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2018 Completed Games
Xbox One:

Her Majesty's Spiffing - 18th January 2018
Clash - 19th January 2018
Minecraft - 20th January 2018
Firewatch - 21st January 2018
Super Destronaut GX - 13th August 2018
Rememoried - 20th August 2018
The Walking Dead Collection - 24th August 2018
Abzu - 28th August 2018
A Way Out - 6th October 2018
Energy Cycle Edge - 20th December 2018
Doodle God: Crime City - 21st December 2018

Xbox 360:

Tales from the Borderlands - 19th August 2018
A World of Keflings - 19th August 2018
Virtua Fighter 2 - 24th August 2018
Game of Thrones: The Telltale Series - 29th August 2018

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Slayer ReigningGears 5Slayer Reigning completed the game Gears 5 and is the 73rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Slayer Reigning at 09:09 on 19 Feb 2020


Comment by Slayer Reigning at 09:09 on 19 Feb 2020

2020 #41

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Slayer ReigningComplete Specific GameGears 5Slayer Reigning achieved their Goal - Complete Gears 5
Slayer ReigningGears 5TADPoleSlayer Reigning won the BFFs achievement in Gears 5 for 459 points in TADPole
Comment by Slayer Reigning at 09:08 on 19 Feb 2020

On extra leap, lol.

Maka91Far-OutMaka91 completed the game Far-Out and is the 176th gamer on the site to complete it
Maka91Far-OutMaka91 won 10 Achievements in Far-Out for 1235 points
Maka91Far-OutSurvivor achievementMaka91 won the Survivor achievement in Far-Out for 253 points
Maka91Far-OutLucky Zack achievementMaka91 won the Lucky Zack achievement in Far-Out for 64 points
Maka91Far-OutGenius achievementMaka91 won the Genius achievement in Far-Out for 251 points
Maka91Far-OutAlarmist achievementMaka91 won the Alarmist achievement in Far-Out for 56 points
Maka91Far-OutNo Escape achievementMaka91 won the No Escape achievement in Far-Out for 63 points
Maka91Far-OutSmart guy achievementMaka91 won the Smart guy achievement in Far-Out for 251 points
Maka91Far-OutNudist achievementMaka91 won the Nudist achievement in Far-Out for 61 points
Maka91Far-OutWinner at life achievementMaka91 won the Winner at life achievement in Far-Out for 50 points
Maka91Far-OutMaka91 has rated the game Far-Out 2.5 out of 5
Maka91Far-OutMaka91 started the game Far-Out
Stallion83Stallion83 has reached a new milestone: 1,580 Completed Games
Stallion83Zombie Army 4: Dead WarStallion83 completed the game Zombie Army 4: Dead War and is the 98th gamer on the site to complete it
RedBlinkyMonster Hunter: WorldRedBlinky won 3 Achievements in Monster Hunter: World for 506 points
smrnovGalaxy Control: Arena smrnov won 2 Achievements in Galaxy Control: Arena for 265 points
smrnovGalaxy Control: ArenaBurn it down! I achievementsmrnov won the Burn it down! I achievement in Galaxy Control: Arena for 165 points
Comment by K4rn4ge at 21:40 on 18 Feb 2020

You in a guild / clan for this game yet? Lmk if theres room :)

Comment by smrnov at 00:33 on 19 Feb 2020

I just made my own to use with a second tag to pass the cards back and forth. I don't plan on spending more than a few mins a day on it, so it'll be awhile.

                Status change by Slayer Reigning at 21:06 on 18 Feb 2020Slayer Reigning status: Looking to do Fable Fortune Coop ASAP. Trying to get as many seals as possible in the next 2 days. Want this done badly.
Comment by Living Legends at 21:21 on 18 Feb 2020

ill help you

Comment by Martel18 at 22:55 on 18 Feb 2020

Doing normal or hard?

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thetimlumbthetimlumb has reached a new milestone: 350,000 GamerScore
smrnovTerminator Resistancesmrnov started the game Terminator Resistance
Comment by Ax7 BEAST at 20:40 on 18 Feb 2020

How is the game? I'm thinking about buying it at some point

Comment by Mistwalker45 at 23:58 on 18 Feb 2020

It's an ok fps game

thetimlumbDYING : Rebornthetimlumb started the game DYING : Reborn

                Status change by Stallion83 at 19:04 on 18 Feb 2020Stallion83 status: LIVE streaming now! Let's Wrap up Darksiders Genesis! http://www.Mixer.com/Stallion83
thetimlumbClockwork Tales: Of Glass and Inkthetimlumb completed the game Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink and is the 2,751st gamer on the site to complete it
Maka91VanquishMaka91 won 10 Achievements in Vanquish for 1788 points
            Secret AchievementMaka91 won the Secret Achievement in Vanquish for 215 points
Maka91VanquishLiving Legend achievementMaka91 won the Living Legend achievement in Vanquish for 359 points
Maka91VanquishSurvivor achievementMaka91 won the Survivor achievement in Vanquish for 152 points
Maka91VanquishARS Operator achievementMaka91 won the ARS Operator achievement in Vanquish for 359 points
Maka91VanquishThe High Way achievementMaka91 won the The High Way achievement in Vanquish for 179 points
Maka91VanquishMy Way achievementMaka91 won the My Way achievement in Vanquish for 64 points
Maka91VanquishCry on, Kreon! achievementMaka91 won the Cry on, Kreon! achievement in Vanquish for 146 points
smrnovGalaxy Control: Arenasmrnov started the game Galaxy Control: Arena
Maka91IN-VERTMaka91 completed the game IN-VERT and is the 859th gamer on the site to complete it
Maka91IN-VERTMaka91 won 11 Achievements in IN-VERT for 1035 points
Maka91IN-VERTDeath suits you achievementMaka91 won the Death suits you achievement in IN-VERT for 135 points
Maka91IN-VERTMajor Jumper achievementMaka91 won the Major Jumper achievement in IN-VERT for 103 points
Maka91IN-VERTCrystal fan #1 achievementMaka91 won the Crystal fan #1 achievement in IN-VERT for 76 points
Maka91IN-VERTA bit more! achievementMaka91 won the A bit more! achievement in IN-VERT for 109 points
Maka91IN-VERTMaking progress achievementMaka91 won the Making progress achievement in IN-VERT for 106 points
Maka91IN-VERTJump-lover achievementMaka91 won the Jump-lover achievement in IN-VERT for 76 points
Maka91IN-VERTThat's fine achievementMaka91 won the That's fine achievement in IN-VERT for 102 points
Maka91IN-VERTJumpman achievementMaka91 won the Jumpman achievement in IN-VERT for 50 points
Maka91IN-VERTMaka91 has rated the game IN-VERT 3 out of 5
Maka91IN-VERTMaka91 started the game IN-VERT
smrnovThe Unicorn Princesssmrnov completed the game The Unicorn Princess and is the 79th gamer on the site to complete it
smrnovsmrnov has reached a new milestone: 2,410,000 GamerScore
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
Original Timmy UK Gamers Public 540 2,231 24.20
invuln3r4bl3 Discounting Unobtainable Achievements On TA Public 717 759 94.47

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