Fear The People

Fear The People


Well, I got so close to my 95% completion percentage goal, but bean dive has come and is going to completely destroy it

Fear The People

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SGTGUNYOUTOHELLSGTGUNYOUTOHELL has reached a new milestone: 2,280,000 TrueAchievement Score
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLAdiosSGTGUNYOUTOHELL completed the game Adios and is the 9,026th gamer on the site to complete it
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLMaquetteSGTGUNYOUTOHELL completed the game Maquette and is the 3,501st gamer on the site to complete it
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLCoffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and ButterflySGTGUNYOUTOHELL won 28 Achievements in Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly for 852 points
alladaskill17THE FINALSalladaskill17 started the game THE FINALS
TheScarecrow100TheScarecrow100 has reached a new milestone: 190,000 GamerScore
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLAdiosSGTGUNYOUTOHELL completed the story in Adios
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLAdiosSGTGUNYOUTOHELL won 25 Achievements in Adios for 1178 points
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLAdiosMeaty achievementSGTGUNYOUTOHELL won the Meaty achievement in Adios for 37 points
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLAdiosHearty achievementSGTGUNYOUTOHELL won the Hearty achievement in Adios for 37 points
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLAdiosSpicy achievementSGTGUNYOUTOHELL won the Spicy achievement in Adios for 37 points
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLAdiosCut Call achievementSGTGUNYOUTOHELL won the Cut Call achievement in Adios for 24 points
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLAdiosNice Try achievementSGTGUNYOUTOHELL won the Nice Try achievement in Adios for 57 points
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLAdiosMechanic achievementSGTGUNYOUTOHELL won the Mechanic achievement in Adios for 56 points
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLAdiosSniper achievementSGTGUNYOUTOHELL won the Sniper achievement in Adios for 53 points
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLAdiosButcher achievementSGTGUNYOUTOHELL won the Butcher achievement in Adios for 58 points
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLMaquetteSGTGUNYOUTOHELL won 22 Achievements in Maquette for 2078 points
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLMaquetteSGTGUNYOUTOHELL completed the story in Maquette
SGTGUNYOUTOHELLMaquetteSGTGUNYOUTOHELL started the game Maquette
BoatManJuzz07BoatManJuzz07 has reached a new milestone: 1,130,000 TrueAchievement Score
PakhairPakhair has reached a new milestone: 325 Games Played
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TrueAchievement in All Games 2,810 View history chart 965,808 0.29
Gamerscore in All Games 5,176 View history chart 965,808 0.54
Achievements Won in All Games 2,763 View history chart 965,808 0.29
Achievements Completion %age in All Games 9,231 View history chart 965,747 0.96
Completed Games in All Games 2,533 View history chart 698,659 0.36
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MC0REBE Published Walkthrough Writers Request 150 863 17.38
Rey27 The Road to Sybarite Public 95 500 19.00
Ninjah Monkey Australian Gamers Public 25 291 8.59
xblOrder Good Boosters Private 22 277 7.94
CrestfallenSilk LASO Wait list Public 43 259 16.60
The Hydro Thunder Hurricane Army Public 14 103 13.59

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