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psportalWin Streakpsportal is currently on a 50 day achievement win streak
Comment by psportal at 21:28 on 18 Feb 2020


Comment by CandysR00m at 05:54 on 19 Feb 2020


NapathanesBorderlands 2 (Xbox 360)Napathanes completed the game Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360) and is the 15,521st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Napathanes at 09:01 on 18 Feb 2020

Not too bad! Only 4 years to complete this one!

Comment by Napathanes at 09:03 on 18 Feb 2020

Once again a special Thank You to MIK3 ID v for all his help. toast

Comment by RegentVirus201 at 12:06 on 18 Feb 2020

Well done Napa!!

Comment by EVGEN RUS 05 at 12:49 on 18 Feb 2020

very good my friend!

Comment by Angrymagnox at 12:57 on 18 Feb 2020

Well done!

Comment by Dropkick Hope86 at 00:40 on 19 Feb 2020

4 years is damn good. I completed this a few weeks ago as well but I started in 2012

branstoneboyGamerscorebranstoneboy created a new Gamerscore Goal - 300,000 by 11 Feb 2023
Comment by branstoneboy at 09:53 on 14 Feb 2020

300k by the time I'm 30... let the games begin!

psportalEndless Skater (Win 8)Gap 100 achievementpsportal won the Gap 100 achievement in Endless Skater (Win 8) for 61 points
Comment by psportal at 23:59 on 10 Feb 2020

My god this achievement was unnecessarily frustrating.

Comment by CandysR00m at 02:51 on 11 Feb 2020

why's that? idk this game

Comment by psportal at 07:12 on 11 Feb 2020

It's a free Windows game. Not TOO grindy, but time-consuming nonetheless.

psportalpsportal has reached a new milestone: 150,000 TrueAchievement Score
Comment by psportal at 13:13 on 10 Feb 2020

Nice! Didn't expect this!

NawtyCawtyWreckfestNawtyCawty has rated the game Wreckfest 1.5 out of 5
Comment by NawtyCawty at 20:25 on 09 Feb 2020

Just gone back to this game. Forgot how wank it was

psportalEndless Skater (Win 8)Line 5 achievementpsportal won the Line 5 achievement in Endless Skater (Win 8) for 50 points
Comment by psportal at 10:48 on 09 Feb 2020

40 day streak!


                Status change by GS13 ERGO PROXY at 23:49 on 08 Feb 2020GS13 ERGO PROXY status: Well guy I’m so over the moon my babe boy is here <br/><br/>Dexter <br/>6.11<br/><br/>Love you so much little man 💙
Comment by Ms Dudette at 23:50 on 08 Feb 2020


Comment by Ithose at 00:54 on 09 Feb 2020


Comment by Mtld at 01:36 on 09 Feb 2020


Comment by Clutch Rino at 02:53 on 09 Feb 2020

Congrats Proxy!

Comment by W4rcrusader at 06:58 on 09 Feb 2020


Comment by GJChester at 10:15 on 09 Feb 2020


Comment by GS13 ERGO PROXY at 11:57 on 09 Feb 2020

Thanks everyone ??

Comment by KashThePriest at 16:30 on 09 Feb 2020

Fatherhood MILESTONE!!!!

Comment by brayarg at 18:05 on 09 Feb 2020

Congrats buddy!!!! no sleep, crying, vomit, soiling of underware and i hear babys can be alot of work too.. seriously congratulations mate.

Comment by GS13 ERGO PROXY at 18:12 on 09 Feb 2020

Thanks pal ??

Comment by Shulamm at 20:47 on 09 Feb 2020

And now you will realize how everything else hasn't been really that important. Congratulations to your lady ??

Comment by Mynameisnosreme at 00:15 on 10 Feb 2020

Congrats GS! A new journey has begun ??

Comment by DragonMorley94 at 10:32 on 10 Feb 2020

Congratulations gs13

Comment by Conky UK at 16:24 on 10 Feb 2020

Congratulations, only a couple of years and you'll have a new gaming buddy smile

Comment by therock xv at 11:15 on 13 Feb 2020

congratulations to mother and father for this wonderful new baby boy

                Status change by GS13 ERGO PROXY at 12:49 on 08 Feb 2020GS13 ERGO PROXY status: Well guys girlfriends waters have been broken now it’s just a long Waite will keep you all updated ☺️
Comment by thunderkiss92 at 15:18 on 08 Feb 2020

Congrats and good luck man!

Comment by ChubbySweethead at 15:45 on 08 Feb 2020

Hope it all goes well mate

Comment by GJChester at 07:45 on 09 Feb 2020

Congratulations, Only 18 years till you can get time to play on your Xbox again :)


                Status change by GS13 ERGO PROXY at 10:30 on 06 Feb 2020GS13 ERGO PROXY status: Well everyone girlfriend getting induced today hopefully get see the little man soon 👶
Comment by Shulamm at 10:39 on 06 Feb 2020

Good luck! That's a life changer. For the better ??

Comment by GS13 ERGO PROXY at 11:08 on 06 Feb 2020

Thanks pal ??

Comment by Vr English at 11:34 on 06 Feb 2020

Good luck to the three of you. Exciting, very tired times ahead. You got this!

Comment by Dingadilly at 11:39 on 06 Feb 2020

I've heard women can crush gaming fingers. :) good luck, hope everything goes well for you all. Be prepared to be kicked out off ward after birth. Maybe changed, doubt it

Comment by Sil3nt Scot at 11:58 on 06 Feb 2020

Whatever you do, dont look down laugh.....Seriously though Congrats

Comment by Hysteria89 at 11:59 on 06 Feb 2020

Many congratulations! Wishing you all the happiness to follow!

Comment by Sambarine at 13:14 on 06 Feb 2020

Congrats dude!!

Comment by SnipedByAGir1 at 14:57 on 06 Feb 2020


Comment by KashThePriest at 17:16 on 06 Feb 2020

Congratulations and good luck brother

Comment by REB3L at 17:57 on 06 Feb 2020

Congrats, hope it all goes well

Comment by CRUM LEE at 19:03 on 06 Feb 2020

Congrats, dude!!

Comment by GS13 ERGO PROXY at 20:40 on 06 Feb 2020

Thank you everyone means a lot ????????

Comment by bogle1 at 13:39 on 07 Feb 2020

Congrats! smile Of course I'm late to the party.

Comment by GS13 ERGO PROXY at 17:53 on 07 Feb 2020

Thanks pal ??

GS13 ERGO PROXYWarfaceGS13 ERGO PROXY created a Boosting Gaming Session for the game Warface
Comment by Mythus CZ at 19:06 on 01 Feb 2020

Good luck doing that last achievement

Comment by GS13 ERGO PROXY at 19:04 on 02 Feb 2020

Thanks pal last one has well but no one play it any more

Comment by Mythus CZ at 19:24 on 02 Feb 2020

Randoms aren't too good for these missions, I was lucky I found group of people who were doing this one and HQ and were missing 5th person

Comment by lankyjustin at 19:46 on 02 Feb 2020

annoying that no one plays this. i have four left and it is annoying to find people. time just didnt work. i am fully warlord gear too

Comment by GS13 ERGO PROXY at 19:48 on 02 Feb 2020

Same bro did a few session before they brought in the new map rotation