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alanp9HITMAN 3NEXUS-47 achievementalanp9 won the NEXUS-47 achievement in HITMAN 3 for 33 points
jacky roosterRed Dead Redemption 2 jacky rooster won 2 Achievements in Red Dead Redemption 2 for 796 points
jacky roosterRed Dead Redemption 2Best in the West achievementjacky rooster won the Best in the West achievement in Red Dead Redemption 2 for 707 points
Comment by jacky rooster at 07:02 on 29 Mar 2023

What can I say, truely an epic game with one of the best story lines ever. Had it moments from spending 2 hours looking for a cedar waxing to fighting a bear 18 times....

Comment by jacky rooster at 07:02 on 29 Mar 2023

....for no logical reason, but aside from the usual rockstar fuckery this game is a master piece.

DarkLord ZephyrImmortalityDarkLord Zephyr completed the story in Immortality
Magillhard2killMagillhard2kill has reached a new milestone: 8,000 Achievements Won
XI AlphaMale IXPac-Man 256XI AlphaMale IX won 3 Achievements in Pac-Man 256 for 430 points
ReelBigFreakThe Gunk
          Secret AchievementReelBigFreak won the Secret Achievement in The Gunk for 50 Gamerscore
          Secret AchievementNomstuff won the Secret Achievement in Threes! for 114 points
ReelBigFreakMoonscarsReelBigFreak won 2 Achievements in Moonscars for 50 Gamerscore
ReelBigFreakMoonscarsReelBigFreak started the game Moonscars
omgeezusHouse FlipperPetsomgeezus started the Pets DLC for House Flipper
theman72HGWWE 2K22theman72HG won 4 Achievements in WWE 2K22 for 68 points
LitaOsirisHigh On LifeLitaOsiris completed the game High On Life and is the 4,100th gamer on the site to complete it

                  Status change by N0TH THA G0D at 21:04 on 28 Mar 2023N0TH THA G0D status: Resi Village Stream now. Go. Zero tomorrow!

                  Status change by Kitty Skies at 20:46 on 28 Mar 2023Kitty Skies status: - INNER DEMONS LIVE @ RAID MIX - Terça hosted by djmarceloserpa - come listen to some brazilian, and have a brazil
Muse MerilNo Longer HomeMuse Meril won 2 Achievements in No Longer Home for 156 points
DongleKingHogwarts LegacyDongleKing won 2 Achievements in Hogwarts Legacy for 57 points
Muse MerilNo Longer HomeMuse Meril started the game No Longer Home
Amedeus8Month of the Living Dead TargetAmedeus8 has joined the Month of the Living Dead Target
Comment by Amedeus8 at 18:10 on 28 Mar 2023

Where was this during October when I was all set to play spooky games

Comment by EarthboundX at 23:58 on 28 Mar 2023

Yeah, odd medal for April, lol.

Muse MerilAborigenusMuse Meril won 5 Achievements in Aborigenus for 942 points
Muse MerilAborigenusTitle UpdateMuse Meril started the Title Update DLC for Aborigenus
Muse MerilAborigenusMuse Meril started the game Aborigenus
OldMateClownOldMateClown has reached a new milestone: 18,000 Achievements Won
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TrueAchievement in Action Games 27,029 View history chart 644,814 4.19
Gamerscore in Action Games 22,785 View history chart 644,814 3.53
TrueAchievement in Tower Defence Games 11,567 View history chart 530,194 2.18
TrueAchievement in Action Games USA 5,091 View history chart 37,183 13.69
Gamerscore in Action Games USA 4,694 View history chart 37,183 12.62
TrueAchievement in Fighting Games USA 2,878 View history chart 37,058 7.77
Gamerscore in Strategy Games New Mexico 15 View history chart 190 7.89
Gamerscore in Xbox One Games New Mexico 55 View history chart 184 29.89
Gamerscore in Simulation Games New Mexico 6 View history chart 173 3.47
TrueAchievement in Shoot 'em up Games New Mexico 26 View history chart 172 15.12
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Gamerscore in Action Games New Mexico 28 View history chart 171 16.37
Gamerscore in Vehicular Combat + Aerial Games New Mexico 4 View history chart 138 2.90
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XI AlphaMale IX TrueAchievement Hall of Fame Private 171 228 75.00
TrueAchievement's Player of the week Public 51 130 39.23
Ergo Me Smart TrueAchievements Challenge Belt Public 34 58 58.62
drabik TA CHAT Request 31 55 56.36
LMEPHISTO BUUUUUUUUUUUH now owns a leaderboard ! Public 20 40 50.00

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