Wrapping up Gears 4 then onto Farcry 5 and then putting most of my gamertime into Monster Hunter World


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Return to gaming in 2020 and finding that life/work/game balance
It's been about 3.5 years since I started achievement hunting. I have taken multiple long hiatuses. I have an addictive personality...always have, always will. And when I jump into something I go in full force. As nice as that sounds, it isn't always pretty. I tend to put things, people, etc aside for the hobby/goal I am pursing at the time. Over the last few months, I have been thinking about this a lot and what my goals are in life and where everything fits.

I'm 43 years old and a single dad to two awesome kids. This past year I moved in with my girlfriend and her son is basically my 3rd kid now and I love it. He is a gamer and reminds me so much of myself when I was his age. All in all, I have my hands full. My kiddos, E and O, are both getting older, have there own group of friends, interests, so that does leave me some more time than before. But how much of that time should I put into gaming is really the question for me.

Everyone views gaming and specifically achievement hunting differently. Some people are about the number, some are about the quality. For me, getting to 100K was a big goal of mine. But honestly, a lot of that score was made up of crappy games. A lot of that came from GTASC in 2018. While that was a lot of fun, it severely burnt me out on gaming. I took most of 2019 off from gaming and really wasn't anticipating a return but after a year off, I've come to terms with achievement hunting and it's place in my life.

I have a lot of interests and specific goals. For those of you that don't know, I am a huge powerlifting and bodybuilding fan. I have competed in powerlifting and have been nationally qualified. But my lifetime goal has been to step on stage and compete as a natural bodybuilder. It's been a dream I have gotten close to living but have come up short a few times. I've decided that in 2021 that will be my year come hell or highwater. In addition to that, I love drumming. A bucket list item of mine has always to perform one gig with a band. So, I have gotten back into drumming, signed up with a teacher, and will be practicing with a band once a week and should be doing a live gig later this year. Finally, 20 years of being an IT professional has worn on me. I have some new career goals that I will be going full force on...more to come on that.

So, with all this said, where does this leave gaming in my life. I believe it is exactly where it should be for me, a hobby that doesn't quite rank up with my other ones but one where I wont take any guilt in having. I know the days of me putting in 700+ hours into a game (cough Gears 4, cough) are behind me. But jumping into a 30-50 hour game that may take me a few months to complete will still be on my radar. At the end of the day, gamerscore for me is just something I am going to have fun with and not be overly focused on. The games I choose will be for the experience and not for the score...the score will just being icing on the cake. At the end of the day, it's all about enjoying the process, and since gamerscore is really an infinite number, there really is no sense in me chasing a high number just to satisfy my own ego.

So with all that said, the future is looking like it will be a fun one. Looking forward to 2020 and and all the new adventures along the way. Enjoy gaming and life my friends...see you all out there in the field.

2020 Goals:

Finish Gears 4, Dead Rising 4, and Sleeping Dogs because I want to finish what I started with these 3 and I did enjoy them thoroughly enough

Enjoy a few Far Cry games, and The Witcher, and Monster Hunter World for fun and story and not worry about full completions.

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                Status change by jasonlc3221 at 22:32 on 26 May 2020jasonlc3221 status: If the writer of an article didn't "respect" my opinion, WHY THE FUCK should I respect theirs?
Comment by jasonlc3221 at 22:34 on 26 May 2020

Yeah, you all know what I'm talking about. TA: "Here's a REALLY douchey article with no good points made. But hey, let us remind you whose in fucking charge"

Comment by jasonlc3221 at 22:37 on 26 May 2020

Could just be the mood I'm in right now, but if it wasn't for all you guys (my TA friends), I'd seriously consider leaving this site behind me

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Comment by MCASguru at 16:39 on 26 May 2020

Nice work! Fun or nah?

Comment by K4rn4ge at 16:52 on 26 May 2020

Good job MAN...eater

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planting42Minecraft Dungeonsplanting42 started the game Minecraft Dungeons
Comment by Worm83183 at 17:44 on 26 May 2020

How is it?

Comment by planting42 at 18:51 on 26 May 2020

Decent actually. Seems to be a solid (if not easy) dungeon crawler with online and offline MP but its also playable without issue solo.

Comment by Worm83183 at 20:16 on 26 May 2020

I’ll have to give it a go

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The game is fun, but so buggy still.

Comment by Mr Peanutbubber at 13:11 on 26 May 2020

Yeah, I've been ofput by this for a while because of how often it crashes on my X. Also, the one mission in the second DLC with floating rocks. Fuck that mission!

Comment by Xpovos at 15:31 on 26 May 2020

Awkward platforming is awkward.

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