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Moving forward as a gamer.
Is a man not entitled to the sweat from his brow? Where the artist does not fear the censor. Or bound by petty morality. Where the great aren't constrained by the small.
Although iv paraphrased this quote, when I first heard this from Andrew Ryan; the great mind behind the creation of the underwater city of Rapture from Bioshock. It resonated with me, it really spoke to me.

In the wake of GamerGate and the lies that the mainstream gaming press outlets peddled out in articles. Attacking gamers and developers as being sexist, racist and any other "ist"or "phobe" ad hominem they could throw.
Well my experience on True Achievements has been completely different. Iv boosted plenty of sessions with players from all different countries, genders and races. All players have been friendly and many iv formed friendships with.

Also the news side of True Achievements, the people that dedicate their time, energy and passion into improving this site and also hold their news reporting with high integrity and ethics as well as little to no bias. The articles aren't filled with snarky opinionated hit pieces shaming developers because some characters are designed sexily. This site is run by ACTUAL gamers who have a passion for the the art and hard work of developers in the industry.
Many of you have probably heard of a term such as sjw, regressive leftists or cultural Marxists. People that are so concerned with identity politics, collective rather than the individual and want art and media to be more propaganda than freedom of expression.

The only diversity they're not interested in is diversity of opinions and beliefs. They're like a hive mind and like a cult if you leave the sjw group think they boot you out and shame you with the above ad hominem attacks.
For example Laci Green a feminist sex education YouTuber left the sjw circle and pointed out their violent and aggressive behaviour as well as their unwillingness to listen to opposing viewpoints. If you're on Twitter, chances are you're blocked by Steve Shives. Another regressive sjw YouTuber.

But I digress; iv always had the mindset of "be the change you want and strive for". Rather than sjws demand devs change content to suit their sensibilities. That's why I'm glad sites like True Achievements exist. I also recommend other game blog sites such as The Gaming Grounds and The Angry Gamer and YouTubers like Angry Joe. More gamers are doing their own channels or podcasts like The Aging Fanboys in which JackBandit24 on TA started a year ago.
And so I also strive to start my own YouTube channel.
Mic: Check
Camera: Check
Laptop capable of livestreams etc: ummmm Check

Iv not filmed any videos yet but I'm hoping to have some filmed and uploaded and also have guests on to do livestreams from Google Hangouts. If anyone is interested in being a guest, just to chill out and geek out about gaming movies and anything else just send me a message on TA or twitter @TheFlattmeister. My YouTube channel is also called Flattmeister.

So I hope to hear from people and remember "be the change you want"
Posted by Flattmeister on 08 July 17 at 11:40 | There are 5 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Comment by bobbydazzler500 at 18:44 on 20 Jul 2017

What is this? :)

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                  Status change by darkmikasonfire at 04:15 on 20 Jul 2017darkmikasonfire status: Anyone who bought DOOM season pass in the April Sale this year or more recently. you can get a refund for it since the season pass stuff is now free.
Comment by Bytyqi at 10:52 on 20 Jul 2017

How do you apply for the refund?

Comment by darkmikasonfire at 17:52 on 20 Jul 2017

xbox support chat is how I went you could probably call too.

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Comment by K0RNMA5T3S at 21:03 on 19 Jul 2017

Pro tour in Dirt 4 is just broken. I've levelled up to Tier 6 multiples times, but no achievement. And now the whole point system is broken

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                  Status change by Nerfgirl83 at 03:02 on 19 Jul 2017Nerfgirl83 status: Okay I'm done with Goat sim. FOREVER!
Comment by J Battlestar at 03:04 on 19 Jul 2017

Did you hear they just announced a new DLC? Flappy Goat Ultimate Edition?

Comment by Nerfgirl83 at 03:07 on 19 Jul 2017

.... I know you are joking, but that is very believable so I say F*** the devs.

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