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I remember being 2nd in the world to complete Frogger 2. Now TA says I'm number 1. And the person who I remember being first hasn't played it?

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11 Year Anniversary of My Gamercard
Here we are again! 11 years ago I created my gamercard, the one I decided would be my last! Prior to this one I had my first two accounts (NTAEndar and Xx NTAEndar xX). I knew I wouldn't want to restart again, so I had to make this one count.

First, here is the back story on why I created multiple gamercards. My first one NTAJTD > NTAEndar, I started in 2004 for Halo 2. I played pretty much only Halo 2 online for Xbox, then when Xbox 360 came out I gained interest in achievements. So I went for achievements and gamerscore, just in general.

Then I felt inspired to complete all of the games I start. Nobody I knew had done this yet, as it was still early in the 360 era....like 2007 I think. Unfortunately my old gamercard already had many things on it I didn't feel I wanted to, or could complete (I probably could have though...). So I started the new gamercard, Xx NTAEndar xX, with the purpose of unlocking 100% achievements for every game I start. But this obsession with achievements led me down a path of "boosting" games. Essentially not actually playing the game but still getting the achievements. Eventually this bothered me more and more, feeling like I was wasting hours of my life essentially doing nothing, and messing up my in-game stats in the process. The only good thing to come from boosting was some of the people I met, and funny times we had. Anyway, I knew I had to start fresh, to really be 100% legit, and enjoy games in the way they're meant to be played.

So I started the new gamercard, Yx DPEndar xY. DP was meant to be a new group dedicated to 100% completion, 100% legit. When I say 100% I mean 100%, not just the achievements, but everything the game has to offer. It was odd not to have NTA in my gamercard and created confusion in my clan. It also didn't represent my continued dedication to NTA. So I changed it to Yx NTAEndar xY. I completed many games, starting with Halo 3, one of the greatest Xbox 360 games. But it was so restrictive. I couldn't start any games that had unreasonable online achievements (of which there are quite a few). I realised that this was negatively affecting the way I play games, and the enjoyment I could have from them. So after years of avoiding those games, I became more lenient with what I started, and was actually annoyed with achievements for a bit. I turned off notifications and carelessly started lots of games. Not a huge problem, but I've come to know my motivation and focus is a lot worse when I have many things started, left unfinished.

Then came server shutdowns, and delistings. This made it impossible to complete some games I had started, and even more that I would want to start in the future. So I pondered how I would proceed. I went back and forth with this for a while, until it became literally impossible to complete some of the games on my card (I think Game Room may have been the first one). Then I decided to just do what I can, and not worry about what I can't do.

Then came dead online communities. Even games that were popular in the past became ghost towns and I realised completing the online components of games, or even just experiencing them briefly would be extremely tough. Nearly everyone who plays games legitimately are playing more modern games, not the older stuff. I did make a group for Gears of War 1 that played weekly, and I got close to unlocking Seriously... for this account as well. But am still a little short on that. I suppose to play any of these games online in this day and age will require finding a group passionate about retro online gaming. People who like older games and want to experience them naturally online. If you are such a person, who wants to play Xbox 360 games online naturally, please message me about it!

Not to mention we don't know when servers will shut down. It's possible the entirety of Xbox 360 servers will be shut down for good at some point (maybe a year after Xbox Series X comes out?). I hope not, but I don't really know the costs of maintaining them.

Back to the story. So I decided I would shoot for as much as I can in each game., with the understanding I won't be able to do much online stuff for the older games. My best friend and secondary leader of NTA, Relix, started a new gamercard in 2014, as he lost access to his Yx account, and just wanted a fresh start. So he made Relix of NTA, and I soon changed mine to Endar of NTA, to be more clear about my name.

Here's a list of what I did since last year, across all of gaming, not just Xbox.
1. Completed Overcooked 2, 3 stars every story level with angieepuu
2. Beat Hard Adventure on Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled (PS4)
3. Beat the campaigns of Gears of War UE, 2, 3, Judgment, 4, and half of 5 with angieepuu
4. Completed Crash Twinsanity (Xbox) 100% with Sean
5. Beat Gears 5 campaign Insane co-op first playthrough with Relix
6. Completed Crash Tag Team Racing (PS2) 100% with Sean
7. Beat Destiny 2: Shadowkeep story
8. Completed Crash of the Titans 100% with Sean
9. Beat Pokemon Sword story with angieepuu
10. Completed Crash: Mind Over Mutant 100% with Sean
11. Completed Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure (GBA) 100% with Sean
12. Completed Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced (GBA) 100% with Sean
13. Beat Crackdown 3 story with Relix
14. Completed Crash Nitro Kart 100% with Sean
15. Played in all 8 Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix's, getting all of the rewards from each
16. Beat all 39 Velo time trials in Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled
17. Completed Hard Adventure 100% on Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled (X1)
18. Beat Contra co-op with Marx0r

So yeah, obviously I made huge progress this last year on my quest to 100% all Crash Bandicoot games. I played nearly the entirety of Gears of War campaigns with angieepuu. I played 4 games at release, Crackdown 3, Gears 5, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, and Pokemon Sword.

So where does that leave us today? Well I mostly only play games with angieepuu, Sean, Relix, and VeNNoM these days. I would like to get a group going to play more old games online. I would like to finish, as well as start, many of the games I've procrastinated on.

I think I've been able to balance my hobby of gaming better in the last year. I've gotten more into other hobbies like reading, writing, and studying psychology, so I have to make sure I'm still giving attention to those things. Once my ankle injury is better and the quarantine is lifted I want to resume taekwondo and weight lifting.

I definitely want to share more of my gaming story in written and audio form in the future. I plan to make my completion of games better by starting less, and finishing more, with a goal of 95-99% (haven't actually figured out all of the ones I can't do).

Again, let me know if you're interested in co-op or multiplayer for Xbox 360 games! Thanks for reading!

11 Years
4,051 Achievements out of 6,185 (65.50% Completion - 2,134 remaining, 0.69 % decrease from last year)
GS 88,489 out of a possible 136,425 (64.86% Completion - 47,936 remaining, 0.21 % decrease from last year)
10 Year Anniversary of My Gamercard
Wow, I started my gamercard 10 years ago. Since then the way I play games has shifted numerous times. I want to get to that, rather than rehashing the accomplishments of gaming I've had, since I did that just a few years ago.

I love gaming. It's one thing in my life I've always been fond and felt connected to. There was a time I played less, but I kept the excitement of getting back to it all throughout that period of time.

When I started this gamercard, it was for a specific purpose. I wanted to complete all of the achievements for each game I started, as well as finish anything else in the game and set high scores on the leaderboards. Not just that, but I would not boost (essentially not actually doing) the achievements, unlike my previous completion gamercard. I wanted it to be more authentic. I even wanted to unlock achievements in a neat order (like doing all of the story stuff before multiplayer stuff).

About a year and a half after starting my gamercard I went to Uni and didn't play games much for a few years (except the summers). Towards the end of my time at Uni I started playing more again. After graduating I started playing a lot more again. A few months in and Destiny came out. I have played a significant amount of both Destiny and Destiny 2, as I feel they're very fun and unique games, blending numerous aspects of different genres that I like.

I started games more carelessly for a long time, without finishing many, and not really performing like a completionist. Although I always kept that intent. I decided some games I didn't want to do leaderboard scores for early on. Nowadays I think of games a bit differently, in that I try to set more realistic expectations and accept that I won't complete every game I touch. I'll still do as many achievements as I can. However, games have gotten to be so huge and time consuming, along with seemingly infinite ranks to chase or things to collect. So it's trickier deciding how far I want to go in each game. I'm still figuring that out.

I've definitely slowed my pace of starting games, and have been playing diligently to finish ones I've started. I'm looking forward to Gears 5, Halo Infinite, Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled, and Pokemon Sword and Shield the most right now.

10 Years
3,788 Achievements out of 5,723 (66.19% Completion - 1,935 remaining)
GS 83,194 out of a possible 127,850 (65.07% Completion - 44,656 remaining)
Robotron: 2084 - 2008/2018
This year has a special milestone, and I wish to recapture some of that magic in honour of said accomplishment.

That is, Robotron Wave 100. June 8th 2008 is the day I finally achieved it. That makes this year the 10 year anniversary. I plan to get back into the Robotron game. I plan to at the least reset the game. That is wave 256. By far the hardest thing I've accomplished in a game. A true achievement. And not just that, I went above that and reset the game, and later captured the #2 position on the leaderboard, and accidentally got backed out of the game....nevertheless, I've done it all in Robotron. I have the #1 or 2 score legit for co-op.

It was a big moment for me, as it was one of the few things I could say I had done, that nearly nobody else had. Not only that, I was the youngest to do it as well.

I plan to also make some videos of my gameplay, and possibly guides. Hopefully help some people with co-op as well....and if the chance arises, destroy some people in versus.

I have some other games I will focus on for the time being. But come June, if I haven't started yet, I will play again. It'll be a great time.

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