We covered the release window for the upcoming "Episode Ignis" which is coming to the Xbox One in December this year. Check out the trailer recorded by yours truly:

I have to admit though, I was a bit disappointed with how far away the next Episode is and I hope there's going to be much bigger and better content either before or after Ignis' time in the DLC spotlight. The world of FF XV is so full of potential and I feel some of this, in terms of locations, characters, weapons, etc, was missed a bit in the main game.

The Surge

I had a good blast with The Surge last night and actually hit ten viewers during my stream! shock Twitch TV is still my go-to site to stream, especially for my weekly stream as I can easily export the finished video straight from Twitch to YouTube. With fellow TGN YouTubers and also fellow TA Newshounds BruceWayne1008 and DaveKinetic in the "crowd" to egg me on, I streamed for about 180 minutes and then carried on a little longer afterwards too. Check out the stream below if you've got the time:

Despite the title of the stream, my progress went really well! I didn't have my first death until the boss of this level (I don't think) but even then, I didn't get stuck repeatedly fighting the boss as I soon figured out how to beat it. After the stream I carried on into the third level/area where things didn't go as smooth. I forgot that I needed to work on my proficiency for each weapon for the Jack of all Trades achievement. I started using some of the other types which actually worked out well for the new types of enemies I was fighting. However, when I went back to the single-hand heavy weapon I'd been using, the slowness of it's strikes really started to let me down like never before.

I came across a four-legged spider type robot that made quick work of me the first time I encountered it. It was fast, struck quickly and took more than half my health from one hit. I figured out how to beat it on my return but when I returned multiple times after my second death, I couldn't handle myself against them with a slow-striking heavy weapon. The night had come to an end at this point anyway so I knocked it on the head. I'm looking to getting back into it next week and trying to get familiar with some of the other weapon types. Catch my stream this week in the early hours of Friday morning.


My dad made a great point when he said that "if anyone was taking some form of driving test early in the morning, they probably would've got themselves a nice early night the night before". Sadly, this couldn't be the case for me. Earlier this week on Tuesday morning, I had my three different driving tests I needed to pass to move forward with becoming a professional bus driver. Failing one or more would slow down this progress and I don't want to be working where I am now for any longer than I need to be. I mentioned in my last Weekly Recap Post that I hadn't really done the type of revision, or as much as I needed to. I went to the bus depot again for another practice run the day before the tests and it went OK. I nailed the multiple choice questions three out of four times, passed the Hazard Theory every time, but struggled with the Case Theory stuff mightily and failed every time! It wasn't looking too promising all together.

External image

I could type out the story again or I could just copy and paste what I shared with the News Team in what we call, the 'Wind Down Thread':

I headed into town straight after work this morning at 7am, parked the car, grabbed a cheeky Double Sausage and Egg Mcmuffin meal (which also comes with a Hash Brown and Regular Latte) at Maccy D's, paid £1.50 for a lighter (angry) as I didn't have one on me and only Sainsbury's was open at the time in town, then made my way to the test centre.

Soaked from the rain and smelling damp in my hoodless Morrisons jacket, I took a seat in the test centre where they were having computer issues! shock It took an extra hour for them to get sorted but finally, I was able to do my tests one after the other without much delay between each one. After arriving at 7:30am for the tests, I left the centre at 11am.

Here are the results:

Large vehicle test of driving theory (multiple choice) - Pass mark 85/100. I scored:

Large vehicle test of driving theory (hazard perception) - Pass mark 67/100. I scored:

PCV Driver CPC case study - Pass mark 40/50 - I scored:

Now, I will practice actually driving a coach for two weeks at the end of July. Thankfully, this two week period has landed on my fortnight off from work. If all goes well, I could be out of the circus before the end of August!


I didn't Bean Dive last year but in 2015, I Bean Dived a small amount and dropped from 95.39% to 93.79% thanks to Rayman Legends, Trials Fusion (Xbox 360), and Just Cause 2. I recovered the Dive in just over four months although Trials remains uncompleted to this day. This year, I've kept it sensible again, unlike 2013 where I Dived 28 games to go from 94.87% to 83.65% which took me nearly two years to recover. I've only Dived four games this year to go from 94.89% to 93.12%. I'm not going crazy with it as I really want to try and get to 96% completion and above at some point. I've only ever hit that milestone once and I've never been able to get there since!

The game's I've used for this year are Warframe, Shank 2, Saints Row IV, and South Park: The Stick of Truth (Xbox 360). Originally, I wanted to dive whichever game's were up next in my to-do list:

Chill Game: HITMAN (current) > Titanfall 2 > Battlefield 1
I was all up for Bean Diving Titanfall 2 but the only issue was that the game was in the master bedroom. I wasn't risking waking up the kids or my missus while I attempted to tip-toe in the dark and try to find the game in the chest of drawers. I sacked it off and decided I'd give SRIV a shot instead.

Whenever Game:
Xbox One - Warframe > Zombie Driver > Halo 5 > new > Batman AK > new
Xbox 360 - Saints Row IV > South Park
XBLA - Peggle (CURRENT) > Shank 2 > Mad Tracks > Gripshift > Earthworm Jim
Windows - Rabbids > ilomilo > Rayman Fiesta Run > Wordament Snap Attack >
On the Xbox One, Warframe was up next anyway.

SRIV wasn't originally there as Halo: Reach was actually up next on the Xbox 360. After looking at the achievements however, one of them has been discontinued! I got the game for free anyway via Games with Gold and I'm not fussed at all if I don't get to play it so this game was removed from the list and deleted from my hard drive.

South Park was going to be after Halo but I couldn't be assed starting a Windows game as part of the Bean Dive so I chucked an extra 360 title in the mix.

Shank 2 was the most appealing out of my list of XBLA unstarted games so that's why this was also used for the Dive.

Out of the four titles I have to say that I really enjoyed what I played of them leading up to the first achievement. Warframe really impressed me with its fast, smooth and interesting third-person battling. If I'm no longer rocking the third-person world that is The Division, I reckon that when I get my teeth stuck into this, it will make a fine replacement. Even from just playing it for what must have been no longer than an hour, I could see why the game is still continuing to receive updates and patches and why the life of the game can go on for so long. Just from looking at the different stats and options, I could see that there was tons and tons of weapons, characters, skins, missions, enemies and so much more to check out and I really can't wait to dive further into this crazy looking world once I'm done with Peggle and then Rabbids Big Bang (Win 8). It's going to be tough trying to stick to the rotation when Warframe's waiting for me!

SR IV wasn't massively impressive but still fun none-the-less. The gameplay was OK but graphically it looked like it hadn't aged well. The gunplay was alright in the first mission but I'm not going to be too judgemental at this point. I've enjoyed the first three titles from the series so I'm going to keep an open mind when I hopefully see a lot more content as and when I make my return to the game.

Shank 2 looks like a lot of fun. Straight away the action was so easy to get into as I started making quick work of specifically 12 enemies for the first achievement. I liked the beating up and I could see that other characters can be unlocked as well as weapons and upgrades too. I liked the visuals, how smooth it played, and look forward to coming back to this game too.

Last but not least, South Park. It honestly took me about two to three hours just to get the first achievement which ended up not even being campaign related either. After looking at the achievement list, the one at the top was the New Kid on the Block achievement which I automatically assumed would be the first to unlock. I didn't realise at the time that this wasn't the lowest ratio achievement as the Poco Chinpoko actually was. It still took me ages to unlock it but I had a blast meeting different characters and venturing around South Park. The game so far has been as humorous as expected an the turn-based combat works really well. I've made some fine choices to Bean Dive this year! dive


I may have mentioned it already but just in case you didn't see it, I was a guest again on the TrueAchievements Podcast!


Have a listen to it via this link and drop a comment on the story itself or shoot us a like on the TrueGaming Network YouTube!


I'm plugging my own video this week as my Clip Cap series made a surprising return this week. I finally got around to cleaning up my stray clips from Tom Clancy's The Division and put them all together to form Clip Cap 27. The footage is from the Dark Zone and the Last Stand DLC with a mix of all four of my agents in the mix.

It was great watching and putting the video together. I enjoyed having a blast back to the past as the game will always have a little spot in my heart. It's been the only Xbox One game so far that I've actually carried on playing despite having unlocked all of the achievements. There's only a handful of Xbox 360 games that made me game that way so The Division should be proud of such a personal accomplishment. If I wasn't such a sucker for "the backlog", I'd probably still play it now and again as there's still plenty of new content being added to the game via free updates. It's ashame that there's no more actual DLC being made for the game.


HITMAN scores another Clip of the Week this week thanks to the Giddy Up achievement which is also an Easter Egg in Episode Five: Colorado. In the clip, I'm disguised as a Hacker and I need to distract the squad leader who is ordering his men to constantly do press-ups. Once distracted, I needed to run to the nearby radio, turn it on, and watch as the soldiers did something a bit more exciting rather than exercises:

Achievement unlocked! I had kept hold of this achievement for streak-keeping purposes but ended up having to use it on the Monday.


The Monster Hunter series is not something I've ever looked at during my many years of gaming. It doesn't help that it's pretty much been a Nintendo title for god knows how long but now that it's coming to the Xbox One, I'm sure many of us will be checking out. I still didn't have any interest to be honest but I covered a story for Monster Hunter: World for the first time last Sunday. Check out the video from the story which showcases some gameplay as well as reactions from those who were at the event at the time:

After seeing the gameplay and getting a bit of Lost Planet vibe from it, I went back to some of the older stories for a deeper look into the game and liked what I saw. If it's anything like Lost Planet was, I'll definitely pick it up at some point after it comes out. I like the look of the huge world, huge monsters and potential to climb and explore vast areas and mess with different weapons and possibly equipment too. I'll be keeping an eye on the title from here on out.


Bit of a different vibe this week! Sway and his team post up some great interviews of today's hip-hop stars as well as some of the legends of the game too. Sometimes, his interviewees may take part in a little game called "Five Fingers of Death". This is where DJ Wonder will put on five different beats one at a time, and it's the interviewee will then need to do their best to freestyle or spit bars over the beats without completely choking. The slight error here or there isn't too bad but no one would try to attempt it anyway if they weren't skilled enough to do so. Even though this isn't from the official channel for Sway In The Morning, it's a great compilation of some of the funnier freestyles and includes Mac Miller, Tyler, The Creator, Wayne Brady who really impressed me with his freestyle skills, and Riff Raff:

I actually downloaded a couple of the freestyles and added them to my music rotation on my phone and CDs in my car thanks to some serious spitting from Dizzie Rascal and Papoose. If you're a hip-hop fan, you should definitely be keeping up with Sway In The Morning on Shade 45!


Just a quick screen of my Intensive Training result after doing battle with Aranea a few times:



I was off on Tuesday and Friday this week, so on Tuesday, the release day for the "Episode Prompto" DLC in Final Fantasy XV, I decided to stream some of it:

I didn't know how short the story was going to be at the time otherwise I may as well have streamed the entire completion!

That's all for this week guys! Thanks for reading and join me again next weekend where I'll hopefully be typing about the old hiesters getting back together for some Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, more of The Surge, and potentially a successful completion of HITMAN too.

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