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Always willing to boost and help my fellow TA'ers out - even for achievements I already have

Dimebar Dan

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Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition
I have full ancient armor sets * for every character class that have all had their level requirements removed (so level 1 characters can wear them) which I don't mind duping for anyone who would like them (they make the game easier, allow you to play on a higher difficulty and so earn more xp and thus level up quicker)

* I use Ring of Royal Grandeur ability so 'full sets' are normally 5 out of 6 items
* Also the sets are for normal version characters, not Hardcore

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NognirAssassin's CreedNognir won 4 Achievements in Assassin's Creed for 108 points
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NognirWreckfestNognir won 4 Achievements in Wreckfest for 164 points
NognirComplete Specific GameWreckfestNognir created a new Goal - Complete Wreckfest
Comment by SoupiestZeus39 at 06:37 on 27 Sep 2022

muss des a mal am Pc erledign, aber es macht beim 2tn mal überhaupt kan Spaß

NognirAssassin's Creed IIINognir completed the base game Assassin's Creed III and is the 10,479th gamer on the site to complete it
NognirAssassin's Creed IIINognir completed the game Assassin's Creed III and is the 9,802nd gamer on the site to complete it
DoomStriker666Guitar Hero 5DoomStriker666 created a Boosting Gaming Session for the game Guitar Hero 5
Comment by TimedjelIyfish at 13:12 on 26 Sep 2022

lmk if u need help with that ;)

Comment by DoomStriker666 at 13:32 on 26 Sep 2022

will do 😀

NognirBook QuestNognir won 5 Achievements in Book Quest for 420 points
NognirBook QuestNobel achievementNognir won the Nobel achievement in Book Quest for 135 points
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NognirBook QuestThe Poor achievementNognir won the The Poor achievement in Book Quest for 26 points
NognirBook QuestCollector II achievementNognir won the Collector II achievement in Book Quest for 49 points
Dimebar DanBorderlands 3Dimebar Dan completed the game Borderlands 3 and is the 10,187th gamer on the site to complete it
Dimebar DanBorderlands 3Dimebar Dan won 2 Achievements in Borderlands 3 for 161 points
NognirF1 2021I like to watch achievementNognir won the I like to watch achievement in F1 2021 for 35 points
NognirF1 2021Nognir started the game F1 2021
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Comment by rob25X at 20:10 on 22 Sep 2022

Good one Nog.

Comment by Nognir at 20:30 on 22 Sep 2022

Thanks! But I think I only got it because of the boosters. In the end I was in the top 23% of the needed 33%

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