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My goal as of 1st January 2018 is to complete one game (1000G minimum) from scratch for each letter of the alphabet A-Z and I will make it my own challenge to do this in order so if i complete a game starting with D but haven't done A, B & C before it then it will not count and i will have to do another game beginning with that letter. I will add the titles of the games i will be completing to the list as I decide which to do. If you have any suggestions for a game feel free to send me the name as it will make my life a little easier also make sure that corrosponding letter is not taken up thank you. - Elliot

A - Assassin's Creed II
B - Brave: A Warrior's Tale
C - Captain America: Super Soldier
D - Darksiders
E - Elliot Quest
F - Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
G - Game Of Thrones
H - Hue
I - Iron Man 2
J -
K - Knee Deep
L - LEGO Indiana Jones 2
M - Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor
N - Nicktoons MLB
O - Open Season
P - Prison Break: The Conspiracy
Q - Q.U.B.E 2
R -
S - Saw 2: Flesh And Blood
T - Thor: God Of Thunder
U - Ultratron
V - Valiant Heart: The Great War
W - Wolfenstein II - The New Colossus
X - X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Y - Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy Of The Duelist
Z - Zombi
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