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PermalinkDon't even try to get 1000/1000 Gamerscore in Gears POP!
If by chance you haven't played Gears POP! yet, I would stay far, far away if you are a hardcore completionist. You are not going to get all 1000 Gamerscore in this game. I'm not joking. I know that Gears games are known for their insane achievements, but there's always a few players who are dedicated enough to spend hundreds of hours to get all the achievements. Gears POP! is an entirely different story. The grind in this game is so ridiculous that I'm not even sure it's possible to do without spending your life savings. Of course, if you enjoy the game, I'm not going to stop you from playing it, but don't do it if you only want Gamerscore.

Let's look at some of the achievements:

-Prime Player POP! (Play 1000 Battles in any multiplayer mode): Assuming you only play the Versus mode, one round of Versus will take you three minutes, unless you either defeat the enemy leader early or the game goes into overtime. Assuming every round takes three minutes, 1000 rounds will take you 3000 minutes, which is equal to 50 hours. You don't have to win these battles, but it still takes a while. And we're just getting started.

-Endless Summer (Clear 500 Horde waves): Getting into Horde mode is very tricky, as you either have to use a Thumper (which, by the way, only comes in loot boxes) and hope someone accepts your invite, or you can wait for someone to send an invite and be lucky enough to accept it before someone else does. On a side note, the tracker for how many waves you have cleared is glitched, but luckily it glitches in your favor. There have been a few times where the game will randomly add 10 to the number of cleared waves on the tracker. This is actually how I got "Ankle Buster" for completing 50 waves, although I really only cleared less than 10. Currently, my tracker is at 80.

-Power Trip (Spend 100,000 Power in any multiplayer mode): Assuming you spend exactly 50 Power in one round, that will take you 2000 rounds, which will take 100 hours. Yikes.

Up until now, these are just regular old grindy achievements. Now for the truly ridiculous stuff:

-War Chest 3 (Earn 2,000,000 coins): In theory, you could just buy 15,000 crystals and use 9,000 of them to get 2,500,000 coins immediately, but that would cost you $100. Even getting War Chest 2, which requires only 200,000 coins, is still going to take a long time if you grind out coins. For War Chest 3, you can forget about it unless you are willing to spend a lot.

-League Legend (Reach the highest League): To reach the highest League, you will need 2,400 cogs. Problem is, you can lose a lot of cogs in the Leagues, and you will be put up against opponents who have put crazy amounts of cash into upgrading their characters to unbeatable levels. Even reaching the first League, which requires only 1,600 cogs, will still be very difficult. Also, at the end of each season, everyone in a League gets downgraded to 1,599 cogs.

-Seriously POP! (Defeat 100,000 pins, win 1000 Versus Battles, reach the highest League and clear 1000 Horde waves): Do I really need to explain this one? You're going to be here for a long, long time, and you will need some serious cash for the highest League.

-Pin-nacle 4 (Upgrade a Pin to max level): You will need to upgrade one Pin to level 20. Problem is, it will take forever to get enough of one Pin in loot boxes and will require spending hundreds of dollars MINIMUM. Hect0rlo's solution for this achievement says that upgrading to level 16 will require getting 5,600 of the same pin, and then spending 99,000 coins. And that's after the countless coins and pins needed to even get one Pin to level 16. Getting one to level 20 probably costs several hundred dollars.

-Major (Reach Max Player Level 20): I'm not even sure what it takes to get to level 20, but I'm pretty sure you will have to upgrade all your pins to level 20. You could play this game for many hours a day for many years and still not have enough coins and crystals for this achievement. You will have to spend thousands of dollars just for this one achievement. I could go on a spectacular vacation for less money than you would need for this achievement. I don't want to know what the devs were thinking upon creating this achievement.

And that's what you need to do for 100% completion. Yeah, no thank you. Of course, there are some people that would say "just grind it out". This isn't like other Gears games, though. Simply grinding for a very long time just won't cut it. I know Gears games are supposed to be grindy, but you could complete Gears 1, 2, 3, and 4 before even coming close to this one. Could this game be made easier by updates? I highly doubt it. If anything, I expect it will only get more ridiculous. So yeah, even if you could complete the other Gears games with ease, don't even think about completing this one.

And with that, I will conclude by saying: I do not consider this a Gears game. It is simply Clash Royale with Funko Pop characters that somewhat resemble Gears characters. This game offers literally nothing for Gears fans. It's simply a cash grab.
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PermalinkMy thoughts on Gears POP! so far...
So Gears POP! is finally out. After spending a few hours with the game, I thought I should talk about it. I'm not going to write a review for it for now, as I'm still not very far into the game. I like to get as close to completion as possible before writing a review, and at the moment I'm only at the second tier.

Just as I expected, the gameplay is similar to Clash Royale, except with Funko Pop styled Gears characters. Interesting idea, but how the idea is used leaves a lot to be desired.

Versus mode is okay. I don't have much to say about the gameplay, as it's just like Clash Royale. However, you earn a loot box after winning a game, but you can't open it for several hours unless you use some premium currency. You can only hold four loot boxes at once, so playing this game frequently won't get you as many of them. You can also build up a win streak of up to 5 wins for a loot box, and you open it if you get 5 wins or you lose a game.

Horde mode is more than Versus, as you co-operate with a friend (or a complete stranger) to take down bosses. However, you need to collect Thumpers to play this mode. Wouldn't be a problem, except the Thumpers come inside loot boxes. You cannot buy Thumpers individually. To play Horde mode, you have to open loot boxes and hope that the RNG works in your favor. There have been quite a few times where I wanted to accept an invite for horde mode but couldn't because I can't get any Thumpers.

The achievement list fits well with this game. I cannot for the life of me get a win streak, though. I have no idea how that achievement is so common. As for the others, most of them will unlock through normal play. It's definitely going to take a few hundred hours, and there are multiple "time-consuming" achievements in the mix.

If I were to rate the game right now, I'd give it two stars. I might have given it three if you could play Horde mode whenever you wanted. As I keep playing, it could get much better or it could get much worse. It's not exactly a game you progress through as quickly as possible, so it's way too early to give a final verdict. It's an ok spinoff, almost ruined by the loot boxes. Other than that, it's an average mobile game.
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