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Finally made it
Well, I got 100k. I told myself I'd make myself write a blog post when it happened, so here we are. I started achievement hunting a few years after I made my gamertag. I lived in a house with an xbox, but rarely used it, only to try out new games and to kill time. I got my own sometime in 2012, and started to pay more attention to achievements. My first completion in 2013 or 2014 was what really hooked me though. I did it on my own for the longest time and stumbled on this site about a year ago, which has helped speed things up considerably. I've rebuilt some semblance of a completion percentage and done some things I'm happy with over the last year, and met some people.

That's always been my biggest problem, meeting people. I used to play World of Warcraft, and meeting people came much easier there. I tend to stay away from games where I'm forced to interact with folks these days, because it's always such a crapshoot and everything seems so unreliable. Maybe it's me, and it's something I'd like to change for the better in the coming months and years.

Going forward, there's still a ton of games I have to force myself to work on or restart:

Dragon Age (all of them)
Final Fantasy XIII (all of them)
Kingdoms of Amalur (fantastic game, dunno why I stopped playing)
Bioshock (all of them)
Fallout 3 & NV
Shadows of Mordor
Deus Ex

That's to name a few. The games that are currently being pushed on are:

Lollipop Chainsaw (disheartened because I can't get the happy ending to pop)
Madden 07 (This game is an abomination)
Borderlands (Need to run through Armory and Claptrap DLC)
Forza Motorsport 4 (Ugh.)
Warriors Orochi 2
Lego Star Wars II (All started here!)
Borderlands 2
Forza Horizon 2 (This game will never end.)

As far as games I'd love to begin but are still sitting on my shelf, with something like 600 retail titles that's too much to list. If it was printed I probably own it.

Feel free to comment if you're looking for a co-op partner or just someone to talk to, I do both.

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Congrats x2!

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