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Summer boat ride 2018
Wow. Solo. B+.
I wasn't expecting much from the first Star Wars origin story. After all, the Prequels were a colossal let down.

Well, after initially lulling the audience into a false sense of familiarity with the standard Star Wars tropes, it goes in a few unexpected directions. So much so, that I can't give what any of them are without giving away spoilers.

Bottom line: Infinity Wars was touted as having major spoilers, so avoid them, but when I actually watched it, there weren't any real spoilers.
But regarding Solo, you actually need to avoid any spoilers. Seriously, don't even look up the cast, because even that's full of spoilers.

Much like Coco, it's a lot better than the trailers make it out to be; and it's because the trailers had to avoid great spoilers.

I was beyond pleasantly surprised. It's good. There is no post credits scene.

Also, my 3d experience was marred by sitting too far off the centre. Other than sparks and ropes, for the first half it was almost non-existent.  It did seem to improve as the film went on, but I'll need to see it again at a more optimal viewing angle.

The post converted 3d definitely kicked in during the 2nd half; and considering how well Ron Howard built up the plot pacing, it wouldn't surprise me if he did this to intensify it.

Coco A++ was even more of a surprise. Pixar hasn't given a film this much heart in a while. This smaller-scale, more intimate film ended up being the most satisfying film I'd seen this year.

2nd best Pixar film after Incredibles. And believe it or not, avoid spoilers!

Not a spoiler: I wanted to see why Disney released all these heavy hitters this year, but 'A Wrinkle in Time' bombed.  It turns out that it is a nonsensical, non sequitur mess. Whereas the novels, like most young adult literature, tries to create characters that you root for as they overcome significant obstacles, the film panders to 3 year old attention spans. F.

Now, I haven't read the novels in almost 40 years, but when you watch 'Lord of the Rings' or 'Harry Potter' you don't feel like they're dumbing down their novels to bring them to the silver screen.  AWIT does. And with no reason to root for anyone, all the characters just come off as annoying.
Watch this if you want to see how *not* to do a movie.

Finally, Infinity Wars (A) is a mile a minute thrill ride that will leave you breathless... Provided you've seen Captain America 1-3, Iron Man (1 will suffice), Avengers 1 & 2, GotG 1 & 2, & Thor Ragnarok.

Thor Ragnarok & Spiderman Homecoming are both A+ as well. GotG1 was an A, unfortunately GotG2 was a B+. Thor Ragnarok was hillarious without crossing the line into silly; Guardians Vol 2 crossed that line constantly. Homecoming was really believable (within the context of the MCU) because all the characters felt real. Pirates 5 scored a B.

Otheriwse, you'll simply ask yourself who the hell are all these characters.
There were no spoilers, much to my disappointment, save this: this is only the 1st half of a film. Much like Harry Potter. & the Deathly Hallows part 1, Infiniti Wars isn't going to satisfy until its sequel is released.

It is essentially a 2.5 hour trailer for Avengers 4.  But it is as visceral a first half as I've ever seen.

Black Panther (A-)was really good, with absolutely stunning action sequences. Tonally, though, it was unusual because the main character was completely humourless; fortunately the film doesn't have a melancholy tone, thanks mainly to the comedic character of T'Challa's little sister, Shuri.

You definitely need to watch 'Age of Ultron' & 'Civil War' to appreciate this film. And maybe also 'Lion King'. No, I'm not kidding.

Finally, Sony managed to create a successor to Jumanji that is both funnier and has more heart than the original.
Karen Gillan acting awkwardly (after kicking so much a** as Nebula) is worth the price of admission alone; but Jack Black as an over privileged Barbie steals the show. C+.

Surprisingly entertaining, but still not a great film. Pretty good, though.
Posted by Evil Toast on 28 May 18 at 22:56 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.
Another keyboard video
Me attempting the Game of Thrones theme, despite only having seen the 1st episode.

Not much else to report today, but can't wait for Infinity Wars!!

Also can't wait til GTASC is back to 3 or 4 person teams, although one of my teammates said he "couldn't be bothered" this year... Then joined a random team! Under his name even!!

It's my b.o., isn't it? :p
Posted by Evil Toast on 24 January 18 at 03:18 | There are 3 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
Last (and first) blog of 2017
Well, finally uploaded a new youtube vid: Halo theme played on a new Yamaha Genos keyboard. Mistakes both times on the G sus repeating arppeggiate (the break sections) but, meh. *shrug*

Also finally watched SW8: The Last Jedi. Extremely entertaining, but I can see why it's polarizing; like an episode of a soap opera /Japanese anime, the plot only inches forward, with nothing really resolved. Nonetheless a lot of fun, and as usual for Star Wars, action packed, funny (almost too many jokes though). Still a must-see.

The 3d was good, but not up to Episode 7's or Avatar's (or any recent Disney CGI animated feature). Slightly better than Rogue 1's 3d... also finally saw Rogue 1. Good film, but way too many location cuts... had to watch it a 2nd time not to feel jumbled.

Speaking of Disney, their Marvel Studios hit it out of the park this year.
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was a fun romp with dazzling visuals and stereoscopy. While funny, it veered into silly (the 1st one hit the sweet spot of funny without going into silly territory).

Followed up with Spiderman Homecoming, which was a very 'smart' film. Everything was believable, and felt grounded. The 3d was just kind clean, clear, not particularly prominent. The film managed to be really funny without veering into silly territory.

But the most entertaining film I'd seen this year was Thor Ragnarok (shocking considering how poor the 1st two films were... basically Marvel filler). Obviously a film about Norse gods isn't going to be 'realistic' in any sense of the word.. Hilarious, almost veering into ridiculous territory (but never crossing that line); Blanchett has never been better. But again. the 3d was just kind of "there". Neither eye-straining nor eye-popping.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 was the worst Disney film I'd seen this year, and it was still pretty good. The only problem I really had was that Depp felt more like he was playing a caricature of Jack Sparrow, rather than the actual character. The 3d was *really* good. Depth, without losing linear depth planes or focus.

Note: I haven't seen Coco yet, heard it was really good.
I also realize it's Jan 1st, the vid was filmed Dec 29th but I didn't upload til today.

*edit* 'Too', not 'to'. D'oh.

Also, I forgot to mention, I saw 2 of the most WTF movies I've ever seen.

One is Studio Ghibli, released by Disney! Miyazaki is known for his wtf whimsicality, but suffice it to say, that in Ponyo, Liam Neeson voices a drag queen who fathers thousands of fish. Nuff said.

The other film, and you *have* to see this: Leage of Gods, Mandarin Chinese film. Filmed in 3d, big budget cast and effects. It is *so* very wtf, that at one point, there's a warrior (turned into a baby, but with his adult head photoshopped onto a cgi baby's body) who defeats Kings Neptune's minions by peeing and farting on them, while shouting something like "Pressure wash of justice" and "depth charge of righteousness".

Google it... there's actually a free streaming website with the entire film free (I saw it on an Air Canada flight).
Posted by Evil Toast on 02 January 18 at 07:41 | Last edited on 02 January 18 at 22:58 | There are 7 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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