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Batman the Animated Series: On Leather Wings

Tried to stream some stuff tonight but my microphone is horrible and couldn't get it working right, so well, something completely different for now!

The DC Universe App is awesome. Reading DC comics on my phone and watching the old animated series on my computer. It's incredible. Reading a lot of Batman has caused me to do the following:

- Continue Batman: Arkham City
- Start watching Gotham
- Continue watching the Animated Series
- Think really hard about getting the Knight Miniatures Batman Game
- Think really hard about getting some DC HeroClix
- Come to the realization that Arkham Asylum will always be the best Batman game

There's Arkham City and well, we all know what's off with Arkham Knight. Arkham City though is just too big of an environment. I think. The room and corridor layout of Asylum lent itself well to the stealth, predator gameplay of being Batman. The open streets of City still have that feeling but it's just not as refined. The Riddler trophies being extra annoying in City may also have something to do with it.

I dunno, just something about City isn't as good as Asylum.
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Snorting Cardboard Crack - Positive Nerdery Post

Right after posting this, took my Black/White Aristocrats deck for a spin and went 4-6 with it. Clearly need to iron out some kinks, but it was a blast to play.
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