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WijnenNLOmnoWijnenNL won 2 Achievements in Omno for 108 points
WijnenNLOmnoPit Master achievementWijnenNL won the Pit Master achievement in Omno for 36 points
DenXDMinecraft DungeonsDenXD won 2 Achievements in Minecraft Dungeons for 58 points
Bogi x3Zombo Buster RisingBogi x3 won 2 Achievements in Zombo Buster Rising for 61 points
Bogi x3Zombo Buster RisingBogi x3 started the game Zombo Buster Rising
Bogi x3Carto (Windows)Bogi x3 won 3 Achievements in Carto (Windows) for 154 points
Bogi x3Carto (Windows)Bogi x3 started the game Carto (Windows)
WijnenNLOmnoWijnenNL won 2 Achievements in Omno for 85 points
WijnenNLOmnoThe Initiate achievementWijnenNL won the The Initiate achievement in Omno for 20 points
WijnenNLOmnoAmphibic achievementWijnenNL won the Amphibic achievement in Omno for 65 points
WijnenNLOmnoWijnenNL started the game Omno
Bogi x3TimespinnerBogi x3 won 4 Achievements in Timespinner for 72 points
Bogi x3Bogi x3 has reached a new milestone: 840,000 TrueAchievement Score
Bogi x3Gem SmashersBogi x3 started the game Gem Smashers
WijnenNLGTASC XIWijnenNL registered for the GTASC XI event
RWarbzWarhammer: ChaosbaneRWarbz started the game Warhammer: Chaosbane
RWarbzRocket LeagueThrowback achievementRWarbz won the Throwback achievement in Rocket League for 30 points
Bogi x3GTASC XIBogi x3 registered for the GTASC XI event
DenXDDenXD has reached a new milestone: 11,500 Achievements Won
RWarbzYooka-LayleeRWarbz won 2 Achievements in Yooka-Laylee for 20 points
RWarbzYooka-LayleeRWarbz started the game Yooka-Laylee
Bogi x3Arkan: The dog adventurer (Xbox One)Bogi x3 completed the game Arkan: The dog adventurer (Xbox One) and is the 433rd gamer on the site to complete it
DenXDHalo 4Castle Map PackDenXD completed the Castle Map Pack DLC for Halo 4
DenXDHalo 4DenXD won 8 Achievements in Halo 4 for 462 points
DenXDHalo 4Outta My Way! achievementDenXD won the Outta My Way! achievement in Halo 4 for 85 points
DenXDHalo 4Scrapyard achievementDenXD won the Scrapyard achievement in Halo 4 for 60 points
DenXDHalo 4Sight Seeing achievementDenXD won the Sight Seeing achievement in Halo 4 for 38 points
DenXDHalo 4Ashes to Ashes achievementDenXD won the Ashes to Ashes achievement in Halo 4 for 21 points
DenXDHalo 4Hello Nurse! achievementDenXD won the Hello Nurse! achievement in Halo 4 for 64 points
DenXDHalo 4Dodge This! achievementDenXD won the Dodge This! achievement in Halo 4 for 42 points
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
TrueAchievement in All Games Netherlands 601 View history chart 3,160 19.02
TA Ratio in All Games Netherlands 2,552 View history chart 3,068 83.18
TA Ratio in Racing Games Netherlands 1,391 View history chart 2,909 47.82
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
DarthGoose13 Join if you're sick of EA turning off servers Public 347 482 71.99
EVILSANTA777 People better than you. Public 108 249 43.37
KeLvInD NL gamers Request 64 75 85.33
Kaiperzik FOK! Leaderboard Public 1 6 16.67
Exiss FLC Private 2 3 66.67

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