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ProulxRandom Heroes: Gold EditionProulx completed the game Random Heroes: Gold Edition and is the 350th gamer on the site to complete it
ProulxRandom Heroes: Gold EditionProulx won 36 Achievements in Random Heroes: Gold Edition for 1106 points
angelskL.A. Noireangelsk won 10 Achievements in L.A. Noire for 519 points
ElroyOMJPankapuJawlath achievementElroyOMJ won the Jawlath achievement in Pankapu for 31 points
zzUrbanSpacemanMETRICO+zzUrbanSpaceman won 2 Achievements in METRICO+ for 70 points
zzUrbanSpacemanMETRICO+zzUrbanSpaceman started the game METRICO+
zzUrbanSpacemanKONAzzUrbanSpaceman completed the game KONA and is the 537th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by ProfessorPluto at 14:16 on 04 Apr 2020

I really enjoyed this game

Comment by zzUrbanSpaceman at 14:30 on 04 Apr 2020

Controls were a little clunky but overall I enjoyed this one too. Found all the documents bar one through natural play

zzUrbanSpacemanKONAzzUrbanSpaceman won 17 Achievements in KONA for 1646 points
AaronJamesx38AaronJamesx38 is now in the top 500 of the England TrueAchievement Leaderboard
Comment by pTartTX at 14:23 on 04 Apr 2020


KoRny Girl xKoRny Girl x has reached a new milestone: 185,000 TrueAchievement Score
FreamwholeORBITSole Survivor achievementFreamwhole won the Sole Survivor achievement in ORBIT for 163 points
pTartTXMaroonerspTartTX won 8 Achievements in Marooners for 607 points
pTartTXMaroonersRising Star achievementpTartTX won the Rising Star achievement in Marooners for 82 points
pTartTXMaroonersGold Digger achievementpTartTX won the Gold Digger achievement in Marooners for 25 points
pTartTXMaroonersCRABpTartTX won the King's Ransom achievement in Marooners for 258 points in CRAB
pTartTXMaroonersTidy Sum achievementpTartTX won the Tidy Sum achievement in Marooners for 78 points
pTartTXMaroonersGolden Idol achievementpTartTX won the Golden Idol achievement in Marooners for 24 points
pTartTXYour ToypTartTX completed the game Your Toy and is the 1,695th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by WolfWood37 at 04:41 on 04 Apr 2020

congrats x3!

Comment by ozbuffinatic at 11:55 on 04 Apr 2020

beary cool

pTartTXYour ToypTartTX won 2 Achievements in Your Toy for 122 points
pTartTXYour ToyRepent achievementpTartTX won the Repent achievement in Your Toy for 85 points
pTartTXYour ToyCRABpTartTX won the Repairman achievement in Your Toy for 36 points in CRAB
pTartTXpTartTX has reached a new milestone: 480 Completed Games
Comment by SlipKnoT 008 at 04:43 on 04 Apr 2020

Congrats! Very nice number of completions!

Comment by ozbuffinatic at 11:56 on 04 Apr 2020

beary beary cool

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pTartTXLEGO Batman (JP)pTartTX completed the game LEGO Batman (JP) and is the 209th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by CrysisWarXX3 at 03:57 on 04 Apr 2020

Nice stack

Comment by BigNev44 at 04:59 on 04 Apr 2020


Comment by ozbuffinatic at 11:56 on 04 Apr 2020

beary cool

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