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madmankevinmadmankevin has reached a new milestone: 10,750 Achievements Won
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madmankevinBack 4 BloodSwarmed achievementmadmankevin won the Swarmed achievement in Back 4 Blood for 48 points
Comment by madmankevin at 22:04 on 20 Jan 2022

...aaaand I'm done

WDComboBack 4 BloodWDCombo won 2 Achievements in Back 4 Blood for 74 points
WDComboSaints Row 2 (DE)WDCombo won 3 Achievements in Saints Row 2 (DE) for 225 points

                Status change by madmankevin at 12:52 on 16 Jan 2022madmankevin status: Fall Guys needs to come to XBawks already
Comment by ATCS at 13:14 on 16 Jan 2022

And no cross play because we would get fucking STOMPED

Comment by madmankevin at 15:23 on 16 Jan 2022

Even with cross play, I can help!

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WDComboSpelunky 2WDCombo started the game Spelunky 2
madmankevinSpelunky 2madmankevin won 2 Achievements in Spelunky 2 for 27 points
madmankevinSpelunky 2madmankevin started the game Spelunky 2

                Status change by madmankevin at 20:46 on 09 Jan 2022madmankevin status: Does anybody play Back 4 Blood? I can't beat the finale. On recruit. It's stupid.
Comment by ATCS at 21:35 on 09 Jan 2022

Exactly why I refused to start this game. Even after them "adjusting" the difficulty. Good way to drive people away from your game.

Comment by madmankevin at 21:50 on 09 Jan 2022

I feel like I'm somewhat competent at games. Definitely above average. I have never seen a game this difficult on the lowest difficulty setting. It's ridiculous at times.

madmankevinmadmankevin has reached a new milestone: 470,000 TrueAchievement Score
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madmankevinIt Takes Twomadmankevin won 2 Achievements in It Takes Two for 190 points
madmankevinGorogoamadmankevin won 6 Achievements in Gorogoa for 956 points
madmankevinGorogoaDexterity achievementmadmankevin won the Dexterity achievement in Gorogoa for 147 points
madmankevinGorogoaBut Why? achievementmadmankevin won the But Why? achievement in Gorogoa for 142 points
madmankevinGorogoaFirst Try achievementmadmankevin won the First Try achievement in Gorogoa for 208 points
madmankevinGorogoaOld is New achievementmadmankevin won the Old is New achievement in Gorogoa for 174 points
madmankevinGorogoaDevotion achievementmadmankevin won the Devotion achievement in Gorogoa for 143 points
madmankevinGorogoaFifth Fruit achievementmadmankevin won the Fifth Fruit achievement in Gorogoa for 142 points

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