What the hell happened in Halo: Reach to make it jump 150 TA points overnight?


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And Here We Go...
- And so beings the tirade... no, that's not right. Gaming breakdown? Fuck it, I'll just go with that.
- Started and finished SSX and I must say that I haven't had that much fun playing a game in quite some time. There were a couple of requirements on certain descents that made me want to break a controller, but luckily I was able to Gold the last two trick events in the Rockies range to unlock
SSXThe Gold MinerThe The Gold Miner achievement in SSX worth 410 pointsCollect all Gold Explore Badges
I will warn others that I spent probably 90 minutes and 50+ restarts between those two runs trying to get enough points in the Trick It events, and I was using a Lvl. 12 board, gear with a trick perk, two Lvl. 12 Epic trick multipliers.
- I started Eternal Sonata last week and I must say that this is probably one of the best looking games I've ever played, which is saying a lot since this game was released in 2007. I'm still on my first playthrough (currently at Double Reed Tower) and there really hasn't been anything too taxing. The only exception to that statement is that I lost about 4.5 hours of gameplay because I had to load up an earlier save to pick up an item that was required to continue. I will say that I've never been a big fan of JRPGs just because of the time most of them require to complete, but after I finish this I may go browse the bargain bin/used rack to see if there's anything worthwhile.
- I'm planning on starting Dead Island Definitive Edition at some point in the next week or so since it was on Games for Gold and I'm looking into starting World of Tanks: Valor (Xbox 360) but I'm afraid it's just going to bore me to death.
- That concludes the blog for today, I was going to post a little bit of info on craft beer but I'll save that for another time.

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Comment by Moelhede42 at 16:41 on 18 Apr 2021


Comment by EverStoned77 at 21:05 on 18 Apr 2021

It's really easy now, I hadn't even played 10 matches when I started the 10th of April, not gonna get full 1000g but think I'm gonna get down to 3-4ach, the 1000 battles

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