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PermalinkAchievements That Will Uneven Your Gamerscore
Ever wonder why some gamers have an ending number to their gamerscore that is not divisible by 5, well here's why. Down below is a list of achievements, the games they are in, and how much they are worth. (If I missed any let me know).

Achievement / Game / Score

Night of the Living Ned / Borderlands / 1
Home is Where One Starts From / Civilization Revolution / 3
Napalm in the Morning / Civilization Revolution / 3
Buy the Ticket Take the Ride / Civilization Revolution / 3
Culture is Worth a Little Risk / Civilization Revolution / 9
Give Me Twenty One / Hole in the Wall / 21
Ned's Undead, Baby / Borderlands / 49

(P.S. These are currently achievements that I only have. I plan to look up others later. 12/6/17)

(P.S. From reading blog comments I have discovered by Jblacq that there is a way to just check gamerscores that are not divisible by 5. Here is the link. Just go to the gamerscore dropbox and select not divisible by 5. 12/8/2017)

Link: https://www.trueachievements.com/xbox-achievements.aspx
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