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Haven’t updated this since April it’s updated.

Death Dealers

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freedomgirl85Xeno Crisisfreedomgirl85 won 3 Achievements in Xeno Crisis for 608 points
ChewieOnIceRiver City RansomChewieOnIce completed the game River City Ransom and is the 257th gamer on the site to complete it
Kingsman 2625Kingsman 2625 has reached a new milestone: 24,250 Achievements Won
Kingsman 2625Kingsman 2625 has reached a new milestone: 520 Completed Games
Kingsman 2625DC Universe OnlineKingsman 2625 completed the game DC Universe Online and is the 1,135th gamer on the site to complete it
            Secret AchievementKooshMoose won the Secret Achievement in Pupperazzi for 28 points
CheznoPro AccountChezno has just become a TrueAchievements Pro Account holder
NBA KirklandNBA Kirkland has reached a new milestone: 730 Completed Games
NBA KirklandMadden NFL 08NBA Kirkland completed the game Madden NFL 08 and is the 11,361st gamer on the site to complete it
KooshMooseFarm TogetherUpdate #11KooshMoose started the Update #11 DLC for Farm Together
Big EllWindscapeBig Ell won 5 Achievements in Windscape for 312 points
Big EllWindscapeHelping hand achievementBig Ell won the Helping hand achievement in Windscape for 78 points
Big EllWindscapeSky Harbor achievementBig Ell won the Sky Harbor achievement in Windscape for 77 points
Big EllWindscapeGatherer achievementBig Ell won the Gatherer achievement in Windscape for 50 points
Mental Knight 5Slide StarsMental Knight 5 won 4 Achievements in Slide Stars for 70 points
FuFuCuddilyPoofBean DiveFuFuCuddilyPoof won 1 achievement in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
Vulgar LatinBean DiveVulgar Latin won 1 achievement in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
MattismCall of JuarezMattism won 9 Achievements in Call of Juarez for 644 points
Facial La FleurComplete Specific GameCrysisFacial La Fleur failed their Goal - Complete Crysis before Freamwhole
AhayzoCall of JuarezAhayzo won 7 Achievements in Call of Juarez for 529 points
rawkerdudeCyber Shadowrawkerdude won 4 Achievements in Cyber Shadow for 271 points
PhillipWendellPhillipWendell has reached a new milestone: 720,000 TrueAchievement Score
ChinDoctaFriday the 13th: Killer PuzzleChinDocta completed the game Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle and is the 378th gamer on the site to complete it
TobyLinnTobyLinn has reached a new milestone: 575 Games Played
SprinkyDinkCyber ShadowSprinkyDink won 3 Achievements in Cyber Shadow for 211 points
mdp 73Gaps by POWGImdp 73 won 2 Achievements in Gaps by POWGI for 62 points
Sir PaulygonMini Ninjas AdventuresSir Paulygon completed the game Mini Ninjas Adventures and is the 548th gamer on the site to complete it
TobyLinnKing's QuestTobyLinn completed the game King's Quest and is the 1,814th gamer on the site to complete it
CarpeAdam79OmnoCarpeAdam79 won 2 Achievements in Omno for 160 points
CarpeAdam79OmnoThe Adept achievementCarpeAdam79 won the The Adept achievement in Omno for 78 points
CarpeAdam79OmnoCanyon Master achievementCarpeAdam79 won the Canyon Master achievement in Omno for 82 points

                Status change by SprinkyDink at 02:42 on 21 Jan 2022SprinkyDink status: If you’ve known me over the years you know I used to get wasted a lot. I barely drink nowadays BARELY get wasted but tonight we are playing a drinking
Comment by SprinkyDink at 02:43 on 21 Jan 2022

Game. Any achievement drink. Die in cyber shadow drink. For every unique comment under this DRINK!!!!

Comment by PRTM CLUESCROL at 02:46 on 21 Jan 2022

I love you

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ChinDoctaChinDocta has reached a new milestone: 2,060,000 TrueAchievement Score
ChinDoctaRobozarroChinDocta completed the game Robozarro and is the 2,213th gamer on the site to complete it
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
Achievements Completion %age in All Games 33,240 View history chart 672,309 4.94
Achievements Won in All Games 15,723 View history chart 672,309 2.34
Gamerscore in All Games 6,551 View history chart 672,307 0.97
TA Difference in All Games 8,584 View history chart 672,254 1.28
TrueAchievement in Role Playing Games 66,607 View history chart 627,466 10.62
TrueAchievement in Stealth Games 3,722 View history chart 612,758 0.61
Gamerscore in Management Games 1,611 View history chart 387,312 0.42
Gamerscore in All Games USA 1,925 View history chart 44,786 4.30
Completed Games in All Games Ohio 90 View history chart 2,151 4.18
Gamerscore in All Games Ohio 103 View history chart 2,151 4.79
Gamerscore in First Person Shooter Games Ohio 74 View history chart 2,119 3.49
Gamerscore in Platformer Games Ohio 45 View history chart 2,017 2.23
Gamerscore in Stealth Games Ohio 56 View history chart 2,015 2.78
Gamerscore in Action-RPG Games Ohio 959 View history chart 2,014 47.62
TrueAchievement in Management Games Ohio 28 View history chart 1,216 2.30
Gamerscore in Management Games Ohio 16 View history chart 1,216 1.32
Gamerscore in Roguelite Games Ohio 75 View history chart 834 8.99
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
1000+ Achievements Public 982 4,150 23.66
Maelstorm95 30000+ trueachievement score Public 222 1,536 14.45
Flopadopasaurus Gamers who haven't played Avatar:TBE Public 83 627 13.24

Recent Achievements

  • Headshot Honcho

    Kill 10 enemies with headshots in a ranked free for all playlist or in campaign. - Halo 3

    Headshot Honcho
    19 January 2022 - 4 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative
  • Catch

    Find and claim this skull when playing on Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty. - Halo 3

    19 January 2022 - 5 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty SpecificCollectable
  • Tank Dropper

    On any Mythic map, get a kill on another player while in monitor mode. - Halo 3

    Tank Dropper
    19 January 2022 - 13 guidesOnline/OfflineVersus

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