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PermalinkDifficult achievements left obtainable on my card (to get to 99%)
After 4 yrs of frustration, getting my completion percentage from 48% to 97%, I'm left with only difficult achievements left to further my completion.
Not including games at top of my card which I'm currently working on and able to complete (FEAR 2,Rockband,Star Wars,Borderlands,WSC 2007) which will easily take me well over 98% , I estimate I need approx 30 (ish) achievements to reach 99%.
So heres the list as they appear on my card of achievements available to me

Robotron 2084 - 7 cheevos left
possibilities (1)
High score

Boom Boom Rocket - 4 cheevos left (all too difficult)

Rockband 3 - 5 cheevos left
possibilities (2)
HOPO-cidal maniac
Bleeding fingers

Greenday Rockband
- 3 cheevos left
possibilities (2)
Its fun till someone gets hurt
Ability to Operate Machinery

Bejewed 2 - 6 cheevos left
possibilities (2)
Endless Mode

Guitar hero 3 - 3 cheevos left (all too difficult without local coop)

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09 - 4 cheevos left (not including unobtainables)
possibilities (2)
Big Spender
Furry Fairways

Flatout Ultimate Carnage - 2 cheevos left
possibilities (2)
Carnage Wizard
Bomb Car Racer

Sega Rally Revo - 14 cheevos left
possibilities (14 all but very difficult)

PGR 3 - 1 cheevo left (not including unobtainables)
possibilities (1)
Platinum Champion

Tony Hawks Project 8 - 13 cheevos left
possibilities (3)
All pro challenges completed
You made it to spot 4
Surburbia classic beaten at sick

Karaoke Rev 2 -3 cheevos left (all too difficult with coop)

Hexic HD - 2 cheevos left
possibilities (0)
Big Cheese of South Seas
Grand Pearl Pooh-Bah

Blur - 4 cheevos left
possibilities (4)
Hes a Wrecking Machine
Drop the Hammer
Somebody stop me
Motor Mash King

Lego Rockband - 1 cheevo left (too difficult)

Luxor 2 - 7 cheevos left
possibilities (3)
12 Gates of Luxor Temple
Feather of Ma'at
Glory of Osiris

So there you have by my count theres 75 achievements available of which I calculate I can unlock about 22 with 100+ hrs of practice and time on each one.
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