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CenosisSleeping DogsCenosis completed the game Sleeping Dogs and is the 7,144th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by atryeu1 at 06:20 on 14 Oct 2019

Congrats :D

Comment by Cenosis at 19:02 on 14 Oct 2019

Thanks, the Nightmare one was fun and the other one where you play as a street cop was about as lame a DLC as it gets...

Comment by Cenosis at 19:06 on 14 Oct 2019

I literally got to arrest a guy for peeing in public as a side mission, the guy who gives you the mission is standing 30 feet away from him. Mission lasted 8 seconds.

Comment by atryeu1 at 06:55 on 15 Oct 2019

Haha yeah, I remember that now! I didn't care for that other one so much either but I had fun with the Nightmare one & left that on my HD for the future :D

CenosisEat Lead: The Return of Matt HazardCenosis completed the game Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard and is the 3,129th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Cenosis at 17:44 on 11 Oct 2019

Last level is pure garbage on hard mode. Thankfully it is finally over so no more "Hazard Time" for me! (His catchphrase but starts with "It's."

Comment by Cenosis at 17:46 on 11 Oct 2019

Some of the jankiest controls I've ever had to deal with in a game.


                  Status change by Cenosis at 04:30 on 09 Oct 2019Cenosis status: Got a new controller today, looks great, feels great, now I suck at aiming, getting my ass handed to me in Eat Lead...
Comment by Cenosis at 04:37 on 09 Oct 2019

Going back to old controller till I finish it, I'll have to break-it-in with a FPS like CoD or something. Glad to have it just not exactly helping me out right now :D

Comment by atryeu1 at 17:37 on 09 Oct 2019

Haha good luck with the new controller! I hate aiming off mine with those drift problems, ugh! Hard to be accurate sometimes

Comment by Cenosis at 20:54 on 09 Oct 2019

Thanks, the controls in that game are really janky to begin with, adding fresh analogs made me feel like the hand-cannon guy that came out of the bathroom in Pulp Fiction

Comment by atryeu1 at 17:44 on 10 Oct 2019

Is it sad I don't remember that? Seen that movie once a long time ago and don't remember anything except a couple people that were in it LoL

Comment by Cenosis at 22:40 on 10 Oct 2019

It's only one of the best scenes in film history, yeah that is a little sad.

CenosisSleeping DogsCenosis completed the base game Sleeping Dogs and is the 16,531st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by atryeu1 at 06:16 on 03 Oct 2019

Congrats :D

Comment by Cenosis at 20:16 on 03 Oct 2019

Thanks, I'm looking forward to the DLCs next, especially Nightmare in North Point.

Comment by atryeu1 at 20:52 on 03 Oct 2019

Your welcome. I had fun with the Nightmare one. Thought it was kinda funny and I kept that one on the hard drive but deleted the other after I finished LoL