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Contest updates III
My face hurts.

Having a tooth out is never fun. However, compared to the grind that is 40,000 kills in Battlefield Hardline, it truly is a walk in the park. So, after many weeks of procrastination, and with a jaw that aches as though my beard put on weight, I bring you my latest musings over my recent achievement hunting and contest gaming. Oh, and my face hurts. Did I mention that?

When I finished my last post, I was locked in an epic struggle with MoonLegend for the second round of UHH. I have no shame in revealing that I was, in fact, defeated. He managed to battle through Volgarr and I could not get my ESO character to level 50 in time. Unfortunately, he was knocked out in the following round by some clever preloading, bringing his run to an end! I suppose I could be happy that I have been avenged, but to be honest, I would have preferred to have been knocked out by the one who went all the way! Oh well.

*Insert paragraph about Leapfrog* Oh wait, I forgot to sign up in time...

So the big one. The rapidly-becoming-a-full-time-job contest. GTASC. Individually, this is still a casual contest (though Fray has become the first of our team to be knocked out. RIP) and has therefore come naturally with the team contest cutoffs, however, there are those bonus weeks... My perfect record has come to an end due to my arrogance in not fully appreciating the rounding on the site, taking a risk, and ending up with 4033 as my attempt at a multiple of 2016... Oh well. These things happen.

The team side is heating up, and is requiring serious time investment. Gellately is no longer able to invest large amounts of time to it due to real life, Fray is having serious internet issues, and I have an aching face. It's getting tough. We have, however, managed to be the only team to earn all bonuses, as well as not having used any, and been able to snag some nice badges for high ratios. This week tasked us with the "Leaders and Followers" bonus, awarded to any team with half the members earning a ratio of 3.0 or greater, and the other half, a ratio less than 1.1. It took about 30 seconds for Gellately to request high, and I soon followed, leaving DoW and Fray with the low end. A little bit of Hardline, Spark and Chariot has me currently sat at a ratio of almost 6 with over 4k TA after only 16 achievements, though we are admittedly struggling to cater for the low ratio pair...

Will we successfully continue our perfect bonus record? Will we have to use some earned bonus points to remain in the contest? Will my face stop aching? All this, and more, next time.

Shoutouts to my GTASC team (AH Gellately, DeathOnWings37, Fray xX), and the poor fools boosting Hardline with me on a daily basis (ProSauc3 II, TexhnolyzedMech, MANIAN 3D, KNIGHT SC31, x1ManWo1fPac and the rest)

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                Status change by Ranga Dang Dang at 13:20 on 26 Feb 2020Ranga Dang Dang status: Looking for an Unused Iron Brigade (PC) Code, PM me please.
Comment by Vitiated1 at 14:21 on 26 Feb 2020

Also looking for one, willing to pay more than Ranga

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Comment by Sensei Neo at 12:38 on 25 Feb 2020

Dat appear offline streak ;)

Comment by Priest Crow at 18:13 on 25 Feb 2020


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