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If anyone knows the Leviathan and Last Wish raids on Destiny 2 and can take me, lifebringer23 and MC0RBE through them I would be in your debt.

Feend Returns

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The Great 2020 Lockdown Quarantine Backlog Clearout
So, here we are.

The UK is in strict lockdown measures due to trying to curb the spread of the deadly Coronavirus that is cleaving its way through the western world. As a consequence, I have been given a minimum of 3 weeks where I can't go into work. As such, I have got some gaming time on my hands which I should put to good use.

So, I'm looking for a daytime co-op partner for Dead Island (X360 version), and more immediately Streets of Rage 2 (X360 again). Also looking at doing the old X360 TMNT games too if anyone needs those or can help. If anyone has the opportunity or sees something else they want to do with me, hit me up here or on Xbox.

Feend Out.

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Comment by King Crepes at 07:53 on 17 May 2021

500.000 XP to go.

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