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Lego Dimensions
So I've been a huge fan of the Lego games since they came out. I played the heck out of Lego Star Wars on the GameCube, and then played through everything that came out on the Wii. Once I got the Xbox 360, I repurchased every Lego game on it (except Lego Star Wars II cause I had Complete) and played them again to get all the achievements. On the Wii, I collected everything to 100%.

Now, we have Lego Dimensions, and after playing and collecting almost since it came out, I have some comments. One of the neat things about the Lego games is the volume of characters and how those real world characters are rendered in the Lego world. Keeping track of all the characters in a standard Lego game is a challenge. Keeping track of this real-world box of dozens of minifigs and vehicles is impossible. I don't know what half of them do, so I went online looking for abilities and made myself a spreadsheet. It's the best I can do to keep them all straight. Most of the time, I use a core set of 3 or 4 that can do nearly everything and keep the one-offs in mind for whatever as well as digging for those world-specific ones to get into the adventure worlds before switching back to my core group. The vehicles are just as bad and they take up more space.

The one thing I wish the game had built into it was a chart showing all available characters (either that you own or that are available worldwide), vehicles, and what they do. Lego The Hobbit was awesome at this. When you highlighted a character, it listed all their abilities. I loved that and was sad not to see it continue into Lego The Force Awakens.

On the flip side, I do love the physical aspect of them, and building everything is fun. I collected Legos prior to the games, so that is cool.

However, that physical aspect means that game expansions aren't put out via DLC. They're put out via sales of Legos, which are expensive even without their in-game components. Opening retail for level packs was $30, and story packs (which is the equivalent of almost an entire game with 6 levels) started at $50. Even single minifigs with a vehicles are running about $12. That's actually not much higher than a non-game Lego minifig and a mini vehicle. These are, of course, major properties that people love which drives that price up a bit. This means that this game is very expensive to play fully.

And achievement hunters aren't immune to this cost. In fact, they get the brunt of it because those level and story packs come with additional achievements. So it's an expensive game to 100% as well.

That's actually the only complaint I have. The different franchises blend really well in game, and the elements are remarkably faithful to their source material. I'm a big Doctor Who fan going way back to the classic series, and the game respects classic and NuWho equally even featuring a side piece of a level that hearkens back to the first doctor's regeneration and the first adventure of the second doctor. I've seen or played most of the properties in the game, and I'm astounded at the level of detail and respect given to fans of those franchises. Heck, even Portal got such a huge call back that the end credits song was sung by GlaDOS and written by Jonathan Coulton who wrote the credits songs for Portal and Portal 2. It was even done in the Portal credits style. Everything is Lego-ized for the game and occasionally silly, because it should be, but I respect the level of respect given to the properties represented by the game.

My prediction for this game and its achievements... At present, you can 100% the game's achievement list very quickly. Probably quicker than any other Lego game to date because you don't need to collect everything. At the time of this writing, there are 1016 gold bricks in the game which represent the number of things you have to complete (10 minikits, for example = 1 gold brick). They are on Wave 8 of the present Waves 5-10 part of the game. Wave 9 comes out in September and will add no more levels, but 3 adventure worlds at 26-28 gold bricks per world. So achievement completionists have no worries there. Wave 10 will probably be a Christmas thing and we know nothing about it yet. Will there be more waves? Don't know.

However... At some point, they'll call the game complete and produce nothing further for it. I predict that at that time, a final title update will go out to collect 100% of the gold bricks. Former completionists will cry because they'll have gotten less than 100 bricks total.

So there you go. It's a great game, but if you want to keep your 100%, you'll need to drop some cash on some Legos and be prepared to spend a lot of time doing side quests, searching for minikits, and crying over irritating vehicle controls because that achievement will come. Someday.
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Sad wolf story =(

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the Khajiit religion book had me in tears, best book in Skyrim

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