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ElusiveEagleAdera (Windows)ElusiveEagle completed the game Adera (Windows) and is the 3,661st gamer on the site to complete it
            Secret Achievementtogethawiistand won the Secret Achievement in Myst for 47 points
togethawiistandLast Stoptogethawiistand won 2 Achievements in Last Stop for 195 points
FivePartTrilogyFivePartTrilogy has reached a new milestone: 360,000 TrueAchievement Score
ElusiveEagleForza Horizon 5Chicken Dinner achievementElusiveEagle won the Chicken Dinner achievement in Forza Horizon 5 for 202 points
Comment by BabyishDuck at 19:07 on 24 Nov 2021

winner winner chicken dinner

Comment by ElusiveEagle at 05:31 on 25 Nov 2021

+1 :)

PACKxMAN12PACKxMAN12 has reached a new milestone: 320,000 GamerScore
PACKxMAN12890BPACKxMAN12 won 7 Achievements in 890B for 621 points
PACKxMAN12890BSection 07 achievementPACKxMAN12 won the Section 07 achievement in 890B for 106 points
PACKxMAN12890BSection 06 achievementPACKxMAN12 won the Section 06 achievement in 890B for 105 points
PACKxMAN12890BSection 05 achievementPACKxMAN12 won the Section 05 achievement in 890B for 103 points
PACKxMAN12890BSection 04 achievementPACKxMAN12 won the Section 04 achievement in 890B for 103 points
PACKxMAN12890BSection 03 achievementPACKxMAN12 won the Section 03 achievement in 890B for 102 points
PACKxMAN12890BSection 02 achievementPACKxMAN12 won the Section 02 achievement in 890B for 51 points
PACKxMAN12890BSection 01 achievementPACKxMAN12 won the Section 01 achievement in 890B for 50 points
PACKxMAN12890BPACKxMAN12 started the game 890B
MostWant3dRac3rHalo InfiniteMostWant3dRac3r won 2 Achievements in Halo Infinite for 31 points
FivePartTrilogyCall of the SeaFivePartTrilogy completed the game Call of the Sea and is the 13,486th gamer on the site to complete it
togethawiistandtogethawiistand has reached a new milestone: 250,000 GamerScore
ElusiveEagleEscape Game Fort BoyardElusiveEagle completed the game Escape Game Fort Boyard and is the 50th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by KxRxUxExGxExR at 04:00 on 23 Nov 2021

Damn dude. I couldn't even pull myself to complete one achievement.

Comment by ElusiveEagle at 04:11 on 23 Nov 2021

Ha! Yeah, some were definitely annoying.

togethawiistandQuaketogethawiistand won 2 Achievements in Quake for 620 points
ElusiveEagleElusiveEagle has reached a new milestone: 335 Completed Games
ElusiveEagleHarms WayElusiveEagle completed the game Harms Way and is the 89,776th gamer on the site to complete it
ElusiveEagleElusiveEagle has reached a new milestone: 450 Games Played
ElusiveEagleHarms WayElusiveEagle started the game Harms Way
Comment by VveniVvidiVvici at 02:43 on 22 Nov 2021

This was my first completion ever back in 2011

Comment by ElusiveEagle at 03:43 on 22 Nov 2021

Oh, wow! Yeah, somehow I missed this gem. :P

togethawiistandCrown Tricktogethawiistand won 3 Achievements in Crown Trick for 55 points
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
TrueAchievement in All Games 25,609 View history chart 654,573 3.91
Gamerscore in All Games 30,220 View history chart 654,571 4.62

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