Anyone else having issues with an Xbox One Update not installing??


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My games, work in progress.
Here I'll be posting the games that I'm working on boosting mostly. I have listed those who have helped me and continue to help me, thanks!!

3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures (75%)
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keoskeyGundam Evolutionkeoskey won 2 Achievements in Gundam Evolution for 965 points
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PekSGNHello Neighbor 2PekSGN won 5 Achievements in Hello Neighbor 2 for 680 points
lightsup55Gravity Chaselightsup55 won 22 Achievements in Gravity Chase for 1061 points
uberdobberSaints Rowuberdobber won 11 Achievements in Saints Row for 883 points
lightsup55lightsup55 has reached a new milestone: 330,000 GamerScore
lightsup55Gravity Chaselightsup55 started the game Gravity Chase
uberdobberSaints Rowuberdobber completed the story in Saints Row
eLiTeMC251AborigenusTitle UpdateeLiTeMC251 completed the Title Update DLC for Aborigenus
SymbianceSymbiance has reached a new milestone: 195,000 GamerScore
scratchy bobSonic Frontiersscratchy bob started the game Sonic Frontiers
Y2Kasper10MulakaBear Stare achievementY2Kasper10 won the Bear Stare achievement in Mulaka for 102 points
MARCHEEZY84Race with RyanMARCHEEZY84 started the game Race with Ryan
OperativeEmeralOperativeEmeral has reached a new milestone: 460,000 TrueAchievement Score
eLiTeMC251Bean DiveeLiTeMC251 won 1 achievement in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
TERRYS BOYZGunfire RebornTERRYS BOYZ won 3 Achievements in Gunfire Reborn for 122 points
tekurinLet's Build a Zootekurin won 2 Achievements in Let's Build a Zoo for 225 points
ChokejVampire SurvivorsChokej won 6 Achievements in Vampire Survivors for 40 points
ProfessorPlutoLakeFree Spirit achievementProfessorPluto won the Free Spirit achievement in Lake for 136 points
ProfessorPlutoLakeProfessorPluto completed the story in Lake
BlueyZealRace with RyanBlueyZeal won 2 Achievements in Race with Ryan for 162 points
EvrClr666EvrClr666 has reached a new milestone: 12,250 Achievements Won
HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead is now number 1 in the New Zealand Achievements Completion %age Leaderboard for Strategy
Comment by HolyHalfDead at 07:59 on 08 Dec 2022

Back on top in time for the end of year leaderboards.

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December Achievement Days Target
December Achievement Days TargetEarn achievements on 5+ different days
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EvrClr666Bronze medal
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December Snow or Ice TargetEarn 3+ achievements with "snow" or "ice" in the achievement name or game name
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December Sale TargetEarn 500+ Gamerscore in games that have been on sale in 2022
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EvrClr666Gold medal
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