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Evening all! It's a quiet one on the gaming front for this week's recap but a delightful one with some great news on the job front. I also experienced my first full wedding do too on Friday which was a fantastic day despite having worked the night before.


First of all, Bean Dive progress since last weekend's post:

Start completion % = 94.89
End completion % = 93.12
Final dive % = 1.77
Current completion % = 93.89 93.94
Recovered completion % = 0.77 0.82
Achievements needed for recovery = 110 104
Total games dived = 4
It's been an even slower week than last week! I've literally unlocked one achievement a day as I continue my fun with Warframe. I want to continue with the Mafia III DLC but I need an undisturbed portion of time to get into it. This week isn't looking promising besides maybe tomorrow morning.

Beat the Completion Percentage of adiash73 by 01 Jan 18
Goal progress - 45.1% 52.70
Time progress - 21.55% 25.41

adiash73 has had a great week of achievement earning compared to me. However, starting NASCAR The Game: Inside Line on August 17th has allowed my goal progress to jump up much more than it did last week.

A Completion Percentage of 94.89 by 01 Sep 17 (Time to recover the Bean Dive)
Goal progress - 42.5% 45.4
Time progress - 66.67% 78.33%

I need 104 achievements in 12 days to complete this goal and it's just not going to happen. I've already accepted the loss at this point.


Yes, I'm still enjoying Warframe although I was stuck against the Raptors for quiet a few days. All of my Warframe's were pretty much useless against this boss. My Excalibur Warframe is the one I started with and he's a great all-round Warframe. The only downside would be the use of abilities against airborne targets, as seen against the Raptor who just rendered my Excalibur useless. My Loki suffers the same problem too but to an even worse degree as he doesn't have any offensive abilities to even try and hit the boss. My Frost put up the best fight thanks to his Freeze ability which slowed the boss down temporarily and its Snow Dome ability which kept me safe from the over-powered boss projectiles for a short period of time. But then I struggled actually doing enough damage to the boss before its shields recharged as I would constantly run out of ammo. Lastly, my Oberon couldn't do much either as he's not levelled up enough and doesn't have any strong enough abilities.

Thankfully, I match-made with a random who had some sort of powerful secondary weapon or primary weapon or the right mods on his Excalibur Warframe. I used my Frost and his Snow Dome ability to stay safe when necessary but didn't need it as much as the other player was hitting the boss really hard. After a short period of time, we managed to nail the boss and complete the mission.

Now, I've finally made it to Saturn where I can collect Plastids and Nano Spores and finally build my Incubator Core. This will allow be to breed a Kubrow and unlock the two achievements tied to the companion. Hopefully, at roughly 9pm tonight, I'll be able to pop the first Kubrow related achievement smile

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition & Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Android)

Purely for achievement-streak keeping purposes. I've got three more to use in the Android version and two more to use in the Windows 10 version.


It's going to be a while until I drive one of these again :(It's going to be a while until I drive one of these again :(

After the unfortunate breaking down of the training coach, me and the other trainee Nick had been set back by a few days. The plan originally was to get all of the training done and dusted and take the Module 3 & 4 tests within this fortnight. Sadly, the earliest we could do the test was on the Tuesday and I had to go back to work on the Sunday night. I contemplated pulling a sicky but I'd never purposely done this before except once on my last couple of days with TalkTalk before I quit the job without any notice thanks to still being in my trial period.

I decided against going off sick and returned to work. I did a 10pm-7am shift and then went back to the Depot to do half a day or so of training just to polish up on everything before the Module 3 test the next day. The driving went really well although I did make a "serious" error when mounting a kerb. I was coming up to a set of traffic lights with two lanes on the approach. I was going straight forward and the left lane was clear but traffic was held up in the right lane. The road narrowed a bit as the lanes were introduced and I was rushing a little bit and hit the kerb with my back nearside wheel. Besides this "serious" fault, the drive as a whole was pretty smooth. Especially considering I'd only had about three hours sleep the night before shock

I finished up at about noon and then Nick carried on for the rest of the day as he wasn't back to work for another couple of weeks. On the Tuesday, Nick had his test in the morning at 8:35am and mine was at 12:35am. I originally intended on getting a decent sleep on the Monday, going to work that night and then coming along in the morning to support Nick. Then once his test was out of the way, I'd polish up my driving some more and attempt my test. I didn't get as much sleep as planned to I let my trainer know I'd meet up with them both at about 11am instead of the original time of 7:30am.

Once I arrived at the Bus Depot and parked up, Dez (the trainer/instructor) was having a smoke with Nick. Nick was grinning so I thought all had gone well for him. Sadly, this wasn't the case as it turned out he had failed with what I think was about five or six minors and a couple of serious faults. Obviously I wasn't there and the only people that know what actually happened would've been Nick and the examiner but apparently, Nick sat and waited for way too long at a bus stop when an ambulance was coming with it's lights on in the opposite direction. For this, he was marked down with three minors for the same thing at the same spot so this consequently resulted in a serious fault. It's a bit of an odd one to try and break down and talk about really without actually having seen what happened. I imagine he probably saw the ambulance coming from a distance and just played it really safe and let the ambulance pass. According to the examiner, he could've still pulled out from the bus stop and then dealt with the ambulance later on. On top of this, he was apparently driving too slow for most of the time and leaving his indicators on for too long. All-in-all though, had it not been for the ambulance situation, he probably would've passed. It was what it was though and with him failing, the put a bit more pressure on me, although there would've probably been pressure either way.

Nick went home at this point and then I hopped in the coach to get warmed up and then head to the test centre. The warm up went well and then we sat in silence in the waiting room with no music for about 15-20 minutes until the examiner came and called for me. Once he did, he took a few details, asked me a few safety questions about the coach and then it was time for the reversing exercise to start off. In case you missed it last time, here's the diagram of how it went down again:

Now that the tests are done, I can be honest now and say that the reversing exercise was pretty easy. We did it more than enough times at the depot in Blackpool. However, the only difference on the test was that once I'd lined up the nearside of the coach with the left A cone and B, I couldn't get out to double check to see how well I'd lined it up. Once I lined up, I knew I could've been much closer to the left cone. This would've gave me more room to reverse and lock the steering to the left. I knew I could still pull it off though, I just needed to make sure my right wheel didn't go over the line on the right.

It was a bit tight but once this part was out of the way, I was good to go. I was so nervous though and my heart was racing like mad. It didn't help that my trainer was watching as well as five other random people I didn't know. Once I cleared the line on the right, I reversed to the cones and turned right to line up straight with the six cones around the finish. In my offside mirror, I needed to make sure my second marker light on the coach was just above a small yellow box that was painted on the ground just in front of a barrier. If I hit the barrier then I would've got a serious fault. I lined up the marker light with the top of the box, applied the parking brake, put the coach in neutral and then got out to check. The back end of the bus wasn't as much into the middle as I would've liked but it was within the box so that was automatically acceptable. I informed the examiner I was happy and then he hopped in and away we went.

The rest of the test went well and I passed with just four minors, all of which of course I thought were debatable. I received one after being told to pull up in a safe place. Even though I was late to spot it, I saw a bus stop coming up and braked sharply to park up into it. The examiner then told me he wanted me to pull up in a "safe place" not a bus stop. After the test, he said that a bus stop technically wasn't a safe place and if another bus had pulled up behind me to use the bus stop, I would've failed my test. My guess was that it was because I wasn't "in service" but during our training, our trainer had specifically said that a bus stop was a safe place. As I'd stopped sharply and forgot to check my mirrors, I received a minor for this.

The other three all came from signalling, two for timing and one for something else. The two for timing were because I'd signalled after braking when wanting to pull out past a parked car. The issue I had with this was that if I was coming up to a parked car but there was a street on my right, I didn't want to signal too early otherwise I would confuse motorists behind me. Again, this is what our trainer had taught us but I guess thinking like that doesn't go with the old "M-S-M (Mirror Signal Manoeuvre" saying. Luckily, I only did this twice otherwise a third minor for this would've resulted in a serious fault.

Lastly, the other minor was for signalling at a roundabout when I didn't need to. The sign for the roundabout didn't display a third exit on my right but the examiner gave me the heads up about it before I reached the roundabout. I was taking the second exit which I believed was still technically on my right as it was kind of past the 12 o' clock position. Although thinking about it now, the exit I wanted is roughly at the 2 o'clock position leading up to the roundabout right until the last second where the road bends to the right sharply before connecting to the roundabout, thus making it a 12 o' clock position, something I wouldn't need to signal for.

Besides this, the examiner told my trainer that the drive was smooth and I made good use of my mirrors. I then went on to return the next day and smash my Module 4 test which consisted of roughly nine-ten questions regarding emergency situations, loading, safety, and more. It only took about ten minutes to do this test and I got 100% score too! toast

From what I've heard, noobies are only allowed to drive mini-buses for the first two years with the company so my time with the double decker won't come around again I'm guessing for at least this long. However, I may have a way to get ahead of the pack that I can't quite discuss yet but it would mean driving double deckers sooner than expected. We'll see how it goes.

I couldn't say it had been a pleasure working here.<br/> Emotional was the best way to describe itI couldn't say it had been a pleasure working here.
"Emotional" was the best way to describe it

I'd gambled and handed my notice in at Morrisons on the previous Friday so this meant that if I didn't pass my two tests, I'd need to potentially retract my notice and then try again at a later date. However, I knew I had the Friday and Saturday off and thought that if I waited until I'd passed my tests, I'd end up working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, having Friday and Saturday off, then going back in Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night. Understandably, I just couldn't be assed with that. Thankfully, my gamble paid off and I bid my now ex-colleagues farewell on the Friday morning. No more nights for me! smile

Despite working with some of the biggest pricks I'd ever met in my life, I felt a mixture of happiness and sadness on my last night. The job itself wasn't so bad and I enjoyed being responsible for the sections I looked after (fish & meat, soup, tomatoes, tinned veg, beans, and gluten free). I took a lot of pride in my work and it used to piss me off something serious to see that my aisles were pretty much fucked EVERY DAMN TIME I had a night off or week off or whatever so it was sad to see that these aisles would just become as shit as almost all of the rest of the shop. I'll definitely miss being able to listen to my music every night too. Having this much time five nights (sometimes six) a week to listen to music allowed artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, Wale, Nipsey Hussle, Meek Mill, Drake, and more to grow on me quite a lot and be a bit more open with my love for hip-hop as I wouldn't usually put too much time into anyone outside of the Wu-Tang, 90's/00's Def Jam, Rocafella Records, Cash Money Millionaires, No Limit Records, Chronic 2001 days.

Most of the guys and even some of the day staff were really nice and sad to see me go. I made sure to bid farewell to everyone personally before I left as well as giving a little speech on the tannoy system. To be completely honest though, I won't miss anybody I worked with besides maybe three or four people. It's been a tough couple of years and I feel that I've been a pretty poor partner and father unless it was a holiday so now is my chance to really improve on these parts of my life. Don't get me wrong, I've always done what I needed to as a boyfriend and daddy and I'm always merry, cheery and high-spirited, but I know I could've put more effort in had I not been tired and zombified almost all the time. Now, life will look a lot better without nights weighing me down all the time!



First We Feast has done it again! I just can't get enough of their videos! This time around, Miss Info takes to the ATL to talk with various stars about the phenomenon that is Lemon-Pepper Wings:


I've slacked big time this week on either writing or reading news due to how busy I've been. I'm still an eager newshound so I hate not being able to contribute to the front page. I've only typed up a few stories this week but was surprised to see the reveal of Caveman Warriors' achievement list a few days ago. Sometimes, or pretty much most of the time, there's just no telling when an achievement list will be revealed so it was cool to see this one come out over a month ahead of the game's release. I've been keeping an eye on the title ever since I covered the first story for the game as I like the look of it. The achievements don't look too bad either so I'll be keen to see what it's like when it comes out next month.


Bit of a different one this week. My main man HALFLIFE1989 got married on Friday and like the unorganised dumbass I can sometimes, I thought the wedding was on Saturday! shock My missus and I had both been invited to the day and night do and Kylie had tried to book the day off. Naturally, I left all the details with her, booked the Friday and Saturday night off and thought nothing of it. Once the wedding came closer, Kylie discovered she'd been put into work on both days and couldn't get them off. With this in mind, I had to try and get all of the details myself and only discovered on the Thursday that the wedding was on the Friday. This meant that I was up from 9pm Thursday through till roughly 1-2am on the Saturday morning!

I did my thing though and lasted all day and night. I finished work, dropped my girls off at nursery, took my son to his aunties, went home and got ready, and then Halflife came and picked me up at about 11am. Then, we drank and ate the day away as Half (Kyle) officially tied the knot with is now-wife Natalie, both who I've known and been good friends with for roughly 11-12 years now. On the way to the wedding, the following song came on in the car and I told Kyle that this is a definite request for the DJ once the night-do kicks in:

Sadly, by the time the night do kicked in, I was fucked. I'm not actually that bad of a drinker despite what my reputation to others may be like, but never in my life had I started drinking before noon. Hell, I don't think I've ever had a drink before 6pm let alone lunch! I spent the day drinking pints, fruit ciders, whisky, water, coffee, tea, and eating food in which surprisingly I was doing fine despite feeling tired. The killer part of the day was the two-plus hour lull between the afternoon meal and the night-do as we were just literally sat around talking shit while I was not entertained enough to stay awake. I woke up a bit when it came to the night do but had kind of awkwardly sobered up too. To my surprise, after some of the shit the DJ was playing, Justin's song came on and my heart skipped a beat. This was my moment to start stunning on the dance floor! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a professional but I think my moves and joy often brings smiles and laughter upon others. I looked at the dance floor, which was empty at the time and chickened out. I just didn't feel drunk or giddy enough to get up and dance. cry

Understandably there's been no clips, screens, or streams this week so you'l have to do without these sections this week. Thank you for reading and I'll be back next weekend to let you know how my first week with Preston Bus went. wave

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I'll keep this up-to-date throughout the year and re-post it after a different blog post if necessary. Unofficial stickying if you will.
Change: Added Red Faction A


*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

XBOX 360





*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

If anyone wants to co-op/boost/play anything whenever then let me know on here or XBL.
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There's not a massive amount to talk about this week. My second week off mainly went as expected with plenty of Bus Driver training, daddy duties, gaming, and then three days worth of lone-parenting while my missus enjoys a hen-do in Leeds for three days.


As per usual, let's take a look at Bean Diving progress:

Start completion % = 94.89
End completion % = 93.12
Final dive % = 1.77
Current completion % = 93.78 93.89
Recovered completion % = 0.66 0.77
Achievements needed for recovery = 122 110
Total games dived = 4
It's been a slow week again besides Wednesday. Every day I pretty much just unlocked a single achievement to keep the streak alive but I had the day off training on Wednesday and the house to myself for the day so I bagged a few extra achievements.

Beat the Completion Percentage of adiash73 by 01 Jan 18
Goal progress - 44.9% 45.1%
Time progress - 17.13% 21.55%

Not made as much progress towards the goal as I would've liked. Ash has unlocked more achievements than I have this week although after having a quick look at his gamer page, he's started Crossout yesterday which would have set him back 13 achievements. At the time of writing, two of these have been unlocked.

A Completion Percentage of 94.89 by 01 Sep 17 (Time to recover the Bean Dive)
Goal progress - 36.2% 42.5%
Time progress - 53.33% 66.67%

I may as well wave the white flag for this one unless I start unlocking more achievements per day.


As expected, I'm still having a lot of fun with Warframe although I've finally hit a bit of a snag with story progress. I'm currently up to Europa and have an Assassination mission to do where I need to take out The Raptor three times. He's a pretty tough target though as he flies around to start with which has rendered my Excalibur's Blind attack useless. Sometimes I can use this attack combined with either the Exilus Blade or a "unaware" melee attack to make easy work of a target. My Exilus Blade has also been pretty useless as I struggle to hit airborne targets with the blade's projectile attack. The only thing I could do really was shoot at The Raptor with my LMG type rifle and AkLato but of course, ammo quickly became an issue for me and a random I was with.

Not only was The Raptor tough to shoot at, his attacks were very hard-hitting and constantly forced me to try and peek out of cover at awkward angles to try and get shots of peacefully. With this in mind, I couldn't do enough damage each time I tried to attack before its shields recharged! Me and a random managed to take The Raptor down once but for the second one, we were completely dry and ammo and pointlessly trying to melee attack the boss. After about 30 minutes of trying, the random quit and then shortly afterwards, I was forced to do the same.

I have an Oberon and Loki warframe but both of these still need levelling up. My Frost Prime may be able to do a better job with its Snow Globe and Freeze abilities but even then, the Mods I currently have wont do an amazing job of keeping my energy level up. Ideally, I just need to get matched up in a squad of Warframe elites who will more than likely and somehow just one-bomb each of the bosses. If I get a free stretch of time at some point this week, I may send out a call for assistance via the game's useful chat options.

Mafia III

I finally got round to checking out the Sign of the Times for Mafia III on Wednesday seeing as I was given the day off from training to due to the training coach still not being fixed. We'd been using a regular double decker but "a member of the public" had complained the learner signs on the bus weren't clear enough. My daughters were at nursery and my son had gone to his grandmas for the day so I had the day to myself. This was a perfect opportunity to finally check out the latest DLC.

I've almost finished the story of the DLC which I have to say has been quite impressive. Although, the story and cut scenes and how brutal, interesting, and emotional they can be never disappoints in Mafia III. I won't talk a whole lot about the DLC so I don't ruin it for anyone else but it's really good. Gameplay wise, everything is still the same but now can enjoy slow-mo' shooting as well as one-hit kills with the new Throwing Knives. Plus, you can still use all of the extras from the previous two DLC's as well including slow-mo' driving, the Dart Gun, and Sniper Support.

I think I'm up to the last mission in the DLC before doing whatever it is I need to do at Sammy's. I'm going to be fairly busy again this week so I might only get back into this DLC the week after.

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

Had to pull out a streak-keeper with this one as it was the quickest one I could use yesterday. Taken from the latest title update, it literally took me about five seconds to bag this achievement thanks to Itzz Sh0wt1m3 and his handy achievement worlds as per usual!

Minecraft: Windows 10 EditionCheating DeathThe Cheating Death achievement in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition worth 122 pointsUse the Totem of Undying to cheat death

I may be relying on Minecraft throughout the week as I've only got one achievement from Warframe I could possibly line up for tomorrow.


The first couple of days this week we still had to use a double decker bus for training. Even though it was better than nothing, we still could've done with the training coach back sooner. The double deckers drive much smoother, have better pedals, braking, and steering. The only thing that lets the deckers down is that they are limited to something like 50MPH so when we took a trip on the motorway on each day, it felt like we were literally crawling!

After sadly taking the day off Wednesday, we got back to business on the Thursday. The emergency door at the back of the coach was constantly going on and off and making a warning sound in the drivers cab. This became so annoying after about four hours and it was caused due to the detector on the door not sitting comfortably with the connecting sensor on the coach. We got it fixed at dinner and cracked on as normal. The day went well and then we did the same again on Friday.

Friday was a bit of a rougher day for both us. During my driving, I didn't notice a branch sticking out from above a bus stop. It knocked my mirror down and the instructor's mirror up. If this was to happen on an actual test, I'd be marked down for a serious error and the test would be terminated as the examiner wouldn't have a mirror to use cry Besides this though, the rest of the drive went really well. My fellow trainees drive was shocking! He as constantly making mistake after mistake and just didn't seem himself at all. His driving was so bad, the instructor even had to have a little "chat" with him when we stopped for a smoke break. His head was a bit all over the place understandably. He'd had his car smashed into and kept having to make and take calls regarding his insurance, the offender's insurance and a courtesy car, his missus was apparently on bad terms with him, he'd lost his theory test certificates which he needs for the practical test, he was tired and he also wanted to go out yesterday but the instructor was heavily advising him to come in and do some more training. I can completely relate to having a cabbaged head at work but there's not a lot that effects my actual driving to be fair. I even said to him that he's just got to fully concentrate on what's going on around him, so much, that other worries shouldn't even come into his mind. Plus, if we're both hoping to be bus drivers, we're going to be working seven-nine hour days at time driving all day, not taking it in turns like we have been doing!

Following his terrible drive, I drove the last hour of the day and even though it was a good drive again, I fucked up majorly at a junction that joined a high speed main road. The give way was at a slant, so much that it should've just been treated like joining a motorway with the only difference being I'd have to come to a complete stop if cars were coming. As I was technically going left, I put on my left indicator which of course, was wrong as I should've been indicating right to join the main road. The instructor didn't notice at first and then asked me which way I was indicating in which I told him left. He was pretty shocked and then it was made worse by the cars behind me pulling out to go around me thinking I'd parked up. This would've also been another Serious fault on the driving test so I was pretty embarrassed redface. I tried making excuses like I'd overthought about it but I honestly thought I was right. Of course, I don't signal left when I'm joining a motorway but that particular give way is the only one I can think of that's like that. I've never took that route in Kirkham in my car but if I did, I probably just wouldn't indicate to be honest as there's only one way to go plus I'd have a lot more kick to join the road quicker. The important thing is, two lessons have been learned: Be more cautious around bushes and indicate the right way that particular junction!

My test is booked in for Tuesday at 12:55pm and my fellow trainees test is at 8:55am on the same day. I would've rather had the morning slot to be honest then I could get it out of the way and head home for some sleep. I've got the kids all day today as my missus is enjoying the back-end of a hen-do she's on, I may get some sleep before work tonight but it depends what time she's back. Then, I've got half a day or so of bus training on the Monday, then I'll go to sleep, go to work, then go and support my fellow trainee with his test on the Tuesday. Hopefully, I'll be able to fit a bit more training in before my test but I do feel confident. I just need to make sure nerves don't get the better of me on test day!


I haven't had much time to watch any form of the TV this week, besides Paw Patrol constantly as my daughters love it. I did go on a bit of a YouTube binge on Thursday night though as I was so tired after training and went to bed at 7:30! I didn't get to sleep for about six hours though and during they time, I just ended up watching several episodes of King of the Hill and various YouTube vids. One of these vids, was a Hot 97 interview with former NBA player Kenyon Martin.

I wasn't a fan so to speak of Kenyon but I didn't dislike him either. Of course, being a follower of the NBA, I know plenty about him. In this interview he speaks on the Big 3 league which he's a part of, the NBA, and plenty more. It's his brutal honesty that I enjoyed the most in this video. Unlike a lot of well-known superstars, Kenyon's not afraid to say what he feels. Maybe he wouldn't have been so open if he was still in the NBA, as this could lead to situations not worth getting into but still, it's a great watch if you follow the NBA or Ice Cube's Big 3 league:

Now, if only I had a way to keep up with the Big 3!


This is the only new clip I've recorded this week, for Mafia III. I recorded it and posted it in a solution for the Pop, Pop achievement where I needed to get for kills in slow-mo ten different times.


I'm still finding it hard to stop repeating Royce Da 5'9's Bar Exam 4 mixtape. One particular song I didn't take to straight away was "Wait a Minute (Freestlye)". I didn't like the beat at first but now it's grown on me quite a bit. Not to mention, the bars as per usual, are off the charts. Take a listen:

Get your copy of the Bar Exam 4 for free via DatPiff.


As I had plenty of time to check out Mafia III's DLC, I thought I my as well stream it too.

That's all for this week chaps. I may not be around next weekend as I'll be at a wedding and probably very hungover the next day. We'll see how I feel. For now, it's entertaining the kids all day and then back to work tonight. Later guys! wave

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PermalinkWarframe, Final Fantasy XV, Bus Driver Training, Streak-Keeping, and More - Weekly Recap #15

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As expected, it's been a pretty busy week so far. Bus Driver training has been interesting to say the least but it's been a great experience so far and I'm looking forward to whatever is in store for next week. I've not missed my current place of work at all but I have been missing out on the time I could've spent gaming. There's not a massive amount to talk about from the week so the blog post may not be as lengthy as it usually is.


Here's this weeks look at the current state of my 2017 Bean Dive:

Start completion % = 94.89
End completion % = 93.12
Final dive % = 1.77
Current completion % = 93.69 93.78
Recovered completion % = 0.58 0.66
Achievements needed for recovery = 131 122
Total games dived = 4
Beat the Completion Percentage of adiash73 by 01 Jan 18
Goal progress - 32.3% 44.9%
Time progress - 13.81% 17.13%

Progressing well here.

A Completion Percentage of 94.89 by 01 Sep 17 (Time to recover the Bean Dive)
Goal progress - 31% 36.2%
Time progress - 43.33% 53.33%

I keep getting behind each week. I need to knock out more than streak-keepers if I'm to really hit this target.


As anyone who keeps an eye on me on Xbox Live or here at TA, you'll obviously be able to tell that I'm still thoroughly enjoying Warframe. I've unlocked 38 or the 70 achievements so I'm halfway there in terms of achievements won, but there's still plenty more planets to explore, weapons to rank up and other odd achievements to unlock.

The game is fantastic though and apparently it's come a long way since its original port from the PC back in 2014. I had a quick look at one of Skill Up's videos, a popular YouTuber who covers the likes of Tom Clancy's The Division and Destiny, as he also recently got into Warframe (again for him) and loved it. In his video, he has some recorded footage of when he first played the game and just looking at a minute or so of this old footage shows just how much the game has come on. I'll touch a bit more on this later in the blog post.

I'm finding it tough to put Warframe down. Even though I'm currently halfway through my two weeks off work, I've been doing bud driver training all week, 8am-4pm, and then doing the family-thing in the evening. Some nights, my missus will take the kids in her sister's garden next door for the evening so when an opportunity like this arises, I have to jump on the Xbox quick! I should be working on Rabbids Big Bang (Win 8) really as this is still the current to-do game on my list but if the TV is free, then obviously I'm going to dive into a bit of Warframe instead!

Cut The Rope (WP)

I had to pull a couple of achievements from this to keep the streak alive. Nothing more, nothing less.

Final Fantasy XV

Title Update 1.13 released earlier in the week for Final Fantasy XV and brought with it two new achievements. With their just being two in the form of an update rather than full-on DLC, this seemed like the perfect time to unlock them especially as I needed to keep my streak alive with achievements from game's I'd already started.

The Love Turned Tragic achievement was piss-easy as the Magitek Exosuits had finally been added to the game. I simply activated the mission, donned the new suits, took advantage of the 30 minutes invincibility, and whooped the enemies ass. I was tempted to pop the other achievement as well but held myself back and decided to save it for the next day to continue the streak.

I came back the next day for the Seize The Moment achievement, and realised I hadn't saved my game! facepalm I'd completed the quest the day before, gone to one of the expensive hotels to benefit from double XP, and assumed the game would've automatically saved at this point. Well, maybe it did as I'm sure it saved automatically at certain points or times (or maybe that's The Surge), but either way, the same quest was available again.

I ventured out into the wild to find enemies I could use to help me unlock this achievement. My characters seemed to powerful though and even equipping them with weaker weapons didn't seem to do the trick either. I needed to knock enemies down so they would be in a "vulnerable" state but there's only a few ways to actually knock enemies own. Most of the enemies I encountered were too weak or just wouldn't go into vulnerable state. I had a quick look at Jewhack's solution for the achievement which directed me to a certain area where the enemies would be handier for nailing this achievement. It still took a good two hours to do as when the Magitek Assassins or other Magitek soldiers would go vulnerable, the new "system" wouldn't always kick in. I purposely stayed out during the night to allow for tougher enemies to spawn but again, the system wouldn't always kick in when enemies became vulnerable and sometimes the enemies just wouldn't become vulnerable at all!

I got it done eventually anyway and bagged the achievement. Now I'm just waiting again for the next lot of achievements to be added.

The Streak Continues

The achievement streak is still going strong at 221 Days but I overused an extra achievement three times this week! facepalm

On July 30th, I saved the Alchemist achievement for the streak as I only needed to complete one more mod transmute. I did this, popped the achievement and then continued playing. I didn't realise how close I was to maxing out my Heavy Hammer type weapon and ended up hitting level 30 and popping the Heavy Weapon Proficiency achievement.

The next day (July 31st), I intentionally used the Tummy Teaser achievement in Cut The Rope as I didn't think I'd have time to play anything else. A bit of time popped up and of course, I dived onto Warframe. I was just playing through the game normally and managed to pop the KABOOM! achievement for killing 10 or more enemies in a single explosion. I didn't even intend to to be honest and it seemed to just pop at random.

Then on August 4th, I used the Icarus achievement in Cut The Rope, which popped straight away surprisingly as I must've met the requirements in a previous attempt. Then, I jumped on Warframe and maxed out my third Dagger for the Dagger Mastery achievement. Again, I hadn't paid attention and remembered that this was my third dagger.


This is the exact same model as the one I'm training in.<br/> Minus the small trailer at the backThis is the exact same model as the one I'm training in.
Minus the small trailer at the back

As some of you will have already known, the practical side of my Bus Driver training kicked off on Monday this week. Me and another guy have been training together and taking it turns to practice different things on the bus. Our trainer said that he wouldn't normally take trainees out driving on the first day but felt pretty confident in his first impression of us. We kept it basic to begin with by stopping and starting and then soon had a blast at a nearby roundabout in Blackburn. All went well and then I even got the opportunity to drive back from Blackburn to the Bus Depot in Preston.

The bus itself however, was pretty old school with a pretty tacky paint job as it looked like it was formerly blue before the "fresh" red coat. Something, which we discovered was broken three days later, was making the engine sound like a tractor, the stairs were steep and not disability-friendly, the bus itself was long as hell and pretty slow too, and you could just generally tell that the bus was pretty old. It was my first time ever driving an automatic which unsurprisingly didn't take much getting used to. Although oddly, setting off wasn't an issue as I'd just select drive, take the handbrake off and push down on the accelerator. It was braking that I struggled with for most of the week as the brakes where hydrolic. At first, my left foot wanted to go put my foot down on the invisible clutch whenever I was coming to a stop. This didn't last long anyway but the brake pedal on the bus was stiff and sensitive at the same time. Even pushing in just a bit would activate the retarder in which a light on the dashboard would come up so at least then I knew I was actually doing something with the brakes. As I gradually pressed down on the brake more it didn't feel like it was doing much so then I'd press down a lot firmer make the bus almost stop, let off the brake a bit, and then press down on the brake again. Physically, this didn't bother me as I knew what was coming but for my trainer and fellow trainee, they'd be lurched forward two or three times each time! laugh

On the Tuesday, we practised the reversing manoeuvre, which looks like this:

My fellow trainee went first so I got to soak up all of the mistakes he made and then pull it off pretty well myself. I don't want to be too over-confident just in case it all goes wrong, but I found it pretty easy thanks to the trainer. With cones to use during the exercise, these signal went to turn in a certain direction or straighten up etc. The only tough part was to make sure the back-end of the bus was within the marked area at the end of the exercise. Thankfully, after failing the first time I worked out where I needed to be for the next few attempts. I could either line up the marker lights with the top of the finish line when reversing, or remember where abouts the front of the bus ended up once parked, which was roughly towards the front end of the finishing cones.

We also did roundabouts but for a lot longer than on the first day. Again, my fellow trainee went first and I got to learn from his mistakes before having a go myself. However, not to put the other guy down, I feel quite confident with the length of the bus so staying clear of the roundabout on the offside whilst also staying respectfully in lane wasn't much of an issue for me.

On the Wednesday, we worked on roundabouts again and then went for a spin down country lanes. It was pretty intense but again, not that difficult really. The only thing I needed to do, was take my time! Unlike my fellow trainee who liked to reach the speed limit were possible and not bother so much about slowing down on blind bends and what not.

The trainer was going to look at tight turns and bus stops with us in which my fellow trainee took the wheel again. The aim of stopping at each bus stop was to keep the bus as close to the kerb as possible, without rubbing the wheels and also being as in-line with the marked area of the bus stop as possible. Sadly, my fellow trainee concentrated so hard on where the kerb was that he struggled to straighten the bus up and also keep an eye on any hazards in front. At the first bus stop he came to, he parked to close to a post and as he went to pull away, he didn't steer to the right hard and quick enough and knocked off the nearside mirror with the post. The training bus came with an extra set of mirrors for the trainer to use but sadly, my fellow trainee had knocked off the mirror we were using. The trainer managed to get it back together but after fixing it back to the structure, it was wobbly and the mirror seemed to be warped. We drove on but the mirror was obviously not right so we stopped at another bus stop and tried to rearrange the mirror again. The same thing happened again but then we noticed that warning lights were flashing on the dash as the coolant temperature was too high!

The trainer called an engineer at the depot who said to let it cool down for 5-10 minutes and then get it back to the depot. The trainer took the wheel at this point and set off back. We pretty much only needed to get to the other side of the town centre but sadly, some one had been knocked over on the road in the middle of town and the ringway was closed off. This was causing huge queues of traffic and forcing almost every driver to find an alternative route. Our trainer kept turning off the bus when he got the opportunity but obviously with a big machine like the one in the picture above, a few minutes here and there of switching the engine off wasn't going to make a massive difference. Eventually, we had to ditch the bus in town. The trainer obviously had to stay with it and wait for an engineer to come out while me and my fellow trainee walked back to the depot.

The next day on the Thursday after arriving at the depot at 8am, we must've spent about three and a half hours pretty much doing nothing. We revised questions for the small question-filled test that will come before the practical, but thankfully, there wasn't much to it. After this, we just hung around in the bru room hoping that another depot would be able to provide us with a training bus. What I'd not realised at the time was that the bus we were training on also came with a second handbrake for the trainer to use. Thankfully, he felt confident enough in us to take a normal double decker for a spin, so after sticking several 'L' signs in the windows of the bus, we took this out for a spin instead.

Driving this bad boy was so much better!Driving this bad boy was so much better!

This up-to-date bus, was miles better than the coach we had been using. It was faster, smoother, and just generally felt much better. Plus, it wasn't as long as the coach! smile We spent the rest of the day practising bus stops which I nailed pretty much everytime! This only lasted for half the day as we finished up a little early to the trainer could try and arrange another training bus for the next day. Sadly, it wasn't to be and without much else for us to do, he have us both the Friday off.

Over the weekend, the trainer texted me and the other trainee and said that the training bus would be fixed for Wednesday but for Monday and Tuesday we could use the decker. There's no confirmed word yet on when the test will be but he's hoping to get it pencilled in for the Wednesday. For me, the sooner the better! The best case scenario would have been to have the test definitely pencilled in and then I would've handed in my notice to where I am now so then I wouldn't of had to return after my two weeks off. If I didn't pass the test and I couldn't try it again for a while, I'd then just retract my notice and carry on for a bit longer. Now, I'll definitely be returning to work but I'm hoping that if the tests are on Wednesday and I pass them both, I can give my notice in on the same day and call it a "night" for where I am now on the following Wednesday night! Then, I'd start at my new place of employment ideally on the following Monday.

Be sure to check my blog post out next weekend or possibly a status update on TA for what happens! toast


As mentioned earlier, I checked out Skill Up's 2017 review of Warframe and I know it will definitely be beneficial for those who may have been in the same boat as Skill Up. I honestly didn't realise how much the game had changed since it launched on the Xbox One so my experience and feedback has been nothing but positive without anything I can really say how it used to be. Also, as Skill Up states in his video, there isn't really anywhere that will have an up-to-date review of the game. After all, developers may update their games months, years down the line but reviewers won't do the same thing. Check out the video and enjoy:


The only clip I recorded this week was of myself making a tenth of the progress needed towards the "Seize the Moment" achievement in Final Fantasy XV:

This was the only time I managed to pull it off against a Red Giant. He's not the best enemy to try this achievement against.


With being so busy this week, I haven't typed up a massive amount of news nor have a really read any of the news either. The most eye-catching story for me this week was my own with the reveal of the many different weapon types in Monster Hunter: World.

That's just one of the many videos Capcom released to showcase the different weapons. The game is looking super-cool though and a mentioned in previous posts, it's one I'm definitely keeping an eye on.


DJ Khaled strikes again with "another one" off of his recent album "Grateful". Enlisting the help of Future, 21 Savage, Migos, and T.I. on Iced Out My Arms, the song is pretty crazy. I think Future and Migos are alright, I haven't listened to much of 21 Savage although I didn't think much of Panda, but me and T.I. go waaaaay back so it was interesting to see him thrown into this new age, trap-filled song. However, let's not forget, T.I. is one of those old-school trappers from the 00's so you know, respect is due. Take a listen and try not to nod your head and let your shoulders lose control laugh


No new screen this week. I should've took a pretty shot from my quick re-visit to FFXV come to think of it. cry


I fired up the Tenno Treezy episodes again this week with the seventh instalment. As you can probably guess from the title, I'm referring to the Bus Driver training situation:

That's it for this week guys. It's probably going to be a very short blog post next weekend as I'm training again all week, my missus is away from Friday morning through to Sunday night on a hen-do, and then I go back to work on the Sunday night so this doesn't leave with a massive amount of time for, well... anything really.

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PermalinkPayDay 2: Crimewave Edition, Warframe, Food Grails, GGN, and A Busy 2 Weeks Ahead - Weekly Recap #14

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Morning guys! Yes that's right, I've just woke up too! smile Well, it's 9am at the time I've started this blog so it's a little earlier than I would've liked, but my two daughters aren't fussed about sleeping in -_-. This week, I had Sunday night off and last night. Last night connected to my two weeks off that has officially begun so I power-napped yesterday, got up early, and then went back to sleep last night to get back into "day mode". I had an excellent night of gaming on the Sunday but not so much yesterday. Let's see what else has been going on this week.


The Bean Dive is slowly but surely on the mend. Here's the progress so far:

Start completion % = 94.89
End completion % = 93.12
Final dive % = 1.77
Current completion % = 93.54 93.69
Recovered completion % = 0.42 0.58
Achievements needed for recovery = 148 131
Total games dived = 4
Beat the Completion Percentage of adiash73 by 01 Jan 18
Goal progress - 32.3%
Time progress - 13.81%

A Completion Percentage of 94.89 by 01 Sep 17 (Time to recover the Bean Dive)
Goal progress - 31%
Time progress - 43.33%

The gap between the goal and time percentage has increased by 2% since last week! shock

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

Me and DaveKinetic hit the world of heists for a few hours in the early hours of last Monday morning and made some pretty decent progress. We picked some of the remaining achievements that appeared straight-forward enough to unlock. We unlocked eight achievements with some being from the base game, "The Gage Ninja Pack" and the "The Gage Chivalry Pack". There's still a LOT of work to do though, especially with the likes of reaching Infamy Level 20, completing all of the contracts on OVERKILL difficulty, and the rest of the miscellaneous achievements too. Ideally, we need to dedicate full-days to the game rather than a few hours, but having all four members of the team getting that availability together is a challenge in itself.

The Surge

After my PayDay 2 session with DK, I put a few hours into The Surge where I'd been stuck on the boss - The security chief of Echelon 9. He wasn't so bad to fight himself as this part of the boss battle would just basically be a one-on-one situation with relatively easy to dodge moves. However, once his health had gone down by about 20%, the security chief would run out of the area and call in one of his huge mechs to fight for him instead. Once the mech was down, the chief would return. Then he would do the same thing again after another 20% of health had gone down, and so on and so on.

Just the seemingly long length of the battle was giving me trouble as I couldn't stay consistent with my fighting long enough. That night however, I finally did it! You can check out the stream in this week's Stream of the Week section further down below.


Outside of the Sunday night/Monday morning gaming session, the only other game I've rocked unsurprisingly has been the fantastic free-to-play title that is Warframe!

Warframe is an amazing shooter with catchy RPG elements, fast and smooth gameplay, an absolute ton of weapons including rifles, pistols, swords, daggers, hammers, and plenty more, armour pieces (Warframes), sentinels, and loads of options to customise the appearance of pretty much everything. There's single player, co-op, PvP, roughly ten different mission types, clans, special game modes, constant alerts and special missions to gain additional and bonus resources, and tons more. And... it's all for FREE!

You can spend real money on the game of course, and it doesn't surprise me why people will have poured plenty into it, but pretty much everything in the game, besides vanity items (I think), can be saved up for and purchased with the different forms of in-game currency.

At the minute, I'm currently waiting on my next primary weapon to finish building which should be ready to use late tonight. I've been stuck with a maxed Boltor for the week as I didn't have enough resources or money to build another primary weapon. After double checking everything last night and looking at the resources required to build a weapon before purchasing the blueprint, I had enough resources for the Grakata. I really wanted to check out a Shotgun or Sniper Rifle next though. So far, I've maxed a Bow & Arrow weapon, the MK-Paris I initially started with, the Tetra, another AR, and now the Boltor from the AR class. I have a blueprint for a Shotty and a Sniper but the last resource I need for the Shotty is best found on a planet I've yet to unlock, and the Sniper is actually almost ready to build but I just need more Plastids.

The fun times will continue hopefully at some point this week.


Two weeks, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm, train train train!Two weeks, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm, train train train!

I'd booked this fortnight off at the start of the year. Now that Preston Bus has finally given me a shot of becoming a bus driver, the timing of everything falling into place has landed the two weeks of "Module Three" training during my two weeks off. Even though it's technically not going to be time off anymore, it's still going to be a great holiday as I'll be investing in the future!

I still have a couple of different tests to take still in regards to driving and making safety checks around and inside a bus but I don't know how soon this will be after the training. Ideally, I need it to be as soon as! The sooner I pass the test, the sooner I can hand my notice in to who I work for now! It's like a race to get out of there for a lot of people at the minute, even those who've been there for 10, 15, 25+ years. It's really that bad!


I have to give an Honourable mention in this week's YouTube Video of the Week section as the following video is from a series I've mentioned before - Food Grails.

The time is roughly 4:40am and as per usual, I only go for my compulsory one-hour dinner break late into the shift so I can sit peacefully and enjoy the hour almost to myself without having to listen to the shit most of the team talk. Roughly half of the team go at 1:30am, the other half goes up at 2:30am, one guy who religiously sleeps for almost an hour goes at 3:30am, and I go at 4:30am. And no, we are not allowed outside until 5:30am. Employees shouldn't be forced to stay inside the building for an hour unpaid if they don't want to and despite my efforts to try and get this ridiculous rule changed, it's never going to unless pretty much the whole team chimes in on the argument too.

Anyway. I open up my shitty own-brand Ham and Cheese sandwich, which is normally then followed by a bag or two of crisps, and chocolate of some sort. Then I fire up this sweet video of South L.A.'s African-American Taco Movement and indulge in fat, greasy, delicious looking food, exciting culture, sweet vibes, and just different and awesome looking locations where I'd much rather be than stuck in a Supermarket all night, looking at the miserable, cold and windy night outside that I'm not even allowed to step out into.

Check it out and enjoy:

This week's video of the week goes to the Big Boss Dogg and his awesome GGN series. In this episode, Snoop Dogg sits down with west coast legend Murs! Murs kicks a freestyle with Nemo, talks gaming (he's a passionate Overwatch: Origins Edition player!), Comic Con, and plenty more!


Nothing overly exciting this week but while I was playing Warframe last night, I remembered that I didn't have any clips at all from the week. This following one is taken from the game just to showcase how brilliant it plays when it comes to shooting, moving, aiming and attacking. It's a great little taster for if you've never seen the game in action at all as I hadn't before starting it myself:


The one and only Kevin Tavore, aka Eurydace brought us the news of Final Fantasy XV's Regalia making its way to Forza Horizon 3.

I've never played any of the Forza Horizon titles although it is one of those series that I know I should've checked out. However, I have played FFXV which is an outstanding game and I spent plenty of time in the Regalia as Ignis drove me from location to location as I typed up news. A very handy feature that worked out well for me during my time with the base game.

It will be interesting to see how the Regalia drives in FH3.


Rick Ross' Maybach Music sound effect is legendary. He's really took the Maybach brand to the next level with so much obvious love for the name. Being the founder of the Maybach Music Group, you hear a lot of "Maybach" talk in his songs. The Boss has even gone on to make five songs specifically titled "Maybach Music" with each one featuring some impressive guest features:

"Maybach Music" (feat. Jay-Z) - Trilla
"Maybach Music 2" (feat. T-Pain, Kanye West & Lil' Wayne) - Deeper Than Rap
"Maybach Music III" (feat. feat. T.I., Jadakiss & Erykah Badu) - Teflon Don
"Maybach Music IV" (feat. Ne-Yo) - God Forgives, I Don't

From his most recent album, "Rather You Than Me", the fifth instalment of "Maybach Music" can be found this time with reinforcements from Dej Loaf. Check it out:

"Maybach Music V" (feat. Dej Loaf)


I took a couple of screens from Warframe of the Warframe I started with - Excalibur. Take a look at this beauty with the current primary weapon and melee weapon in the next one:


Recorded during the early hours of Monday morning, it took a while but I finally managed to get past the boss in The Surge I mentioned earlier. Check it out:

That's your lot for this week. I'll be training all week, daddy duties at night and hopefully family-visiting over the weekend so I'm going to knock the weekly recap posts on the head for a couple of weekend's. I might still post a turbo one or two but I don't think there'll be much to talk about really. We'll see how each week goes.

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