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The Last 10 Completions Review

This is my first ever blog that I have posted ever since I joined TA back in 2009 ( man, that has been a while). I will try my best to keep everyone (that reads the blog) informed on every completion I get from here on out starting on what I completed in May so far. I hope this help the fellow gamer on how long it may take and what kind of game you are jumping into in the near future. I am really trying to shorten any backlogs that anyone is working on because that is what I am trying to do.

Completion # 553 Dark Arcana (Xbox One)

This is a simple and short Point & Click. If you are a fan of this genre, it is a real good game to pick. I will not ruin the game for you but you are trying to get through a haunted carnival going through 2 different dimensions. It has a very good story and gameplay. . There is also a walkthrough on TA for this game

Completion #554 The Little Acre (Xbox One)

This Point and Click game is the shortest on I have played in a while. It took me 53 mins to complete and is not hard at all. One achievement states that you have to beat the game under a certain amount of time. There is a guide on TA for this. If you dont like to read you can look up a walkthrough on Youtube.

Completion # 555 Wheels of Aurelia (Xbox One)

You will have to play this game 16 times to get all the achievements. The good thing about this is that 1 playthrough takes about 30 mins. So overall if you did everything correctly for each playthroughs it would take about 8 hrs for this. The game is very simple. All you are doing is driving a car to get to a certain city. The only difference is that you are trying to put yourself in different scenarios along the way to get 16 different endings. There are some good videos on Youtube (I prefer). but if you like to read there is a Walkthrough on TA as well

Completion # 556 Acorn Assault (Xbox One)

This is a turn-based game. The hardest part of the game is beating the first 2 worlds because of the the stipulations. Combining 3 of the same squirrels to make one stronger one is the way to go for most of the game. This game took me a fun 8 hrs to get done. It took at least 10 mins a match to get the wins and 10 mins for any lost I had. There is a Walkthrough on TA but you shouldnt need one once you learn how to play.

Completion # 557 Halo Wars: Definitive Edition (Xbox One)

This is a classic and fun RTS. There is achievements on beating the computer 100 times in skirmish. You are able to beat them in 2 mins time(Easy and Warthog Rush). You will need at least 1 other player to help you with 1 mission on Campaign. Legendary is easy once you have all the skulls. This one took about 24 hrs to complete (Achievement). If you are looking for a Walkthrough please look at the Xbox 360 version on TA to help you look for skulls, strategy, and black boxes.

Completion # 558 Tennis in the Face (Xbox One)

This reminds me of Angry Birds. You are trying to it the ball in the exact spot to knock of as many people as possible. This game has sections that you are trying to get as many spare balls as possible. This took me 7 hours to get done. There is Video walkthroughs on Youtube but you will only find half of the game recorded. The rest is basically on your on.

Completion # 559 The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (Xbox 360)

A Point & Click game at it best. This game is a 20 hr game to complete. (Skipping dialog and all) There is nothing else to say but it can take its toll on you. There is a Walkthrough on TA but you will have to look at the Xbox one version to retrieve it.

Completion # 560 Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom (Xbox One)

Another Point & Click game. This took me about 6 hrs to complete. It is the same exact concept as Dark Arcana. This completion took me about 5 to 6 hours and you only have to playthrough the story once (if you pick expert). There is a Walkthrough on TA.

Completion # 561 Sega Vintage Golden Axe Collection (BC)

I dont think Golden Axe need to be explained to much. It is a classic old school side scroller beat em up game. You will have to ride every beast in every game and throw someone off a cliff in every game as well. Beat every game and do a ulitmate spell for one fighter in 2/3 games. This game also has a walkthrough on TA as well.

Completion # 562 Word Puzzle (Xbox Arcade) (BC)

You will need 4 online player to complete. You will need to win 5 online Ranked matches to complete the online aspect on the game. That took 1 hr to complete for everyone in the lobby. The single player aspect is about 3 hrs (if you are a bad word searcher)

I hoped this help anyone trying to complete their backlog. I will keep everyone updated with any game I complete from here on out.

Please message me if you would like to work on a game that is in my game collection. I am always online.
Posted by Fatman2008 on 30 May 17 at 02:20 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Happy Birthday!

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Yeah its been fun....

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Nice! I'm still working on Z...

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Love the achievement title! I I can't spell a word, I try hard to avoid using it. LOL!

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Can't believe I made it, Z is just a very easy LiS chievo and its done - big thanks to MCFC Blue Nose for helping me with my X achievement, congrats to everyone whose did

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it too, and good luck to those still trying - great little challenge, lots of fun - (now to clean up all that shit I had to start, lol)

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Wow! Outstanding, David! toast

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Thanks Cindy

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