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April 2017 Update
Since my last update, I pretty much completed playing Ori and the Blind Forest. I got all of the achievements, except replaying the game in various difficulties. One achievement that I did not get, which I wish I got was the "No Stone Unturned" achievement. I finished the game, had all of the abilities, cleared all the pickups, and this achievement did not pop. I went all over the map trying to find secret area that I had not been to and couldn't find it. In disgust, I just quit the game.

As for my experience with gaming on a PC, I found it somewhat liberating. When playing Ori, I found that I left the laptop on my lap, playing the game, while I left the TV running. To be honest, I was so enraptured in the game, that I really didn't pay attention to the TV. But I found it to be a pleasurable experience. One thing was that for some reason, my wireless Xbox controller would disconnect mid-game playing Ori, causing me to have to restart the game. Additionally a couple of times, the game would just crash. I don't know why, but it did.

I tried Evolve, which I found meh. I also tried Ryse: Son of Rome, which was a XBLG game for June. It looked pretty cool, and I was considering getting the game anyway. I decided to play BF1 instead.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was open for a 10 hour beta. I really liked the game and didn't see the issues on the web. I did find the weapons menu to be pretty wonky. To tell the truth, I liked playing the game on the lowest difficulty setting. I really just wanted to explore the planets and find the collectibles. The enemies are there to just get in the way. After playing it, I may pick this game up later.

Which leads me to the game I am playing now....Battlefield 1. To date, I have gotten 71% of the achievements. I spent most of last weekend getting the journals and codexes in campaign mode. So...unless anything changes, this is going to be the game I play for this month.

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