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I'm sure no one will read this, but I need something to occupy my time and mind, so...why not?

Last week I finished my college degree. It only took 20 years, but finally earned a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Business Administration (with a minor in Airport Management). It is from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. However, that was the fourth school I had gone to to get credits from. Having started college in the mid-90s right out of high school, getting married, having a child, joining the Air Force, getting hurt, and then getting out of the Air Force; it was a long and winding road. But well worth it. I avoided going back for some time because I was afraid of the math requirements. I barely graduated high school because of math, so it was terrifying. However, my wife kept supporting me and I decided a few years ago to try. Low and behold, I got A's in math courses like Trigonometry and Calculus II. I worked very hard to earn those grades, practicing over and over until I could do it.

Getting those types of grades in math courses I once thought I had no chance in is one of the proudest personal moment of my life. There nothing quite like succeeding when you thought you would fail. In the end, I earned a 3.97 GPA over 3 years of college online through ERAU (I got a B in Business Law). Not bad for a 40 year old with teenagers and full-time job.

Of course, to achieve success like that, you have to make sacrifices. One of mine was video games. I haven't played much in 3 years, sometimes going months without turning on the Xbox once. Funny thing is, after a while you don't really miss them anymore, especially when you are seeing your hard work pay off with good grades. Besides playing video games, the other thing I cut out was paying attention to video game news, reviews, etc. Now, that is liberating for sure. I don't miss visiting those sites at all and am glad to be in the dark a bit about what's going on. It's nearly impossible to be completely cut off, but closing down the flow a bit helps to keep perspective.

Now that my school is finished, I have to find something new to occupy my time constructively. Not that you're wasting your life playing video games, but having accomplished something important it's hard to think about just sitting in front of a TV a lot again. However, with more time on my hands it is time to get back to getting some achievements and completing some games.

Well, thanks for reading this initial blog (if anyone is there). Have a good day!

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